Okay. Now I want a turtle.


h/t @GavAtkins at Asian Correspondent

8 Responses to “Okay. Now I want a turtle.”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    I know, I know, I know. So it’s a tortoise. Shut up.

    • Flicka Says:

      Spotty? Did you know that that’s a tortoise, not a turtle?


    • J.M. Heinrichs Says:

      That’s not a Tortoise; this is a Tortoise: http://www.defencetalk.com/pictures/data/4172/medium/DSC01481a.jpg


  2. magsx2 Says:

    That was hilarious, I had a good laugh, I just couldn’t believe that “tortoise” was snapping at the cats, great find.

  3. Merilyn Says:

    …….and who said that Tortoise’s were slow movers???? It had those cats on the run in no time, and was moving quite quickly behind them.

  4. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    So now we know how turtles flirt.

  5. virgoian Says:

    This is hilarious. Can’t believe it chased the poor kitties down the hallway.

  6. bingbing Says:

    Kitteh revenge!

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