Gore in Cancun?

Like the old game, “where Wally” its time to play wheres Al?

The Cancun hot air conference is experiencing record low temps, “Watts up with that” has all the details.

Here are existing Record Lows and Forecast Lows in upcoming days:

Wednesday:  53 °F (2003) Forecast: 51°F

Thursday: 60 °F (2000) Forecast: 59°F

Friday: 60 °F (1999) Forecast: 55°F

Saturday: 57 °F (2003) Forecast: 53°F

Sunday: 55 °F (2008) Forecast: 51°F

Gaia loves messing with their minds doesnt she?

4 Responses to “Gore in Cancun?”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Too funny.

  2. Hey, Al! Freeze it! « James Board Says:

    […] frollickingmole asks if Gore’s in Cancun. Considering the host venue of the global warming summit is experiencing record low temperatures, it is highly […]

  3. Derek Sapphire Says:

    Well, actually it’s not that Gaia loves messing with our minds. It’s just that our minds simply cannot comprehend the complexity of what She is doing.

    That’s why this silly game of point-scoring that appalling climate change denialists indulge in is just so absurd, as well as tiresome. I mean, so what if local temperatures don’t seem to be increasing as predicted. Can’t you see the real truth is much bigger and more complex than that?

    • bingbing Says:

      AGW,ACC has nothing to do with the environment. It is purely a political construct.

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