Oh dear me Sarah..

Poor misguided soul Sarah Hanson-Young has ventured another opinion piece for the SMH.

Photo pinched from Col. Neville

Its just as vapid and fisk worthy as her first one, and as much as Ive tried to resist the temptation I have to go through this one as well.

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The VultureWho is this Vulture?

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of we–

Okay, “Sympathy for the Vulture” is NOT a good start. Let’s try again.

I discovered Tizona shortly after I discovered Andrew Bolt. I liked it. A lot. I considered it a ‘must read’ for my daily intake of blogs and news sources. While I don’t always agree with everything the individual contributors write, I certainly consider their viewpoints to be well-reasoned…unlike those expressed by Global Warming True Believers, Il Duce (Obama) sycophants, faux conservatives, and other douche bags.

Some time back bingbing asked me if I would be interested in being a contributor to The Tizona Group. I thought about it for about .3 seconds before responding that, yes, I would LOVE to. For various reasons it took a while to get me set up as a contributor. But now it’s on.

Those of you who have read my blog, The Vulture Lurks, know that I am a libertarian (small ‘l’), a Global Warming unbeliever, a hater of police and prosecutorial misconduct, and no fan of Il Duce (so named because, contrary to what others say about him being a Marxist, he governs as a Corporatist, in the style of the original Il Duce, Benito Mussolini).

I hail from Frederick, MD, a bedroom suburb equidistant from Washington DC and Baltimore. I have a lovely wife, Deadeye (so named because of her proficiency with firearms); two sons, ages 24 and 22; and I work as a computer programmer (official title, for what it’s worth: Principal Consultant).

I claim to be a “Health food” expert and a “Pain Management” expert, though a quick glance at those two posts will reveal that I’m nothing of the kind – just a coffee addict with a potty mouth.

I probably won’t post often. That day job thingy cramps my style. But I’ll contribute when I can and I’ll do so happy to have the opportunity to be part of this little community.

Dr Freud?

You know, one goes through a whole lotta emotions, thoughts etc. before getting married, but I wasn’t expecting this one…

Passed/conked out on the sofa about 9pm last night. Woke up just before 4am.

The dream?

Iowahawk selling illegal meat.


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A post dedicated to bacon

Because we love our Muslim and Jewish brothers and we love our bacon, too! Get on in here GG (check yahoo addy)!

From the first vid youtube description…

I was making BLTs and Lauren starting doing this when I took the bacon out



Just eat the damn bacon, pussy! But thanks, regardless, for not rolling round in your own shit… and for being super cute… and evil.

Bacon vids, folks!

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Kim Jong Il’s greatest musical hits

Kim Jong Il wishes he had air conditioning

Kim Jong Il : musical genius.

We all know and love North Korea’s Kim Jong Il’s classic :

Now, through the power of scientific socialism and the DPRK’s Juche we have :

Speaking of the Gillard Government…

What we’ve got here, is a #GoatRodeo.  With monkeys.  And dogs.

Although they actually seem a little more well-organised and disciplined than Julia Gillard’s Labor-Green minority government.

“Labor has lost its way.”

h/t William A Jacobson (@LegInsurrection)

Fisking Sarah Hanson-Young

Oh goody, shes written another piece full of “facts” for the age

Were you to arrive in Australia and read the front pages of our newspapers you would be forgiven for thinking that we are living in some type of black hole, devoid of information, news and expert opinion from the rest the world.

I dont know if shes noticed, but the thing shes writing on is called a “newspaper”, what shes being fisked on is a new fangled “computer”.

What other possible explanation could there be for the ignorance of those who warn of the end of civilisation were a carbon tax to established than by claiming Australia would be out on a limb, leading the world.

The explanation that they see a scam, and your best efforts at convincing them are crap? Have a look at your side, they are the ones claiming 50,000,000 climate refugees would be created by…last year…

Leading the world? You’ve got to be joking. Many other countries have already put a price on carbon and introduced realistic pollution reduction targets.  And while they are spending significant public and private dollars firming up investment in the technologies and energy sources for the future, Australia is still locked in a debate over whether big polluters should even pay for their pollution.

Baby steps first Sarah, you havent convinced 51% of the Australian population that carbon dioxide is going to cause global catastrophe yet. Get that out of the way and you’ll find it much easier.

Ill Type this slowly so you can comprehend it. China is now the worlds highest overall emitter of carbon. This chart is from the “union of concerned scientists” they are on your side.



Total Emissions
(Million Metric Tons of CO2)

Per Capita Emissions (Tons/Capita)

1. China



2. United States



What does that tell you Sarah? China is going to expand its energy consumption roughly fourfold to western standards over the next few decades. Even if you assume 75% of that growth will be “renewables” the absolute growth in emissions would double.

