Australia’s Carbon Tax: Brought To You By Julia’s Ratchet-Jawed Purveyors Of Monkey-Doodle And Baked Wind

In honour of The Labor-Green Carbon Tax They Promised We Wouldn’t Have, let’s revisit my favourite part of the lecture PJ O’Rourke delivered to the Centre for Independent Studies (@CISOZ) in Sydney a couple of years ago:

America has wound up with a charming leftist as a president. And this scares me. This scares me not because I hate leftists. I don’t. I have many charming leftist friends. They’re lovely people – as long as they keep their nose out of things they don’t understand. Such as making a living.

When charming leftists stick their nose into things they don’t understand they become ratchet-jawed purveyors of monkey-doodle and baked wind. They are piddlers upon merit, beggars at the door of accomplishment, thieves of livelihood, envy coddling tax lice applauding themselves for giving away other people’s money. They are the lap dogs of the poly sci-class, returning to the vomit of collectivism. They are pig herders tending that sow-who-eats-her-young, the welfare state. They are muck-dwelling bottom-feeders growing fat on the worries and disappointments of the electorate. They are the ditch carp of democracy.

And that’s what one of their friends says.

Although no one would ever accuse anyone in Australia’s current LaborGreen government (‘Seriously. Just look at them’) of being “charming”, the rest fits like a glove.



Update: We ask our Australian readers to ‘Just Say No to Monkey-Doodle and Baked Wind’ by signing this petition (5000+ signatures so far and counting) sponsored by Menzies House.  And if you’re on Twitter, please follow & support @MenziesHouse, @NoCarbonTax and Community Organiser par excellence @Tim_Andrews. Cheers.

Quote of the year…already?

The new official seal of the ALP/Greens party.

Brilliant quote that sums up our tree hugging numpties quite nicely.

Classic Quote

Once upon a time, primitive peoples believed that with enough human sacrifice, they could change the weather. 

Today’s advanced post-industrial peoples believe that with enough human sacrifice, they can change the climate.

That’s real human progress for you.

Someone want to send that to Julia and Bob?

We aren’t a serious country anymore.

“Seriously. Just look at them.”

THESE PEOPLE GOVERN AUSTRALIA. “Seriously. Just look at them.”

These People Govern Australia

Okay. Now I want a turtle.


h/t @GavAtkins at Asian Correspondent


I’ve carefully analyzed this video in search of greater meaning and I’ve noticed what Victoria’s Secret thinks sells : a limited color scheme, girls throwing things, girls sniffing things and girls biting things.

Also, there are flowers to subconsciously make people think of “pollination.” Well, the commercial made me think of pollination.

Being a bit of a philistine, I might have thought the way to sell lingerie would be to make a commercial with girls taking their clothes off. Apparently, Victoria’s Secret disagrees; one of the girls was pulling her stockings on. It seems, the professional way to sell lingerie is by having girls put clothes on. Weird.

POLL: Does Australia Need A Climate Commissar?

The Australia is running a poll: Is Tim Flannery the right person to be Australia’s climate commissioner?

They assume that Australia needs a “Climate Commissioner” in the first place.

We encourage readers to vote early and often.

Ref: See this, this, this and this via Mean Ol’ Meany Tim Blair for background.

Another day at work…

Im just finishing off another day back on the minesite when this incident report crossed my desk…

Door on bogger jammed, operator removed temporary perspex window to urinate.


 Theres a reason we tend to refer to the underground operators as 'rock apes".... Still at least it wasnt a number "2".

It goes backwards as well.

Flim Flannery in action

Flim (Tim) Flannery has made an appearance on Australias lateline programme to talk about becoming the head of a (well paid) “Climate commission”.

Professor Flannery will lead a panel of science, business and economics experts to provide advice to the community on climate change and to build consensus on how to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions.

(What it really is is a propaganda unit, Flannery even goes close to admitting as much during the interview.)

TONY JONES: Can you advise government on policy? Is that part of your role?

TIM FLANNERY: That is not part of our role. The UK Climate Commission has that role – we don’t. We’re really more focused on the community.

(Also out of the bag is the realisation his job is to soften people up for higher electricity prices.)

TONY JONES: He says it’s written into your terms of reference that you’re there to explain the purpose, his words again, of the Government’s policy to push up power prices.

TIM FLANNERY: Could I just say, Tony, there is no doubt that any option we take to deal with this issue will come with a cost, whether it is the current Opposition policy or a carbon price. And that’s unavoidable. No-one in the commission is trying to dodge that particular reality.

