A museum visit, and tragic book title.

Nowadays it would be sold "under the counter" with a title like that.


A month or so ago me and my other half were looking through a local museum in Northampton WA, I was chatting to my auntie and D was happily snapping away at the various exhibits.

We noticed the title on this book when we got home, which is why its a little hard to read.

The ” Warnes Pleasure book for girls“, regardless of what the title suggests, isnt actually as dirty as it sounds… and it doesnt in any way involve sexting by a certain ex-cricketer either…

We will try and get a few more piccies next time we go, they have a great machinery shed there….

8 Responses to “A museum visit, and tragic book title.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Send the pic to FAILblog, mate.

  2. bingbing Says:


  3. bingbing Says:

    • Col. Milquetoast Says:

      Is that the classic children’s story of a morbidly obese lion overtaken by younger, healthier lions from outside the pride in order to gain access to the obese lion’s harem?

  4. 1.6 Says:


  5. 1.6 Says:

    I have a small collection of antique books. One of my favourite book covers is a medical journal on how to cure in the wild west. (American) Remedies include: mercury.

    • SezaGeoff Says:

      …Chew one flourescent lightbulb and call me in the morning…….

  6. Merilyn Says:

    Are you really sure that book is not about Warne?

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