Australian squalor, welcome to the underclass.

As I posted a couple of times before, I work mainly with the underclass in my town.

Recently a long term customer took off leaving behind most of my stuff locked into her house, apparently she’s run up a lot of bills around town and is skipping to “start afresh”. Her sister was left with a load of lies (I’m back tomorrow/next day/next week etc) and the house keys.

She called up and allowed me access to retrieve my stuff. While we were there my other half took a load of “happy snaps”. The sister gave permission, she was as disgusted as us, she is currently on a waiting list for a Homeswest property but may be waiting months yet.

This is how a portion of the Australian underclass chooses to live.

Some of the pics are disgusting and might upset a few people, but this is reality.

The lady in question has 4 children under 10, there were 3 dogs (oldest one left behind) 4 cats as a rough estimate her income is around 1300 per fortnight of pension payments.

The house is public housing (Homeswest), who apparently carry out inspections of their properties. So this is a Western Australian government owned asset.

Captions under each photo.

This is behind the fridge, the quality isnt great, but it gives you an idea of the numbers of vermin around.(Language warning from the missus, she was a bit shocked)

Lounge area, note the general dirtiness. My other half asked what the smell was when she went in she said “It smells like dog or cat piss sort of mixed together”, I told her it was cockroaches..

Note the squashed cockroaches in the seams of the chair, and the live couple waving at you.

Freezer side of the fridge, note the cockroaches squashed along the door seals of the fridge.

Fridge side, yes most of the black spots are roaches.

Hasn’t focused really well, but the grey patch is roach shit, that’s the pantry/crockery cupboard doors as well.

Animal cruelty, poor old dog isnt half bald, it’s badly affected by mange over 1/2 of its body. My missus was ropeable when she saw this, but worse was to come.

2,Week old (we think) puppies left behind without a mother to die in a caravan out the back. As my other half said “If she was here I’d deck her”, we are bottle feeding the little buggers now, D is in dog rescue so we will try to rehome them later on. They were nearly trodden on before we saw them.

As I shifted a washing machine some water leaked out, the roaches were thirsty and came for a drink from the puddle.

I dribbled a bit of the vanilla essence on the counter as an experiment, this was the result about 5 minutes later.

So to sum up this is all in daylight, the walls were studded with live roaches, as I opened a door to a bedroom roaches fell on my head from the top of the doorway.

The old dog and 4 cats were handed to the RSPCA, all were put down.

A huge amount of gear left behind, in one room I had to shift some mattresses for some gear, my missus nearly spewed as did the sister, as the overpoweringly vile stench of urine marinated yellow mattresses filled the room, it was pretty special.

I ask anyone who wants to blame poverty, how would you fix this then?

Why have inspections of government properties allowed this house to descend into this squalor?

How is it considered a “safe” environment for 4 under 10 year olds to be in?

How much will the cleanup costs be?

Just how can a society consider this type of living worthy of supporting by transferring money from working people to this level of dysfunction?

Where is the moral component of the welfare system, leaving kids in a shithole like this isn’t moral.

13 Responses to “Australian squalor, welcome to the underclass.”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    A mate who moved down to Perth to work as an Ambo while he was doing some courses had some horrific stories to tell about how some in our midst choose to live as well.

    When there were children or the elderly involved, basically as “collateral damage” to welfare-receiving “carers”, he would often try to get help for them – but apparently it’s not as easy as all that.

    As soon as he finished his coursework he went back out to the mines – double the pay and not nearly so soul-destroying.

    I don’t know what it is that causes people to live like that, but it’s not lack of $$ alone. I’ve done some volunteer driving and have been in the homes of elderly pensioners living on a shoestring where the floors were literally clean enough to eat off. And one of the main complaints a client on a war-widow’s pension had about those new twisty light globes was that they were so hard to dust.

    So it can’t be the excuse that not being handed enough gubbamint money is the cause of people being fine with living in conditions like that. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know what the answer’s not – having more money thrown at them will not change a thing.

  2. Merilyn Says:

    Sadly she won’t change, it will probably happen all over again.
    Poor old dog, it’s skin must have been driving it mad, now it is at peace.

  3. magsx2 Says:

    It doesn’t matter how poor you are there is no excuse to live like that NONE. This is pure laziness and I will never understand it. How on earth could you even think about sleeping, eating, etc. amongst all that filth.
    As for the animals, the people should be hunted down and jailed, there is no excuse for animal cruelty as far as I’m concerned.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      The RSPCA have all the details and new address, problem is they are so snowed under, my town has only had a RSPCA inspector for about a month now. Shes flat out just trying to get up with the backlog.

      That said, i hope she finds time to prosecute this mole.

  4. boy on a bike Says:

    The RSPCA has always been snowed under.

    Mate used to be a cop on the goldfields. The place was over run with mangy dogs.


    1. Buy a box of sub sonic ammo
    2. Take paddy wagon out on late night patrol
    3. Pick up wino for D&D (not that hard to do)
    4. Shoot dogs
    5. Have wino collect dogs until paddy wagon is full
    6. Drive to tip, have wino unload dog carcasses
    7. Drop wino off at a pub with a tip
    8. Repeat every six months

  5. Shelley Says:

    Makes the heart bleed doesn’t it?

    Lack of education and slipping social standards in a society where money is easy to come by. Where you are entitled to everything without any responsibility.

    I ache for the kids.

  6. Gerry Frederics Says:

    `Nigger´ is a mindset. These conditions abound in the USA in ALL housing projects. When I worked for a Finance Company after military service I used to collect money in Hunters Point, San Francisco; even though I NEVER ecncountered a problem (today I would be killed), what I did see is what these pictures show. The interesting part was that the women did not think there was anything wrong with any of this. There NEVER was a man around, even though some of these women had 7 or more children, all playing in squalor. But don´t forget, `democracy and freedom´ is what you have. Isn´t that wonderful? Gerry Frederics

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      I prefer not to use a racial term for the underclass. The household above was a mixed (white/black parents) household.

      Though it can be argued there is a higher percentage of Aboriginal than “white” people living like this. (and a much lower Vietnamese or Malay than white as well).

      It is a mindset of passive degeneracy. Usualy helped allong by drugs and welfare.

  7. Esther Says:

    The saddest part of this is that those four kids will grow up thinking this is “normal” and will pass this behaviour onto their own kids, and so it will go for generations. One assumes the woman involved here must have lived better at some point (since her sister was also shocked), but who will teach the kids that this is not the way to live.

  8. bingbing Says:

    Why do you bother, mole?

  9. Abandoned puppy update. « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] Australian squalor, welcome to the underclass. […]

  10. Winston Smith Says:

    This is the reason I no longer do any work in Aboriginal towns.
    The atmosphere of hate and entitlement is beyond belief. Read some of the Koori newspapers to see where it comes from.

  11. headhunter Says:

    Pretty much what I see here in the UK as a Police Officer day to day in certain areas. Even down to the regulation large screen TV that they can afford along with booze and cigarettes (and here in the UK at least, the central heating invariably set on “blast furnace”). . easy to have all that when the rest of us suckers are paying for it eh? Meanwhile thousands of pensioners here in the UK will freeze and starve again this year because they’re frightened of the costs of staying alive. Some places are so squalid I want to call out the RSPCA to rehome the cockroaches!

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