Oh dear me Sarah..

Poor misguided soul Sarah Hanson-Young has ventured another opinion piece for the SMH.

Photo pinched from Col. Neville

Its just as vapid and fisk worthy as her first one, and as much as Ive tried to resist the temptation I have to go through this one as well.

Temporary protection visas are not the answer

I don’t for a moment condone violence or the torching of buildings at detention centres. I am not interested in excusing the behaviour of those involved in recent weeks inside the Villawood or Christmas Island facilities.  I believe people must understand the consequences of their actions. Where they have broken the law, our criminal justice system should be able to respond.

Gee it seems shes actually calling for those responsible to be held accountable…


It just had to be there didnt it Sarah… If youd left it at the first paragraph it would have been you most coherent and sensible article ever.. oh well carry on then…

.. just like asylum seekers who have now found themselves in police custody after riots inside Villawood last week, the government must also accept the consequences of its actions.

By which you mean the dismantling of the border regime which effectively stopped irregular maritime arrivals altogether?

While we may not condone how they behave, we must look at why these individuals are driven to self-destruction.

Oh silly me, of course that’s not what you mean, carry on then wibble wit.

The reasons for unrest, frustration and anxiety in Australia’s detention centres are that more than 6000 thousand men, women and children continue to be locked up like prisoners in jail, while their applications for asylum take months and even years to process.

Succesful applications take a matter of months to be granted, ASIO checks possibly longer, but still generally under a year. The people you are referring to as “waiting years” are actually people who have been found not to be refugees.

Some are awaiting appeals, many, many others are trying the court system to get an outcome which they dont deserve (being found NOT to be a refugee). Still others are waiting for a change in policy which will see them released regardless of the merit of their claims. That is the exact outcome you are keeping on the table. There are people in immigration detention who refuse to be deported precisely because of your policies.

Most have little information about why their case is taking so long, or even the status of their application.  Some have already been found to be genuine refugees needing protection, yet they remain in detention because ASIO has been tardy in processing the paper work.

ASIO isnt “tardy” ASIO is seeking to establish the background of people who have no identity beyond “I am who I say I am”. The majority are telling a version of the truth, but shocking as it may be to you, other people may actually tell fibs. Porkies, lies or untruths are used by criminals and bad people.

Most have information that they are “awaiting 1st interview”, “awaiting the outcome of their application”, “Been accepted” (out the next few days), “been accepted” (release subject to background checks), “Unsuccessful, lodge RRT paperwork and automatic appeal”, Or are actively engaged with the courts, which will make it THEIR LAWYERS responsibility to inform them of the progress of their case/claim.

Mandatory detention with no time limit, together with the government’s poor decision to introduce a six-month freeze on people’s applications, has led to overcrowding in centres and a spike in mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicides and self-harm.

One point of agreement with you, the 6 month freeze was an unprecidented bit of non-just wankery by the government to get it over the election period.

As for the rest, well the arrival of thousands more irregular arrivals has more to do with overcrowding than the 6 month freeze dont you think? “Mental illness”, yes Ive seen a few of the lawyer instigated mental illness claims first hand. Miraculously cured after a bridging visa was applied, almost like it was faked in order for the lawyers in question to get that injunction preventing them from being returned to detention…. In my 5 years or so in detention I witnessed exactly 2 genuine attempts at self harm (one was semi-accidental), and dozens of “self harms”. All were intended to obtain visas by people who’d been found to have no valid claim for asylum, if you make it a rule “if a detainee chops off a pinky finger we will release them”, what do you think would happen?

Rather than address these issues – and the root cause of tension and helplessness inside detention centres

The root cause? Not getting the outcomes they desire. Nothing more, nothing less.

– on Tuesday the government tried to divert attention by laying the ground work to reintroduce the Howard Government’s failed  (entirely successful, ed.) temporary protection visa regime. Visas that Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told a UN audience in 2008, on World Refugee Day, were “unjust”. Sadly, Labor’s about-turn on TPVs will not solve the government’s problem – as already proven by new roof-top protests on Christmas Island only hours after the minister’s announcement.