Unfortunately this isn’t just leaving us with a reputation of being environmentally blind, it is also costing us real jobs right here in our own backyard.

No its not costing us jobs, point out a job lost, right now,  which isnt relying on a subsidy generated by taxing someone?

Let’s just take Europe for example, where many countries have already had a carbon tax for 10 years or more.

Let look at France then eh? One of the biggest movers and shakers in the EU.

I’ve just returned from an official parliamentary delegation to Denmark, Sweden and Greece, meeting with various governments, MPs, businesses and industry leaders. Meeting after meeting the message was clear –  Australia is far behind in tackling greenhouse gas emissions and absent in using smart investment choices to drive the use of renewable energy.

Hmm lets look at Greece then. Heres George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister….

“We need a mechanism which can be funded through different forms and different ways,” he said. “My proposal is that taxes such as a financial tax or carbon dioxide taxes could be important revenues and resources for funding such a mechanism.”

Im sure Swedens much better eh?

• Sweden gets all its electricity either from hydroelectric power or nuclear plants

Business leaders wanting to invest in Australia would say “Australia has great wind, solar opportunities but until there’s a carbon price we can’t afford to start-up there”.

Otherwise know as “we can’t operate at an economically competitive price, please cripple the competition and give us subsidies”…

The delegation would have to explain that Australia is lagging because we still don’t have an agreement from some parties that polluters should pay for their pollution and that the market should be given the signals to drive reform.

“The market” will be artificially created by legislation, will rely on legislation to sustain it, and will cripple the non-services based sectors of our economy. Your “Market” is much like saying the Taliban have established a “Market” in beards. Its not a market if it is forced on people.

Admittedly, many European countries had to change their ways some 30 years ago as a result of the oil crisis in the Middle East, forcing them to find more self-sufficient ways to power their homes and industry. Development in wind-power, hydro-electricity and bio-fuel among others ensured that there has been a multi-source mix of power for decades.

No nukes still?  Hmm what else was happening here in Oz about that long ago?? (cough/Franklin river dam/cough) If only we’d had politicians enlightened enough to build hydro power eh? Still we are smarter now eh?

Now, in the face of climate change, the EU members have signed up to the 20-20-20 platform (20 per cent emission reductions with at least 20 per cent of renewable power and energy efficiency increase all by 2020).  And as a result there is now a race between the countries as to who can be more ambitious in order to secure the industry investment on their soil.

You need to adjust a policy or 2 of your own first Sarah

“President Barroso began by stressing how today’s unprecedented global financialcrisis has made the EU all the more determined to “move ahead with its climatechange package” and fulfil its 20-20-20 targets and. He then delivered his coremessage, namely that all low-carbon energy sources, including nuclear energyand renewables, must be exploited if the goals of the package are to be achievedand Europe’s low-carbon future is to be secured.”

While countries like Sweden have had a carbon tax for 20 years, the debate in parliaments throughout Europe is how they can become carbon neutral by 2050. The idea that those who pollute should pay for the cost of that pollution is simply understood as commonsense. Political parties from the far-right to the far-left agree with a carbon tax and the need to reduce pollution. 

You can spout Sweden has had a form of the tax for 20 years, yet you missed this little tit-bit

Sweden currently has three operational nuclear power plants, with ten operational nuclear reactors, which produce about 45% of the country’s electricity. The nation’s largest power station, Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant, has four reactors and generates about a fifth of Sweden’s annual electricity consumption. The power plants in Forsmark and Oskarshamn each have three reactors.

You might also note they are a huge consumer of their own populations monies through taxes. Funnily enough politicians of all stripes like lots of money.

“Those who pollute” are THoSE WHO CONSUME, ford doesnt make cars and force them on people, coke doesnt make drinks that force you to drink them. Can you explain, in small simple words, how a tax on energy isnt a consumption tax of the most basic variety?

With no exemptions for bread/water/heating etc.

They all agree with the polluter pays system and that taking action on climate change can also be good for business.

How is taxing industry a good thing? Are you seriously trying to lower the living standards of whole populations for the first time since the industrial revolution?

The message to take home from our European cousins is that we are falling embarrassingly behind in facing the realities of climate change. From a business perspective our lacklustre someone-else-will-wash-the-dishes attitude is costing investment opportunities and real jobs in manufacturing, construction and service delivery.

You are really stupid enough to write this?

“.. investment opportunities and real jobs in manufacturing, construction and service delivery.”

While Australian industry at the moment complains of constraints caused by labour shortages due to massive investment in real, existing, producing things economy now?

And to Barnaby Joyce, who doesn’t want Australia to lead the way – well, it’s okay, no need to worry, we’re not.