But the – our job really is to try to get a greater understanding in the community of what the most cost-effective path of action is, what the most socially beneficial action is, and quite frankly, the most effective path of action.
TONY JONES: But will it be – just to follow Greg Hunt’s argument to its logical conclusion, will it be part of your brief to argue the case for higher electricity prices as the inevitable consequence of reining in carbon emissions?

TIM FLANNERY: Well no-one wants higher electricity prices. Certainly us commissioners don’t. But it is an inevitable corollary that if you address this issue using any mechanism, there will be a cost. And that is a – it’s an investment in our future. The Opposition policy as it stands at the moment comes with a cost to the Australian people and any price on carbon will come with a cost.

TONY JONES: The cost being increased electricity prices for ordinary folk.

TIM FLANNERY: That’s right.

(So there it is, after all the waffle about how wonderful the “opportunities” are its still all about price rises.

But wait, heres Tim on a terrible analogy.)

but for me, it’s a bit like having an old car that you keep on investing in to keep the thing on the road. Well our current electricity grid’s like that. Prices have been rising because a lot of monies have to be invested in upgrading old infrastructure.

(Bullshit Tim, theres “normal” upgrading, and theres upgrading because you choose to use a less efficient form of fuel.

the current model

the current model

To take your analogy, we have a perfectly serviceable 6 cylinder car, you want to add “drag” to the car so it doesnt go to fast (consumption), you want it to use less fuel so you whack a 4 cylinder motor in instead (solar, renewables), which doesnt provide enough power to move the vehicle except under optimal conditions. So you convert the vehicle to gas and keep the 6 cylinder as “backup”, but run most of the time on it anyway…. Lets call it a hybrid…)

The Fannerymobile model.

The day comes eventually when you might want to actually buy a new car. Now that’s a major investment, as an investment in any sort of initiative to deal with the carbon problem is, but at the end of the day you’re probably better off. In the longer term, having made that investment, we’ll be better off.

(Yup cant wait to buy a vehicle with all that inbuilt instead of cobbled on as it is now, mostly by government fiat and regulations rather than any great necessity.)

TONY JONES: Was Ross Garnaut right when he said that Queenslanders should back policies to rein in carbon emissions because global warming will intensify extreme climate events like the floods and the cyclones which they’ve been experiencing?

TIM FLANNERY: Look, we’ve got a science advisory group advising the commission. I don’t really want to pre-empt their work on this. But what I can say is that over the last three years we’ve seen the longest drought in Australian history, the worst bushfire, one of the largest cyclones and some of the worst flooding.

(Weasel Tim Weasel, Federation drought, and “the worst bushfires/cyclones” refers to cost/damage done in an area where population has increased by multiples… )

And what the climate scientists were predicting even 20 years ago was that there would be increased frequency of weather events. Now, whether what we’ve seen over the last three years adds up to a sort of proof – if you want – that we’re now outside the envelope or not, I’ve got to defer to our climate advisory board.

(Actually I believe the term was “global warming”, and we are all going to run out of water/fry…)

Not much of a doom-monger are we?

But I think it’s a warning for people that this sort of thing is what the scientists predict would happen and we don’t want to see more of in future.

(I predict it will be both hotter and cooler, wetter and drier, windier and calmer if you dont sacrifice virgins to Chuthulu.. Now prove me wrong!!)

You know it makes sense..

TONY JONES: Ross Garnaut has been accused by prominent sceptics of politicizing the Queensland disasters, and in the past these sceptics, some of them, have actually been travelling in kind of bandwagons around the Australian countryside convincing people that climate science is fraudulent.

Will you be doing the opposite? Will you be travelling in a bandwagon to the same locations trying to convince people that those sceptics got it wrong?

TIM FLANNERY: We’re definitely going to be doing – visiting regions and we are going to be engaging with people. I don’t think we’re going to be out there trying to convince people point blank that we’re right.

(Cue mission impossible music)
I think we’ve got a lot of listening to do as well, try to work out where people are at and just try to explain the basics of climate science. The waters have become so muddied, in part, as you’ve said, because of these bandwagons of people really trying to mislead people as to what mainstream science is saying. And we’ve got a big job there.

(Theres that appeal to the “mainstream science” again, tell me how “mainstream” the east Anglia emails were Tim?)

