Ode to Alene (apols. White Stripes) [Update: ABC moosed] [More Updates: #POPCORN!]

Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene

I’m begging of you, please don’t leave your fans
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
please don’t leave us just because you can
your snarkage is beyond compare
with flaming gobs of overshare
with shell-thin skin
and eyes of bilious green
your blog is such a poisonous thing
of your moose knuckles we do sing
Tim Blair cannot compete with you Alene
Bolt talks about you in his sleep
and there is nothing they can do to keep
from crying when we call your name, Alene
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
I’m begging of you please don’t leave your fans
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
please don’t leave us even though you can
well we can’t easily understand
how you can easily leave your fans
you do not know what you mean to us Alene
well you could have your choice of friends
but we could never laugh again
you’re the only one for us Alene
and I had to had to have this talk with you
my happiness depends on you
and whatever you decide to do Alene
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
We’re begging of you please don’t leave your fans
please don’t leave us
even though you can
~dissolves into anguished sobs~

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UPDATE:   Has Our ABC been moose’d ?  See comment below, then updates at Bolt’s, and this by Beck.

UPDATE 2:   So, whodunnit?  Your guesses here.

UPDATE 3:   MOOSE TRAP [Tim Blair]

UPDATE 4:  Bolt – “This is unbelievable. Insane anti-Liberal hatred is now so mainstream that not only is the most florid facsimile of it by a parodist published, no questions asked, by the ABC, but the Sydney Morning Herald still treats it as genuine even after the ABC very belatedly smells a rat.” CLICK

UPDATE 5:  Tim Blair responds to ABC online editor Jonathan “It was plausible!” Green – “I know this, son: if someone came to me with a story about moose and genitals and a female Labor premier, it’d have to pass some serious tests prior to publication.”  Click for more.

UPDATE 6:  She’s baaaaack! #WINNING

UPDATE 7:   Unjustly accused! Oh, c’mon guys.  Lies and calumny!

UPDATE 8:  Alene Composta {hearts} Jonathan Holmes! And Bolt has a look at Alene’s email to Jonathan Green.

UPDATE 9:  Oh, my.  Andrew Bolt’s column pinging Jonathan Green and “our” ABC; Tim Blair has the Compleat Composta Timeline; and yes: it is just like a “Car Crash In Slow Motion”.

UPDATE 10:  For any newcomers, I suggest you start with Tim Blair’s timeline of L’Affaire Composta which takes you from the beginning to today (19 March) and work your way back.


19 Responses to “Ode to Alene (apols. White Stripes) [Update: ABC moosed] [More Updates: #POPCORN!]”

  1. TaserCat Says:


    Bad dog, spot. Bad dog!

    lol 😀

  2. Merilyn Says:

    Bad boy spot indeed, [wag, wag, wag, wag.] [hee]
    She actually lost me with those moose knuckles, thought the photo she put up on that lady was very cruel to that lady and not needed to make her point.

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    The hilarious thing is how quickly “our” taxpayer-funded ABC jumped on the “Alene Composta” bandwagon and published her “Moose Knuckle” piece.

    First we get the official @abcthedrum account tweeting,

    What do NSW Liberals mean when they refer to Premier Keneally as ‘the moose’? It’s unedifying, writes Alene Composta http://bit.ly/fbjhzO

    Then because the ABC feeds get picked up as “news” by Google News, we have the official @google_news_au account broadcasting:

    News: The “moosing” of Kristina K – ABC Online: […] …  http://bit.ly/gJ5voY #news #google

    Then, all the read & retweet action: click, click

    And of course ex-Crikey genius (and now ABC Online sheltered workshop editor) Jonathan Green not just promoted it, but defended it:

    What do senior NSW Liberals mean when they refer to premier Keneally as ‘the moose’? Look it up. http://bit.ly/ezagn8 #IWD

    @Colvinius a more plausible explanation than some protracted reference to canada i’d have thought.

    Was it a case of “They Want To Believe” meets “Too Good To Check” … again?

    Has “our” ABC been not just punk’d, but moose’d ?

  4. bingbing Says:


  5. bingbing Says:

    It’s gotta be a spoof site, right?

  6. Shelley Says:

    I’ve heard camel toe before but moose is new. Great gotcha! to by the way to those involved

  7. eggz Says:

    Jeebus, methinks Moose Knuckles’ date needs PPE, including a fall arrest device…

  8. Lies and Calumny! Or, ‘No, I Am Not J.F. Beck’ « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] Comments bingbing on A wild Composta appears!spot_the_dog on A wild Composta appears!Ode to Alene (apols.… on A wild Composta appears!bingbing on Hey Lefties – Got Yer #N…spot_the_dog on […]

  9. Hansford Says:

    I dont believe you, you lier.

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