Id take a one Barnaby over a dozen of your sort any day sweetheart.
Ps: When will you be taking a “hard hat” tour of the mining regions of the pillbara like Mr Abbot just did? You know go out among the great unwashed and prolesterise to the non-converted?Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/blogs/gengreens/australia-is-an-embarassment-on-climate-change-20110418-1dl2b.html#ixzz1K2zTGYkY

What would Mohammed do?

Quite a good interview on the ABC between Mike Duffy and Reverend Mark Durie.

Durie is not an apologist for Mohammed and quite correctly points out that violence in the name of Christ goes against his teachings, though violence in the name of Mo is actually following his example.

Therefore Jihadists are probably being “closer” to their example by being violent, rather than those who are peaceful.

He touches on the religious rulings of Muslims in the west and takes a dim view on that as well.

Good to see a decent Christian bloke not afraid to speak out, and on the ABC as well.!!

Full transcript under the fold, or follow the link at the top

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Hey you kids, get off my porch

Thank God for the Patriot Guard Riders – Standing Between Westboro Nutters and Mourning Families at Military Funerals

These people are too awesome.  You’ll be glad you took the time to watch:

Erick Brockway explains:

A young wife says goodbye to her husband as he deploys overseas. In the back of her mind, like a nagging ghost she refuses to see, is the thought he may not return alive.

One day, a government vehicle pulls up in front of her home, and the uniformed servicemen and women come to the door with solemn expressions on their faces to deliver the news;

“The President and the Department of Defense regret to inform you…”

A life of worry becomes one of trepidation, angst, and then intense sorrow as one by one, family members hear the sad tidings.

Somehow they carry on, being visited by the Casualty Assistance Officers, visiting informational websites, and finally making funeral arrangements to say goodbye to their departed loved one/hero.

Then, the unthinkable. Some whacked-out supposedly “Christian” church is planning to protest at their loved one’s military funeral, with signs saying God supposedly killed their hero because “God hates fags“. When life seems to be at its lowest point for the survivors, a group of pseudo-Christians steps up to make bring more pain and make life worse.

In step the Patriot Guard Riders

Click over and read the rest.

The same US Constitution which gives the hateful Westboro mob the right to protest at military funerals also gives the Patriot Guard Riders the same rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech – to counter those who would dishonour the men and women who sacrifice all to protect it.

Good on them.

“I had to.”

Of course you did.

h/t our spam filter

The bleeding obvious

The American Right are deluded if they think a boring conservative candidate has any fucking hope. Pawlenty, Romney, whatever, are like a fart in an elevator.

I’m just trying to play the situation, and if it ain’t Trump, it will be Obama. Fukn bleeding obvious.

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Caption contest time!

With a free bucket of CO2 personally endorsed by Donald Trump to the winner!

Look! A unicorn!

Spot, do you want Obama to lose or not?

It’s really that simple: Back Trump, or Obama wins, and that’s the Realpolitik of the situation.


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Climate Commissar Tim Flannery: Prius Person & Panasonic Man

Does he wave that Panasonic flag out the window of his free Prius on his way to taxpayer-funded Climate Commissar gigs?

“A Climactic Immense Hogs-On”  indeed.

Tell me again how it’s the skeptics who are in all the Big Corporates’ pockets…?

N.B. Tim Flannery is NOT a dinosaur-bone expert.

Al Gore and Cranky Wombat: Separated At Birth?

Al Gore and Cranky Wombat: Separated At Birth?

h/t @ExJon

Levin rips Donald Trump to shreds

There’s James Board’s unedifying man-crush on Trump*, and then there’s reality

Levin points out many things about Trump that show he is no conservative, but a few of the glaring ones are the fact that he support Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio twice, as well as calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush, accusing him of lying to get us in the war. Oh yeah, and he supported Universal Health Care in America, the Canadian style.

And there’s more. This is a must listen.

And where the hell was he during the last few years of the Tea Party’s birth and rise, and the battles it was fighting?

President Trump?  Not. Gonna. Happen.

*LOL. You know I still love ya, man 😉

UPDATE:  Shy retiring type @DanRiehl has a word in the Trump fanbois’ shell-likes.  Heh.

via The Right Scoop and Mark Levin

Who wants to be king of the Bogans?

Nilk will be applying for this Im sure..


General Manager
•        Challenging Leadership role
•        5 year performance-based contract
•        Attractive total remuneration package
My Lord, your subjects await..

Is land tenure decided by fairy stories in WA?

I was perusing my local rag when I spotted the following notice from the “Department of sustainability, environment, water, population and communities” (In that order I bet, environment first)

I dont normally bother with guff like that, but was a bit bored and read through. Now I have no problem with an areas development being opposed for cultural or religious reasons, but this application reads like a brothers Grimm story rather than a realistic, fact based application.