(He then goes on to basically admit the greens posturing on coal exports is crap. The onus lies on those burning the coal, not those supplying it… Nice own goal there tim…)

TONY JONES: Does Australia, do you believe, have any responsibility for how the billions of tonnes of Australian coal that are exported to countries like China and India are burnt and what happens to the emissions?

TIM FLANNERY: Well under the Kyoto arrangements, which we’re still operating under at the moment, the responsibility for those emissions lie with the country that burns the coal, not with the one that exports it.

TONY JONES: But is that – do you see that as being correct morally?

TIM FLANNERY: Personally, is it correct morally? Well that is a really profound question, and I can see from a marketplace perspective the argument is that if we don’t supply the coal, someone else will, and I think there are difficulties in terms of us addressing the issue through export. I think really at the moment the focus is on what we combust, and we – 80 per cent of our electricity comes from the burning of coal. In future, that – if we hope to honour our international commitments, that’s one of the things that’s likely to change.

A wonderful ABC interview, full of bumf and sliding around. But Flim Flannery still can’t evade the basic issues. We are insignificant in terms of global emissions, we can cripple our economy with power price rises, and our electricity generation sector will be deliberately crippled.

Tims house, or is he too important?

Lastly heres a link to the Bios of the “climate commitee” , pretty well every one has made climate change their bread and butter for decades.

Channel 7’s Mark Riley Reacts Badly To Accusation That He Still Beats His Wife

Or, as Colonel Robert Neville says, “What’s good for the goose is good for the slander.”

No, really.

So it went down like this

Believe it not but I’m pretty connected, and as such was having a chat with Gemma Arterton about what she thinks about Sarah Palin running for president.

Gemma was nude but for an Australian flag wrapped around her lithe bod and a low fat vegan rye bread sandwich in her hand.

But that’s what you get a few minutes after someone like the bingster pulls up to the lights in his Peugot 907, sees her having a giggle with Danica Patrick, and invites her (er, Gemma) for a ride having promised she could pat my pet koala army.

Anyway, believe it or not, knowing I wasn’t playing funny dogs, she just went harpy eagle over her disdain for Michelle Obama. Said she loved the Obama Countdown Clock!

Even though my hand was begging to be a Brazilian Wandering Spider, I figured doing a Steve Urkel just for a bit would get her puffin a lot more in the long run… so long as that weird prick didn’t do some goatse crap or anything like that.

Sure, I’m a bit of an Australian spider, but I needed her to think I was more like Neil fucking Armstrong from the Apollo 11 rather than anything else.

Anyway, managed to swing it, and as it turns out, the liberal Gemma is quite the fan of the idea of “Sarah Palin bikini”.

I guess with a figure like that, and seated next to a Right dork replete in his mankini, one can’t exactly drool-think “donuts”.

Fair enough.

And Gemma thought the same.

Within minutes she was on the phone to Danica Patrick AND Mieke Buchan AND Kristiana Loken, and well folks, I was at the supermarket (and one that still has checkout chicks btw… like IGA) of beautiful women!

And it would have been a beautiful ending right there, but then Ann Coulter called. Whipped me right into line.

Oh, God! The shame!

How could a wholesome Righty even THINK such things?!?!?

Metaphorically, I was bound and gagged.

My lawyers have advised me to repeat: “metaphorically”.

The Paul Ehrlich Method for Picking Up Chicks

list of made up rights, hey, look the bio doesn't mention his PhD is in entomology

the back cover of the Population Bomb

The Paul Ehrlich Method for Picking Up Chicks is based on an assertion made on the back cover of The Population Bomb by Paul R. Ehrlich. Take careful note of inalienable right #11 : “The right to have grandchildren.”

What you need : the book the Population Bomb, a girl

How it works :

Step 1 : find a girl, approach her and get her mother’s phone number
Step 2 : convince her mother how awesome you are and why you would make a great father
Step 3 : explain to the girl in step one that while it is unfortunate that her mother’s positive right to grandchildren infringes on her right to make her own decisions it remains that this (hold up book and wave it about) says her mother has “the right to have grandchildren” and the decision has been made so the daughter has a duty to oblige or else she will be violating her mother’s rights.
Step 4 : profit

Go ahead and try it : no guarantees are offered or implied.

Also note inalienable right #6 : “The right to avoid regimentation” From a book whose main message is shut up and be controlled. Here is the full list of asserted rights on the back cover.

