It’s one thing being able to play politics. Indeed, our top politicians have to be experts to get where they are in such a rough, backhanded business.

But once you’re in government, you have to be able to deliver too.

Australia’s current Labor government, first led under the knifed Kevin Rudd and now with Gillard at the helm, has clearly failed to do this on pretty much every important issue.

It is a government in shambles, not even able to trust its own.

Our PM is a liar.

Take the BER.

When MP Paul Fletcher said costs had blown out on building works at a school in his electorate, he was called an “idiot” by Julia Gillard.

WHEN Liberal MP Paul Fletcher told parliament in March that costs had blown out on stimulus building works at a school in his electorate, he was called an “idiot” by Julia Gillard, who told him to get his facts right.

The then education minister responded to him in parliament in March by telling him to get his facts right.

But Mr Fletcher, the Liberal member for Bradfield in Sydney’s north, wasn’t feeling an idiot yesterday when the first report into the Building the Education Revolution scheme revealed that same public school failed the value-for-money assessment.

Gordon East Public School was one of 13 public schools in NSW that received a score of zero out of 10 for value for money after costs were analysed for their BER projects.

Tsk, tsk, Juliar.

Remember when Rudd had Gillard’s full support? Well, now it’s been revealed she was plotting for a year to take his job.*

Treasurer Swan’s hatchet job on the banks has also backfired. It was meant to reign in the big banks and help the little ones. In fact, the opposite has occurred with shares in the big four going up yesterday, and shares in the rest going down.

And then we have the big one. Critics of Juliar’s asylum seeker policy, which she herself drafted when Rudd was in power, were called “dispicable” when her policy’s effectiveness was critisised.

With up to 50 dead in just one day, clearly due to changes in the laws which saw almost zero illigal immigration jump to about 5500 in detention in under two years, have resulted in over 200 deaths.

Who’s the dispicable one now, Julia?

*Why didn’t our media tell us? Why was it up to WikiLeaks?

H/T Merilyn


They were just four prime examples. That pesky work thingy prevented more being written at the time. But let’s see. We had the disastrous pink batts scheme whereby four people lost their lives in house fires.

We had a budget surplus go deep in the red in under a year.

We had a failed and unnecessary stimulus package that we’ll be paying off for generations.

How about Juliar’s cash for clunkers scheme?

How about Rudd’s Australia summit with our *cough* best and brightest?

How about Rudd pandering to the Chinese (“ratf*ckers”) then telling America to prepare for war?

How about the mining tax debarcle which saw billions in investment leave our shores for greener pastures in countries like Canada and the continent of Africa?

And let’s look at what lies ahead. That $43 billion white elephant NBN comes to mind.

The never-to-be-built detention centre in East Timor even though there’s a perfectly good one in Nauru comes to mind. Meanwhile, hastily screened, un-documented people are being released into our communities while those who tried to do the right thing and apply properly now have to wait even longer.

Top that with possibly the biggest one of all; the carbon tax she promised never to introduce now firmly on the table, put there by the hasty post-election unholy alliance with the mad Greens… Juliar’s tax on everything.

Any more? Readers are invited to remind us in comments.


7 Responses to “Juliar”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Cash for clunkers is yet to strike, Im quietly hoping Joooolia will swallow her pride and let that die a natrual death.

    Lets not forget the Murray “impoverish those hicks who dont vote for us anyway” return the water scheme…

    I think we have a definate contender for the worst Australian government of all time. And this is before they have the greens with the BOP in the senate.

  2. anon Says:

    Hey Everyone, I’ve just received my results. I found out today, I had skin cancer. But, the good news is, I beat it. Im cancer free. I thought I was going to die. This is the best Christmas Present. Im sorry if ive been grumpy to anyone recently.

    I didn’t mean it.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Good news just in time for Chrissy though eh!

    • Merilyn Says:

      Hey, you weren’t that grumpy, and that is very good news.

    • bingbing Says:

      Simply some excellent news there, GG. A great story to wake up to!

  3. Merilyn Says:

    Had to smile at a comment on Piers Akerman’s blog the other day, when the person posting, was saying that his Labor voting friends were waiting for their “bonus Christmas cheque”, which hadn’t arrived, as they were counting on that money to tide them over. now where do you suppose they got the idea from that they were going to receive such a sum of money?

  4. 1.6 Says:

    A White Christmas movie? ty M.

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