Tim Blair: One of my favourite leftist correspondents – he’s the frequent author of what Tony Windsor would describe as death threats – now finds himself under Liberal rule, probably for the first time in his life.

Suck it, Ricky.

14 Responses to “Hahaha.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Hope you’ll forgive me for giving him a run on my blog. Tried to get that apology…

    2rd, 3rd, 4th chance… just gotta realise some will never learn.

  2. Merilyn Says:

    Well bing at least you gave him a chance, strange though, just now and again, he showed some insight, but then reverted back to type. Pity.
    Have a feeling he is now posting under the name of Peter C Jones, on Piers Akerman’s blog, under the title “Setting Sail for the South Seas”, there is a post by this delightful person,”Goodbye Piers.
    I can only hope you drown”. Nasty.

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I like the tag for this – “mentally deranged serial pest”

  4. Richard Ryan Says:

    My email address today is randlryan4@bigpond.com.

    My IP address today is My Internet service provider is Telstra Bigpond.

    I understand that I probably shouldn’t bother to clog the spam filters here any more.

    [comment slightly edited – admin]

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