“Seriously. Just look at them.”

THESE PEOPLE GOVERN AUSTRALIA. “Seriously. Just look at them.”

These People Govern Australia

7 Responses to ““Seriously. Just look at them.””

  1. Merilyn Says:

    Looking at that photo again, if Oakshott leans his head any further, he will fall over.

  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Is it just me or is oakshat scratching his nuts as well??

  3. magsx2 Says:

    You would normally laugh at such a bunch of losers,(I’m sure they are laughing in other countries) but seeing as how they are wrecking the Australian way of life, I am just so angry over the deceit of this bunch.

  4. Richard Ryan Says:

    YES—I have crabs! Regards, your special friend—R.R.

    [edited by admin]

  5. eggz Says:

    Ugly as a hatfull of… minority government

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