Why won’t the ABC publish some people’s comments?

Whilst I was having a bitch at Andrew Bolt the other day, a few readers noted that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia’s publicly funded broadcaster, well, chooses not to publish at least some of the public’s comments on it’s Unleashed blog.

It’s one thing for a private blog – either an individual’s or that of a private company – to choose who it wants to let comment, but it’s an entirely different matter for an entity such as Australia’s ABC.

Profanity, death threats; such comments it would be understandable they aren’t published. This, however, is not the case with Unleashed.

Rather, comments by those of the Right, thus those who in general disagree with the argument put forward on Unleashed, are often left by the wayside.


Elsie: grandmother, and probably someone who winces when I swear-blog…

ABC Unleashed and Drum have banned me too. They never publish any of my comments.


Carpe Jugulum: swears like a sailor (he was one after all) on the phone, but usually tones it down on the internet, no doubt, especially on a public-owned site like the ABC…

Elsie, oddly enough Unleashed won’t publish me either, they probably don’t do sane discourse or reasoned debate. 🙂

Magsx2: thought she might have actually been my mum when I first started reading her… and I mean that in a good way…

I have never had any comments published on any ABC site.

The ABC appears to have little problem publishing the rants of an anti-Semitic hate-filled leftist, but when it comes to those who, generally speaking, probably think what Bob Ellis writes is pure rubbish (and why are taxpayers funding him?!), oh no, that’s not OK.

The ABC would do well to clean up its act rather than sweeping its duty to the public under its smug rug.


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8 Responses to “Why won’t the ABC publish some people’s comments?”

  1. Merilyn Says:

    You had better add me bing, have never been published on the ABC……….but that doesn’t surprise me, because they think the Labor Party/Greens pay their wages, not the great “unwashed” public from their taxes.

  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    It annoys me when i try to post there mainly because i’m putting up something relevant to the debate or crushing some fool under my boot like a bug. Either way i try to be articulate and controlled, but still none of my musings get posted.

    Typical anal retentive alpbc mongs………i spit on their grandmothers haircut (H/T to Monty Python)

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I’m not sure if they won’t publish because they are total asshats or because they are so anally afraid of a dissenting voice to upset their meme of the day. Have you seen some of the bilge they allow through (i’m guessing thats a yes)

    See, i can post without swearing………………shit yeah………oh fuck sorry. 😉

  4. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    If this gets through i’ll hit the tip jar (so to speak)

    The Original………………………………………….
    Tomokatu :
    19 Jan 2011 7:10:39pm
    I’m also ageing and childfree (by choice) Luisa so I should be similarly detatched from the philosophical and academic curiosity which is the cause, validity and extent of anthropogenic climate change.
    I am concerned nonetheless, as an observer of the psychological abberrations that the deniers demonstrate.

    Knowing, as we do, that nothing published on the net is ever completely lost, I often contemplate what the grandchildren of the deniers will feel about them.

    I suspect that they will all too readily learn the lesson eloquently expressed in the old sentence “I’m all right, Jack, far queue!” as they push the oldies out of the shelters into the extreme weather to die.

    It isn’t likely to happen in MY lifetime but I’m considerable older than, say, Andrew Bolt.

    My reply (we’ll see if it gets posted)

    Knowing, as we do, that nothing published on the net is ever completely lost, I often contemplate what the grandchildren of the ecoharpies will feel about them.

    I suspect that they will all too readily learn the lesson eloquently expressed in the new sentence “doomed, we’re all doomed, cats & dogs living together – total chaos” as they push their failed cult out of the inner city into the realm of fantasy.

    It isn’t likely to happen in anyones lifetime but I’m considerable(ly) younger than, say, bob brown, the shill extrordinaire, (who i hear once smoked a cigarette [didn’t inhale]& drowned a kitten)

    There we go – fixed your deluded rambling.

    • bingbing Says:

      If you’d just added that Howard drowned a whole litter, you would have been OK.

    • bingbing Says:

      Slightly O/T but here’s a song for Bob Brown. Probably a bit harsh for my family-friendly (usually) blog, but it should be OK here.

  5. Shelley Says:

    I’m doing a one person accountability complaint campaign.

    From before the latest Chrissy Island boating disaster the old ABC decided it was above reporting the arrival of illegal entry vessels and the number of people being trafficked aboard each vessel, or anything to do with trouble at detention centres. Yesterday the West Online and other news outlets were reporting trouble at Curtin. Not a dicky bird about it at Just In. I was extremely thorough when I checked before firing off my rant. Then a few hours later there’s this report at Just In stating it was posted hours earlier and just updated. That friends is bs. I checked a couple of times before watering if the event was reported at their site yet and that report wasn’t there.

    Anyhow, it’s not just comments the ABC is censoring. If it’s not an ABC approved topic it’s the actual news events themselves they choose not to publish!

    • bingbing Says:


      Keep up that campaign, Shelly. Get screen shots if you can.

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