It appears to feed into the strange mania for animist/pagan/fringe beliefs that appears to have blinded whole governments to science.

I might also note it appears to have been verry “lucky” the highway nearby servicing the town appears to have missed any snake spirits in the same area…. very lucky…

Some Highlights.

“The area contains feeder creeks… the creeks area (and river)… have snake spirits within them at all times.”

“drilling… Is against their law and custom”

” The snake spirits will have been angered… and will be very angry at our failure as the traditional owners …to protect the area”

“Drilling that has not been agreed to by us and that is done in an inappropriate area harms the mother spirit that is in the earth”

“any walking or other activity whatsoever in the area without the permission of the NWN traditional owners upsets them and the snake and mother spirit and results in harm and now it is apparent has upset the spirits of ancestors: Since the discovery of the previous drilling and the access of the 2 survey teams, the senior elder and the other traditional owners who were present with her and who were camping out and patrolling in the area to try to protect it have been visited at night by the angry and unsettled spirits of deceased old people”


Is there a reason fairy stories are expected to be printed in a newspaper and treated seriously?

Does a government department really pretend to belive in ghosts, mother spirits and snake spirits?

If so can we expect blasphemy charges top be levied against those who desecrate the catholic host, or eat meat on Fridays?

President Trump? Not. Gonna. Happen.

Sarah Hanson-Young, and why I just threw up in my mouth a little…

Its been out for a while but watching this made me a little ill.

Fancy the Greens, the party that decries sexual discrimination, the exploitation of women, and empowerment making the following video…

Please dont be eating while watching.. unless the though of Hanson-Young simpering to the camera is your kink…

Why did the greens choose (semi) attractive Hanson-Young to deliver their “virgins” message why not the following.

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Confirmed: The Bolt Report

Bolt Derangement Syndrome sufferers, start your engineswhiiiiine!

Ten has confirmed it will launch a new Sunday morning program, The Bolt Report, hosted by Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt on 8 May.

The Bolt Report will air at 10am, before Meet the Press, Ten’s existing political program which will move to 10.30am.

I hope Andrew Bolt remembers to thank his biggest fans, including Jeremy Sear.  Heh.

UPDATE:  Twitterati react

UPDATE 2:  A boycott?  Really? So much for the Left’s much-vaunted “tolerance”.  Anyway – you want to bet these people will be some of the show’s most avid (read: obsessed) viewers?

UPDATE 3:  I blame Sarah Palin’s Climate of Hate™ – “I have $30,000 in the bank if anyone out there is a professional assassin and can kill Andrew Bolt

UPDATE 4:  Panic stations![W]e are heading into worrying times for the network and the state of news in this country … are diverse opinions welcome at Ten anymore? … are Sunday mornings now the home of Coalition talking points and fringe climate change deniers?”  Oh, this is going to be fun.   Remember your popcorn!


Tim Blair: One of my favourite leftist correspondents – he’s the frequent author of what Tony Windsor would describe as death threats – now finds himself under Liberal rule, probably for the first time in his life.

Suck it, Ricky.

Obama on the 2nd Amendment

the Madsen Machine gun (short barreled)

That looks loud.

In the past, Obama’s position on the second amendment has been less than ideal.

While the Obama administration hasn’t mentioned the Second Amendment by name, it seems he may have recently had a change of opinion.

The new opinion takes the much more hardcore view that because the authority of a government is derived from the consent of the governed then owning guns is important as sometimes it is necessary to use arms to assert that consent (or lack thereof) and overthrow a government.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed for the first time in London that the United Nations resolution did allow for the ”legitimate transfer of arms” to rebels if a nation chose to do so.

”Our interpretation of 1973 amended is that it overrode the absolute prohibition of arms to anyone in Libya … so there could be legitimate transfer of arms if a country chose to do that. We have not made that decision at this time,” she said.

Not even a mention of any plans to do background checks for the new owners!

I know, I know. You might be skeptical. But we also know that his administration allowed known gunrunners to transport thousands of guns into Mexico.  Granted, allowing guns to Mexican drug gangs instead of the law abiding seems like a questionable idea.

I suppose that arming people in other countries might be the first step to acknowledging that people in his own country aren’t “bitter clingers.”

EAT THE RICH… but you’ll be hungry again an hour later.

This excellent video by Bill Whittle, featuring some statistics from Iowahawk’s “Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day”, is definitely worth nine minutes of your time.  Michael Moore makes an appearance though, so best not watch whilst eating.

More good stuff at Bill Whittle’s Declaration Entertainment, and see also Iowahawk‘s post above & Allahpundit‘s “Why can’t we balance the budget by confiscating super-rich people’s money?” featuring video by Mary Katharine Ham.  H/T HotAir.

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