bad at math?

a real Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar bill - that's a one and 14 zeros - a large quantity of them might buy a single US dollar.

Who wants to be a trillionaire?


Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe and chief economy imploder, has a scheme to encourage economic empowerment. It could be education, skills training, equipment, computers, business skills, managerial skills, import/export knowledge, etc but none of that wasn’t mentioned. Instead :

Under Zimbabwe’s empowerment laws, black Zimbabweans should acquire 51% of foreign businesses.

“We can read the riot act and say this is 51% we are taking and if the sanctions persist we are taking over 100%,” Mr Mugabe said

We all know math doesn’t seem to be Mr. Mugabe’s strong suit so I can’t help but wonder if he means : “we are taking over : 100%,” or if he means “we are taking : over 100%.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to seize 130%.

One Response to “bad at math?”

  1. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    Mugabe wants a referendum on a new constitution by mid-2011, even if the referendum is not held.

    Counting votes is not that hard is it Mr M? (plus 130% for M’s political party)

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