Bob Ellis, Uberdouche, sponsored by your ABC.

Another stream of urine conciousness from the ABC’s pet hack.

His article is a tissue of phlegm and bile, its points searching for a fact to hang off.

But the best bits are his unscripted replies to comments. Heres a brief fisking of only one of his comments.

Bobs factchecker is on fire, wont someone get Bob a new one?

Bob Ellis :

13 Jan 2011 9:14:48pm

“More left wing figures though have been successfully killed. JFK. RFK. The Reverend King. His mother. Malcolm X. Olaf Palme. Salvador Allende. Hugh Gaitskell. Steve Biko. Che Guevara. Medgar Evers. Dag Hammarskjoeld. Patrice Lumumba. John Lennon. Anna Lindh. Attempts were made on FDR and Harry Truman, left wingers, and Theodore Roosevelt, a trust-busting environmentalist. It is hard to call Lincoln a right-winger. He freed the slaves, and all. Anwar Sadat. Indira Ghandi. Rajiv Ghandi. Mahatma Ghandi.

Please supply a list as long as this of right-wing figures shot at by radical socialists.

Or shot at by anybody.”

Lets go through Bobs list, remembering this is supposed to bolster his argument that lefties are at great risk from raving right wingers with rifles!

JFK: Shot by Communist/ex communist.

RFK. Shot by Palestinian upset by his support for Israel

The Reverend King. Shot by an avowed racist, who coincidentally was assisting ex-democrat George Wallace in his election bid.

His mother. Shot by another African American who claimed he did it because “all Christians are my enemies.”

Malcolm X. Shot by African American nation of Islam members.

Olaf Palme. Theories run from Fascist groups to the red brigades. The person suspected as most likely was a petty criminal and drug dealer.

Salvador Allende. Coup, overthrown by right wing junta, congrats Bob one so far to bolster your right bashing.

Hugh Gaitskell.Died of Lupus, are some claims he was bumped off by the KGB..

Steve Biko. Bumped off by Fascist racist government, Gooood Bob thats 2.

Che Guevara. He was actively fighting to overthrow a government, what were they supposed to do, send him flowers? He ran an execution squad in Cuba, so hes probably not who you should be putting up as an “Innocent”.

Medgar Evers. Killed by KKK member, who, coincidentally was visited in hospital by the local Democrat/segregationist politician.

Dag Hammarskjoeld.” No evidence of a bomb, surface-to-air missile, or hijacking was found”, not a good conspiracy to raise Bob.

Patrice Lumumba. Wanted to bring the Congo over to the USSR during the cold war, killed by his own government with Belgian and possibly US involvement, Ill award you 1/2 for that one Bob.

John Lennon. Killed by a nut, no politics apparently involved.

Anna Lindh.”His motive was not considered political, although Mijailović shortly after his arrest was identified on a photograph as standing in the front row of a crowd adhering to Liberal People’s Party chairman Lars Leijonborg delivering a speech.”  (the party is about as right wing as the ALP)

Attempts were made on FDR: Zangara confessed and stated: “I have the gun in my hand. I kill kings and presidents first and next all capitalists.” Not exactly Any Rand was he?

and Harry Truman: Puetro Rican independence activists, well known republican voters Im sure…

left wingers: An impossibly broad category, but judging by your efforts so fan not as many as you think..

and Theodore Roosevelt: Shot by an insane man, no political outlook apparent.

a trust-busting environmentalist. irrelevant to why he was shot, absolutely.

It is hard to call Lincoln a right-winger: He freed the slaves, and all. So regardless of any other professed politics this one act of virtue make him left wing. Sorry, that wont wash.
Anwar Sadat. Killed by Jihadis. religious assassination.

Indira Ghandi. Shot by Shik extremists incensed about her storming of a temple previously.

Rajiv Ghandi. assassinated by Tamil Tigers, heres one of their statements.”..we pledge our militant solidarity against western imperialism, neo-colonialists, Zionism, racism and other forces of reaction..”
Mahatma Ghandi. Killed by a mentally unbalanced Hindi nationalist upset at Pakistan being granted independence.
2&1/2 out of 22 which can be directly attributed to EEEEVIILL rightwingers, not a good average Bob… Grade: EPIC FAIL

7 Responses to “Bob Ellis, Uberdouche, sponsored by your ABC.”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Allende died at his own hand. Some believe it was suicide; others believe personal lack of coordination. He possibly tripped over a rug while carrying a loaded weapon with which he was ignorant.


  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Awww, come on give poor Bob a break, that knocks him down to 1& 1/2 right….
    Talk about kicking a bloke while hes down…

  3. bingbing Says:

    And MLK was Republican. A fact the Left love to forget.

    Funny, too, how the Left still can’t handle the fact that, yes, a Right-winger freed the slaves.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      As was Lincon… Amasing how they have turned around and NOW they are the party that cares about race…

      More than 24 hours and that comment still hasnt made it through ABC’s moderation, nor the comment with about 12 “righties” murdered by “lefties”….

      Its their ABC…

    • bingbing Says:

      Over at my usual haunt, a couple of commenters have noted ABC simply won’t print their comments.

      One would hardly think elsie (of Brisbane), for example, could be called up for profanity or any other legitimate reason for not being published.

  4. Steve Says:

    Sounds like we need a blog devoted to the comments their ABC are to frightened /won’t publish.

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