Channel 7’s Mark Riley Reacts Badly To Accusation That He Still Beats His Wife

Or, as Colonel Robert Neville says, “What’s good for the goose is good for the slander.”

No, really.

12 Responses to “Channel 7’s Mark Riley Reacts Badly To Accusation That He Still Beats His Wife”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    Also, and especially for anyone not familiar with the background, go read Miranda Devine: Abbott beat-up leaves Seven bruised

    As a friend on Twitter enthused, “Finally, someone called him for what he is. Riley is a prick. Thank you.”

  2. bingbing Says:

    Are they saving it for Sunrise to tell us he’s been sacked?

    Is Kochead gonna do the deed?

    Seriously, nothing hurt more at uni when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed telling people I was doing journo and then seeing their reaction.

    But it was understandable in hindsight.

    Yet essentially, it is still a noble cause so (perhaps) irreversibly tarnished by the deeds of so-called look-a-like “respectables” like Riley.

    And Chris Bath. Who the fuck are you? And the editor, the producer…

    It’s funny. In an age where the journos don’t hold the keys anymore, they’ve turned to desperate measures.

    Yet, in their defence, they too, like politicians also, are slaves to the 24 hour news cycle that we demand in this modern digital age.

    They’ve fallen into the trap that it’s always gotta be HOT: that deadline must be met with something better than yesterday’s (hard to do after 9/11).<<— ain't that some shit

    And they've also fallen into the trap that they know what's right, and that they can convince us so. An easy trap since traditionally they had the keys.

    Flip the coin.

    Let's face it. The timing. Weak Julia's socialist Flood levy bill comes up Thursday.

    Flip back.

    That's not journalism. That's propaganda, activism, playing for your team.

    Money talks…

    $250 mil… that's what the Gillard government paid channel 7.

    Channel 7 may well save face and sack Riley but the cancer is far more deeply rooted.

  3. Shelley Says:

    The ABC Just In choose not to report the arrival of people trafficked into Australia via illegal entry vessels. The two boats that arrived last week for example went unreported.

    They have no problem whatsoever reporting the fights and other tragedies that occur.

    A bit manipulative of them I believe. It’s not their job to cover up the arrival of illegal entry vessels for the government. After the Riley interview being sprung at such a politically opportune time this selective reporting is even more glaringly obvious.

    The detention centres are a problem. They’re overcrowded and an administration nightmare for both the contractors running them and the detainees. However, with the amount of arrivals reported by the ABC one can be forgiven for believing there’s only a handful of people detained and this policy isn’t a failure.

    Quietly stuffing people in hotels and overcrowded established detention centres, while scampering around the countryside seeking out still more likely locations to dump these trafficked people into is no solution to this policy failure.

    It’s got to the stage Australians are now unaware of exactly how many illegal entry vessels have arrived. How many trafficked people are detained, and where. How many are on hunger strike. How many committing suicide.

    And how many kids are being locked up in adult jails.

    We’re now disconnected from this issue. A con job well done on the people of Australia for an incompetent government by a politically active media.

    This whole policy failure is something that should be debated openly without news outlets sanitising the narly bits for the Gillard government. Let’s face the stark truth here. People have died. More will die. That East Timor solution is nothing more than a thought bubble.

    An incompetent PM and government that has more than enough to answer for themselves were protected for the last two days by manipulative media playing GOTCHA! on Abbot.

    They dug up the body of a fallen digger and paraded his corps through our homes. Beating up controversy over a non event already months old that was sat on until the first day of our parliament.

    Hijacking our political system and stifling critique of our government.

    I cannot stress how furious I am about this manipulative stunt!

    The Australian people get to vote on who runs the show. I concede our choices aren’t always wise. Look who’s running the show now! It is not up to the likes of the ABC and the Riley’s of the media to cherry pick what topic is or isn’t worthy of discussion by the people of Australia!

    GAME ON! crowed our PM last year. Not once but twice.

    Remember in 2007 the Labor government employed the largest number ever of media heavies ever to suckle from the taxpayer teat. It looks like those media heavies have been working overtime all through the holidays!

    More fool us for forgetting!

  4. magsx2 Says:

    Mark Riley needs to be put through the ringers for this episode, the whole thing was put out of context, channel 7 should have done what channel 9 did and showed the whole conversion, I was disgusted with what 7 did but not surprised.

  5. Merilyn Says:

    Saw this when I went over to Andrew Bolt’s blog for the “tips for the day”, [I like a cartoon there by Potemkin Villager], this was posted by marg of nambour.
    Hmmmm, Julia and Mark seem quite friendly.
    Another thing I’ve noticed just in passing as that Andrew seems to be trying to be even handed to all parties but is making a bit of a mess of it, as he appears to be harder on Abbott then Gillard, then again that just might be my perception.

  6. VinceOZ Says:

    This was the online poll in todays Australian

    Abbott in Afghanistan

    Were Tony Abbott’s comments about the death of a soldier appropriate?


    Vote now

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Thanks, Vince.

      I think this is the poll you mean, and these are the current results:
      Yes — 68.55% (9595 votes)
      No — 31.45% (4402 votes)

      Of course, Internet polls are notoriously unreliable, but it’s interesting to see how much interest there’s been in this one so far. The only other recent poll on that page to attract so many total votes was the one about the flood levy.

      Anyway, thanks for that!

  7. Colonel Neville Says:

    Hey, thanks for the link, kid. Coincidentally, I saw Mark Riley shoplifting at Coles today. At least it looked like him for that split second without my glasses, but that’s enough time, also I heard him say something like “kill all the old people,” or it could have been “get more milk..” which is very insensitive of Riley. It was enough context though, I’m sure. Hey Riley! Get away from my car!

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

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