A wild Composta appears!

Ive sighted the rare and elusive Composta in its natural habitat, a Sarah hanson-Young opinion piece in the age!

First comment off the rack is Alenes’

“I have had some turmoil in my private life lately, but when I think of the great strides we are about to make with Julia and Bob’s carbon mitigation scheme all my troubles fade and I realise that, with our planet’s future on the line, there is reason for hope – and, just for once, pride in being Australian.

The fact that Australia, a rich country, is about to lead the world in restricting the use of carbon pollution sources is fair and just. We have the wealth to afford a pay a little extra for petrol, food, electricity and cooking gas. The cost is insignificant in comparison with the what it will cost if we DON’T do something.

One area where Sarah and Bob and Julia can go further, however, is the threat posed by carbonated drinks. Every time we open a bottle of soft drink, drink a beer or pop the cork on champagne, we release another jolt of invisible CO2 poison into the ecosphere. In addition to the proposed measures, this threat needs to be addressed in a responsible and appropriate way.

As for Abbott, he needs to get with the program. Don’t forget, Mr Speedos, that I vote and there are millions like me.

Alene Composta | Seddon – March 15, 2011, 7:39AM “


Looks like Alene has suckered in a number of people both for and against a carbon tax, heres an Alene groupie in action.

So there you have it the elusive Composta spotted again. I wonder if Mr Green has invited her back yet?

@au contraire
“… Alena Composta – what a thought-provoking name – last week told us that all these earthquakes were as a result of the extra pressure on the sea bed from the rising sea levels caused by (cue scary music) Global Warming.”

Well, I didn’t read Alena Composta’s post, so I don’t know if she really said this, or if you are misrepresenting her argument.

However, there is a theory that the frequency of geological events is being affected, not by “extra pressure on the sea bed from the rising sea levels”, but by lessening pressure over ice-bound areas as the ice load decreases.

Before you go into ridicule mode, do some research – using credible, scientific sources, not anti-AGW lobby sites.

Michael Hewitt | Berrima – March 15, 2011, 9:32AM

I dont know who it is doing the Composta, but it appears you need to keep an eye on the Age for her wisdom.. I suspect Bunyip myself.

Theres also a “Animals Australia”  who am I page for Ms Composta as well, her favourite meal?

Lentil Casserole….

9 Responses to “A wild Composta appears!”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Say no to beer and yes to lentils!

  2. bingbing Says:

    “The impact that this new hyperbole is having on Australian politics is disturbing. When new ideas are met with not educated critique, but frenzied threats that the sky will fall in, normally weak-kneed politicians become even more timid (just look at the policy paralysis of Labor in government). It also lowers the tone of public debate to the point where even more extreme and dangerous ideas can become legitimised.”

    Is Hyphen-Young projecting?

  3. spot_the_dog Says:


    ~waves fist, hoots, cheers wildly~

  4. Ode to Alene (apols. White Stripes) [Update: ABC moosed] [More Updates: #POPCORN!] « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] – A wild Composta appears!bingbing on A wild Composta appears!bingbing on A wild Composta appears!The Composta […]

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    Oh, nooooooo!

    Hi Alene,

    I’m Jeremy Sear’s Fiancee’.
    I’m fairly sure that “Spot the Dog”, one of your followers, is J F Beck. I’d suggest you block him if you can. I know you can’t stop him from reading, but if he knows that you’re on to him, it might give him pause. I can’t prove that it’s him, but we’re fairly sure it is.

    Alene, don’t listen to her! I love you!! I’m your Number One fan!!!!!

  6. bingbing Says:

    Took Bolt and Blair a while but… where da linx?

  7. Shelley Says:

    lentil casserole er? So that’s what buggered the climate. Cow farts.

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