Islam in action.

Bastards, pure asshole bastards.

Screaming woman publicly flogged by laughing policemen in shocking video from Sudan

Its possible the offence was wearing trousers under her burqa, so 53 lashes, delivered by a laughing thug in public for wearing jeans?

Islam is a mental disorder.

9 Responses to “Islam in action.”

  1. Mick from Geelong Says:

    Unfortunately, she deserves it.

    Not because of her “crime”, but because she appears to be of an age where it is obvious she has tolerated the mental disease for a long time.

    Even though I would know that death was the consequence, I would have rebelled and taken some with me probably in my late teens.

    Live free or die!

    • 1.6 Says:

      Mick, religion or age has nothing to do with it. Just drive around some of the suburbs in Sydney and take a peek. Whispers … They indoctrinated the rules at an early age.

  2. 1.6 Says:

    Mick, it’s a cultural norm. ( I hear what you’re saying though) If you recall, it was once considered outrageous for a woman to wear a short dress to the races in Australia.

    However, it’s advisable not to show your undies while wearing hipster jeans.

  3. 1.6 Says:

    p.s This season designers have used soft and sophisticated look. Recommends soft orange or grey, leather punched sandals or heels. Paddington shops etc.

  4. 1.6 Says:

    Mick, can’t you see that she rebelled against the establishment by wearing pants? She’s the hero, regardless of her age, race, religion. It’s the men who whipped her that have issues. The men who mocked her for wearing pants. If I were to travel over to Sundanlyyourebeaten, I’d want to wear pants while travelling around. Would they beat me? Would they whip me for not adhering to their cultural/religious cues?

  5. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    Apparently, the Sudanese government takes its pervy upskirt fetish very seriously.

  6. bingbing Says:

    Mole, Mole, Mole. You’ve got it all wrong, mate.

    Yesterday, a student turned up to class, homework uncompleted. Thusly, she was whipped five times in front of the other students.

    What’s the bet there won’t be any homework problems in that class again?

    Just today, a student was playing with his pencil case while I was trying to teach. The constant “click-clicking” was driving me nuts, so I chopped off his hand. Problem solved. To push the point home, he’ll be whipped once from now on whenever there’s a writing task. Kid’s can be so forgetful these days.

    Oh, and a couple of weeks ago, all the students completed their end-of-year tests. Most did pretty well. That’s expected because elementary school English is very easy. It’s there to raise the kids’ confidence before they get pummeled – er, figuratively – in middle and high school.

    But one kid only received 35%. I mean, 35%?! C’mon!

    I could see there was no hope for that boy. What was the point of him continuing his English studies.?

    Clearly, I had no option but to behead him in the playground with the entire school watching.

    Since then, discipline’s been great and we should see some much improved test scores come the mid-terms next year.

  7. The Red Grinch « James Board Says:

    […] You mean Muslims like these charming fellows? No Christmas for […]

  8. magsx2 Says:

    That is really sick, I hate seeing things like this, I feel so sorry for that poor women. They expect women to be fully covered, as long as they don’t cover up in pants? The whip needs to be put on the guy laughing, maybe it would wipe the smile from his face.

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