Waiting for Mr Brown to Beclown himself.

While we wait for Bob Brown to beclown himself over the Japanese earthquake crisis, his favourite organisation has beaten him to beclownment.

“How many more warnings do people need to get before they understand that nuclear reactors are inherently hazardous?” asked Beranek.

“We are told by the nuclear industry that things like this cannot happen with modern reactors, yet today Japan is in the middle of a nuclear crisis with potentially devastating consequences.”

“While the immediate focus is on minimising radiation release and keeping local people safe, this is yet another reminder of the inherent risks of nuclear power, which will always be vulnerable to a potentially deadly combination of human error, design failure and natural disaster.”

Knowing how much Bob abhors the exploitation of a disaster as an opportunity for scoring cheap political points Im sure hes draughting his letter calling for greenpeace to sack Greenpeace International head of nuclear campaign Jan Beranek immediately.

Otherwise, in light of his earlier calling for a journalist to be sacked he might look a little…hypocritical??

“..Andrew Bolt’s call, while bodies were still in the ocean, for Julia Gillard’s resignation (but the Labor Party opposed the war in Iraq) lacked human decency. He should resign.

Senator Bob Brown”…

Theres a whole town of 10,000 people largely unaccounted for Bob.

Hanson-Young has twittered about Bob being on Sky news, Im unable to access either twitter or the Sky “agenda” show. I wonder if Bob has jumped on the bones of the dead yet?

10 Responses to “Waiting for Mr Brown to Beclown himself.”

  1. eggz Says:

    Um um but but… isn’t Herr Flummery’s Geothermia hotrocks** model an eevil yellow cake processing plant???

    Which Gaia* hymn book are these guys reading from?

    *Lovelock espouses nuke power FFS…
    **Heated by natural fission

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Radiation is only scary when it’s “unnatural” &/or can be used to push a political barrow.

      Bananas as a weapon of mass destruction, though?


    • bingbing Says:

      Shit dude. Mum keep bugging me years when I was a teenager to have a banana.


  2. bingbing Says:

    All this nuclear stuff. It’s about time we banned the sun.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      You dont want to know where Bob has had his bannanas..

      At his rate hed have a nuclear pile, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobby's_Piles

    • bingbing Says:



    • spot_the_dog Says:


  3. bruce Says:

    Yeah, bumper sticker:

    Solar is Nuclear!

  4. spot_the_dog Says:

    “While we wait for Bob Brown to beclown himself …”

    Greens leader Bob Brown says the situation in Japan is a reminder that nuclear energy is outside “the limits of human safeguards”.

    Meanwhile, conservationists say Australia will be morally culpable if there is a nuclear disaster in Japan.

    Dave Sweeney from the Australian Conservation Foundation says Australia has a direct moral responsibility for any nuclear fallout.

    “Australian uranium is bought and burnt by this power company in Japan,” he said.

    “So there are direct links between the industry here and the industry in Japan, which is causing major problems with mass evacuations, with mass dislocation of communities, with a real threat of a grave contamination event.”

    Where’s the *facepalm* emoticon?

    • J.M. Heinrichs Says:

      No, just point out that by their abject failure to prevent all sales of any Aussie uranium to Japan, the Australian Conservation Foundation bears ultimate and complete responsibility for this disaster. “Seppuko” is their only recourse; in public, of course.


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