Unsettling news from Egypt

On the American ABC’s Nightline yesterday, Christiane Amanpour talked to a pro-Mubarak turtleneck wearer in Egypt. See transcript :

turtleneck wearing dude : We hat America, we hat any country more. Okay? Go to anyplace more.
Amanpour : You want us to go?
turtleneck wearing dude : Yes, I want you go to from here.
Amanpour : Why?
turtleneck wearing dude : Because we are hat you. We hat American
Amanpour : You hate us?
turtleneck wearing dude : Yes, I hat you (points to Amanpour) and I hat you. (points to cameraman)
Amanpour : Why do you hate us?
turtleneck wearing dude : You are not good person. Go to anyplace more, please. Go to anyplace more.

He dislikes her so much that he threatens to force her to wear a hat. I know Paco might advocate everyone wearing a hat and he will certainly speak up for the fedora but not every hat is equal :

Is this intended to function like a dog cone?

People like turtleneck wearing dude want to hat everyone in America. No one is safe.

a dog being tortured by being forced to wear a sombrero

someone really hats this dog

(btw, my impression from the clip is that Christiane Amanpour really wants to be liked. Other people might choose to change the subject rather than continue talking about yourself and why the angry crowd surrounding you doesn’t like you.)

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