Is land tenure decided by fairy stories in WA?

I was perusing my local rag when I spotted the following notice from the “Department of sustainability, environment, water, population and communities” (In that order I bet, environment first)

I dont normally bother with guff like that, but was a bit bored and read through. Now I have no problem with an areas development being opposed for cultural or religious reasons, but this application reads like a brothers Grimm story rather than a realistic, fact based application.

It appears to feed into the strange mania for animist/pagan/fringe beliefs that appears to have blinded whole governments to science.

I might also note it appears to have been verry “lucky” the highway nearby servicing the town appears to have missed any snake spirits in the same area…. very lucky…

Some Highlights.

“The area contains feeder creeks… the creeks area (and river)… have snake spirits within them at all times.”

“drilling… Is against their law and custom”

” The snake spirits will have been angered… and will be very angry at our failure as the traditional owners …to protect the area”

“Drilling that has not been agreed to by us and that is done in an inappropriate area harms the mother spirit that is in the earth”

“any walking or other activity whatsoever in the area without the permission of the NWN traditional owners upsets them and the snake and mother spirit and results in harm and now it is apparent has upset the spirits of ancestors: Since the discovery of the previous drilling and the access of the 2 survey teams, the senior elder and the other traditional owners who were present with her and who were camping out and patrolling in the area to try to protect it have been visited at night by the angry and unsettled spirits of deceased old people”


Is there a reason fairy stories are expected to be printed in a newspaper and treated seriously?

Does a government department really pretend to belive in ghosts, mother spirits and snake spirits?

If so can we expect blasphemy charges top be levied against those who desecrate the catholic host, or eat meat on Fridays?

Well, SAY something...

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