Im an ASIO spy, codename: “the Yank”

Well at least according to serial tosspot, pisshead and labour mate Bob Ellis over at the ABC unleashed website.

Ellis wrote one of his signature ” dribble from the plonk bottle” articles regarding the loss of life on the asylum seekers boats, starting with a stream of urine conciousness  series of oh so sad questions.

I answered them as I saw fit in comments which has brough a hilarious response from the old fraud.

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mole :

16 Dec 2010 12:14:56pm

Will the orphaned children be sent back to Iraq?, Yes, if thats where they have family members.

Who will look after them?, Family members

Will the PM fly to the scene of the disaster?, Probably not.

Why not? The weather is foul, why risk the flight unless it is necessary.

Will she visit the smashed-up survivors in their hospital beds? Probably not.

Why not? Because it would be seen as a cynical political ploy, regardless of intentions.

Will those that get through this be automatically admitted to Australia? No

Why not? Because they havent had their claims for asylum assessed, therefore they may not be refugees but economic migrants.

Will some be sent back to Iraq? To Iran? Possibly.

Why? As above, or would you be comfortable with an ex-Baathist thug entering in solely on the criteria of “my boat sunk”?

“grieving and cremating their dead”, Wrong religion Bob, have a google and try again.

“And nothing will deter them” TPV’s and offshore detention did, right up until the point Mr Evans removed them, then the current flow began to increase again, so wrong there Bob.

Akram al Masri: Interesting case, you are aware fleeing a family feud isnt a basis for asylum arent you?

Its pretty simple really, more people by boat=more deaths.

Labour policy=increased number of boats=more death.

Heres Bobs response.

Bob Ellis :

16 Dec 2010 3:37:39pm

Good to see The Yank back again in his flash new ASIO nom-de-plume.

Much of what he says is true. But I knew Akram al-Masri. He was nice and he didn’t deserve be killed, as the Yank thinks. Call me old-fashioned, but I think it matters little who is trying to kill you and orphan your children. If somebody is, you deserve protection. Or am I wrong?

There aren’t more deaths on boats under Labor. It will take forty years, at the present rate, to outnumber the SIEV-X’s 363.

What ‘Ba-athist thug’ has ever killed an Australian anywhere? Even in Iraq? Every Baghdad public servant was necessarily, in Saddam’s time, a nominal Ba-athist. How do you identify a ‘Ba-athist thug’? By his tattoos?

Merry Christmas, The Yank. Keep saving the super. They’ll keep you on a few years yet.

So according to Bob, anyone fearing crime is a refugee, even if they have participated in it.

Deaths outside Australia by thousands of kilometers are the same as ones on our shores. Unless they happen while Labour is in power.

Its ok if we take murderers or torturers from other countries as asylum seekers as long as they havent actually done it to Australian citizens. Im sure any ex-SS men and concentration camp guards will rest easier knowing Bob will defend them if they are bailed up in the future.

I sent a snarky reply back, somehow I doubt it will make it onto the website..

Ps: Im still waiting for my PACO industries CIA/ASIO non refundable double mortgage backed securities personally signed by Obama himself to become redeemable…. Any day now Im sure…

5 Responses to “Im an ASIO spy, codename: “the Yank””

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  2. Frollicking Mole on the Christmas Island tragedy | Asian Correspondent Says:

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  3. bingbing Says:

    Bob’s SIEV X remark is most disingenious since it was that very tragedy that prompted the Howard government to put those tough laws in place so that something like it would never happen again.

  4. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    Well, it is Bob Ellis. Consider yourself lucky that he didn’t criticize you as being a stranger to oral sex.

    The ABC really ought to raise their standards.

    • Merilyn Says:

      Sadly Col. Milquetoast, the ABC has very few standards left, they are now straight out propaganda agents for the Labor/Greens government. Oh yes and a couple of Independents as well.

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