(inside the book, a list of rights is given to be used as a response to anyone who claims individuals should have the right to decide how many children they have. The idea is that multiple rights (to grandchildren, to enjoy natural beauty etc) by sheer numbers outweigh any single right. I’d also say it is intended to devalue the idea of rights.)

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God Hates Figs

God Hates Figs
Oh yes he does.

And Kae is going straight to hell.

— h/t @JennQPublic


What were you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Recent search terms which have led people to this blog

gemma arterton, australian flag, goatse, ann coulter, australia map, mankini, australia, iga, danica patrick, michelle obama, puffin, army, apollo 11, brazilian wandering spider, steve urkel, sandwich, kristanna loken, peugeot 907, australian spider, mieke buchan, obama countdown clock, koala, dogs, funny dogs, harpy eagle.

All someone needs to do now is compose a post which includes all of those terms, with maybe a “sarah palin nude” &/or “palin bikini” (two close runners-up) thrown in for added sparkle, and we’ll have the dream post everyone’s looking for.

Anyone game?

Sometimes I worry

Every politician seems willing to point at the other guy and point out fiscal problems but no one seems to do anything about it. Bush turned out to be a spendthrift. Then Obama talked about a “net spending cut” during the debates and, I confess, at the time I was skeptical. I’m still skeptical. Deflation? Quantitative easing. Inflation? Sometimes I worry.
THe Obama Dollar : Utopia is only a few trillion pesos away
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Like three card monty

Ray Schoenke is/was the head of a group called the American Hunters and Shooters Association. Some have called it shill group created to endorse politicians to give them the appearance to supporting individual’s 2nd amendment rights or to serve as a third way between the NRA and gun control groups.

(The AHSA’s founders included Schoenke who had donated thousands to gun control organizations and John Rosenthal who had previously founded a gun control group.)

Recently, a Washington Post article noted that :

The Obama campaign paid for Schoenke’s travel to 40 events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado to address pro-gun voters.

and then :

[Obama’s] campaign platform promised to pursue long-standing proposals to address urban violence: reinstating the assault weapons ban, outlawing “cop killer” bullets and closing the “gun-show loophole”

and then a few paragraphs later  :

“The opposition said Obama was going to take away everyone’s guns, tax ammunitions, tax guns, register guns and reinstate the assault weapons ban,” Schoenke said. “We said, ‘He is not going to do any of these things.’ And he didn’t.”

So, to recap : the Obama campaign paid Ray Schoenke to tell people that Obama won’t do things on the list of things Obama promises to do.

And people wonder why I’m cynical about politicians.

Unsettling news from Egypt

On the American ABC’s Nightline yesterday, Christiane Amanpour talked to a pro-Mubarak turtleneck wearer in Egypt. See transcript :

turtleneck wearing dude : We hat America, we hat any country more. Okay? Go to anyplace more.
Amanpour : You want us to go?
turtleneck wearing dude : Yes, I want you go to from here.
Amanpour : Why?
turtleneck wearing dude : Because we are hat you. We hat American
Amanpour : You hate us?
turtleneck wearing dude : Yes, I hat you (points to Amanpour) and I hat you. (points to cameraman)
Amanpour : Why do you hate us?
turtleneck wearing dude : You are not good person. Go to anyplace more, please. Go to anyplace more.

He dislikes her so much that he threatens to force her to wear a hat. I know Paco might advocate everyone wearing a hat and he will certainly speak up for the fedora but not every hat is equal :

Is this intended to function like a dog cone?

People like turtleneck wearing dude want to hat everyone in America. No one is safe.

a dog being tortured by being forced to wear a sombrero

someone really hats this dog

(btw, my impression from the clip is that Christiane Amanpour really wants to be liked. Other people might choose to change the subject rather than continue talking about yourself and why the angry crowd surrounding you doesn’t like you.)

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From An Inside Source

A Typical Meeting of the Social Commenters Union #172
by Sean’s Vibe of you don’t want to know
(excerpt previously published at Blair News)

recently overheard at a coffee shop :
(Janine I, wearing a trench coat, enters, sits and begins eating the sugar packets – the entire packet)
(Sean of Shellharbour enters wearing a trench coat and carrying his own cup of coffee)
(Peter C. Jones enters wearing a trench coat and goes from table to table telling each person at the table that he hates them)
(Richard Ryan enters wearing a trench coat, possibly with nothing underneath)
(Bill enters wearing a trench coat and a massive aluminium foil hat with a satellite TV dish at its pinnacle. He zooms around and around the table with his arms outstretched making jet noises.)
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