So negative behaviour by non-refugees attempting to game the system is a rational basis for policy in Greens land?

The Greens believe the problems encountered with the TPVs under the Howard government will be replicated under the Gillard government. They won’t stop people rioting in detention centres, as also occurred during the Howard years, and they won’t stop people making the treacherous voyage by boat during the Gillard government’s term.

I dont know if you noticed but as the centres emptied, due to multiple policy changes by the Howard government, the riots stopped as well? And as a result of those changes people actually DID STOP coming in by boat. Im afraid Im going to have to pillage poor Mr Bolts graph to prove the point then.

Numbers go down, numbers go up again...

Tony Abbott is already out pushing for the government to extend TPVs to all asylum seekers  – not just those protesting their time in detention. Now that the government has opened the door a fraction, it won’t be long before it flings it wide open, and resurrects policies that would make Howard-era immigration minister Phillip Ruddock proud.

They are the policies that worked, policies that allowed a “fairer” refugee system whereby refugees were sourced via UN guidelines, rather that basing a successful asylum claim on being wealthy.

You greens claim to be for fairness, please explain the fairness in a refugee with $10,000 getting asylum, while a poor refugee (in a secondary country) having no effective chance of the same?

This announcement is in stark contrast to Labor’s 2007 national conference resolution, at which members agreed they would not re-introduce temporary visas.

It was easy to be virtuous and “good” when there were no people in detention. I could announce free cars for everyone in…say Bogan shire, and it wouldn’t cause a government crisis.. Until everyone started to move to Bogan shire for their free car that is… But what I can’t do is pretend to be surprised at the sudden rush of people, which is what you expect us to be.

They cited reasons, including the inability of a temporary visa-holder to sponsor their spouse or children to visit them or join them in Australia. The conference also agreed temporary visas worsened the mental health of visa-holders, left them financially worse off, and increased the number of boat arrivals.

It temporarily increased the boat numbers as suddenly landing one family member wasnt enough to secure passage for the whole family. After the surge the numbers dropped to negligible amounts until your coalition partner changed the policies again. And does “left financially worse off” relate to welfare payments Ms Young? If so why not say so up front?

Mr Bowen says his “tougher” measures would stop “inappropriate and criminal behaviour” in detention centres at Villawood and Christmas Island. In 1999, Mr Ruddock said his “tough new initiatives” would curb the growing number of people “arriving illegally”. We know the effectiveness of those efforts.

Mr Bowen thinks he can be half pregnant, and is a fool caught on the horns of reality on one hand, and his soft ideology on the other.
And as for your parting shot? I assume you mean an almost completely effective, long term and just solution?

Sarah, please go and have a serious chat with a few detention officers, you may be a little shocked at the “refugees” you are championing.

Years ago I was asked by some detainees what would happen if there was a change of government (this was the Latham/Howard election, Julia was shadow immigration minister for part of it. Ask her about being chased out of Port Hedland by rioting detainees). Some of the detainees voiced the opinion that if Labour won they would be let out straight away. I answered quite honestly I thought there would be no chance of anything that radical unless the greens held the balance of Power in the senate.

I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Please follow the links to the SMH comments section, poor Mrs Hanson-Young cops a flogging there as well.
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/blogs/gengreens/temporary-protection-visas-are-not-the-answer-20110427-1dwe3.html#ixzz1KsoVR3Im

2 Responses to “Oh dear me Sarah..”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Appoint SH-Y as Special Rapporteur on Desperate Alien Tying To Sneak In, and send her on a continual tour of the source countries to help ‘them’ there. She would have her pay docked when she is Australia, double-docked when in Canberra.


  2. The vomit they spew — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami Says:

    […] Just for the the record: here is the Jew-hatin’,  terrorist supportin’,  BDS advocating  SHY  calling for the genocide of Israel and the Jews: […]

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