The SIEV 221

221. That’s the number of known Suspected Illegal Entry Vehicles that have entered Australian waters in the last decade or so.

More prescient, is the number we’ve had in the last couple of years, however. Of that 221 boats, 164 or just under 75% have arrived since 2008. That is, 75% of those boats have arrived since the Labor government took power and relaxed our previously tough yet effective illegal immigration laws. All told, we’re looking at 7850 people since 2008 and around 200-220 (that we know of) dead – drowned at sea.

That’s almost three percent dead or about one death for every boat.

In a thinly-veiled allusion to racism, some have argued that this isn’t a problem and that those who criticize the latest policy shift are purely anti-immigration, full stop. That is, why don’t we want these people?

However, such an argument completely misses the point.

One policy that has not changed is that Australia accepts about 13,000-14,000 refugees per year. The government may have changed in the last few years, but essentially our refugee intake numbers haven’t.

No one of importance has any issue with that yearly intake of around 13,500 refugees.

But take the 5609 boat people Australia accepted in the year 2009-2010. What that number really means is that of the 13,500 refugees accepted, 5609 going through the proper UNHCR process were denied their opportunity to start a new life in Australia.

In other words, in one year, near on 42% of people going through the proper process trying to get to Australia were denied their chance because of the people on the SIEVs.

Remembering the thousands who are being denied, remembering the average of one death per SIEV, just how, in what way, shape or form, is the GillRudd government’s policy (or lack there of) “humanitarian”?

How do critics justify that the previous government had an inhumane policy? How is the current policy better when we have people dying or at best, being denied?

There are currently 5500 people in detention, up from almost nil when the GillRudd government took power. They are largely undocumented people as opposed to 5500 fully documented people we could have had contributing to our society but who are stuck, effectively being punished for doing the right thing whilst a blatant disregard of our laws and therefore a lack of respect for our country is being rewarded.

The Left must admit they have this one so very, very wrong. They need to stop blaming the navy trying desperately to find what are effectively matchsticks in a vast, vast ocean and instead, look in the mirror.


Inside a detention centre – from an insider’s point of view.


2 Responses to “The SIEV 221”

  1. magsx2 Says:

    What a great post, very well said. I really think that this Government will have to do something, and the only solution I can see is if the Labor Government brings back the policy’s that the Liberal Party had in place before the 2007 election. It worked, Australia still had a good imagration policy, and the Country chose who would come and who wouldn’t not the people coming by boat.

    I had a read of “Inside a detention centre” I found it all very interesting and it also was very well written, Thank You for the information.

  2. Merilyn Says:

    Bing you really can write, thank you for that.

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