Trump dumped

So we see over at Bolt’s Palace this morning that the Donald has pulled out of the US presidential Republican nomination.

Well, it’s doubtful anyone’s surprised. And yeeees, this certain blogger did like what Trump was offering, even whilst knowing most conservative bloggers (libertarian here) didn’t want a bar of him. A lot of it was that breath of fresh air factor he brought to the debate. And I still think no other Republican that has been offered up will be capable of beating Obama.

Happy to be proved wrong, but there you go.

And I still think a successful businessperson would be ideal for the US’ top job, especially considering the deficit and debt. So I guess that leaves me favouring Romney, however, lately, one’s ear hasn’t been kept that close to the political – let alone the US political – ground.

Who’s been looking good lately, folks, and why?

PS Thanks for all the email updates JM even though there wasn’t any time to use them.



Herman Cain?

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14 Responses to “Trump dumped”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Sorry Bingers, I couldnt resist posting the piccie… Its been burning a hole in my inbox for a couple of weeks now..

    Is a pity in one respect, that a proven successful businessman is considered a worse candidate than a “community organiser”

    • bingbing Says:

      No worries. It is funny.

    • bingbing Says:

      To be honest, I was a little surprised all the right wing pundits came out so strongly against him. Guess I don’t know my conservative friends as well as I thought. Yes, there’s the hair but I’ve often likened that to the NY Yankees uniform and that quip in Catch Me if You Can about them always winning the World Series because the other players are too distracted looking at their uniforms.

      I really didn’t see anything so glaringly wrong with the guy. He IS a successful businessman, he builds stuff, real stuff too, not like Facebook or whatever, he gets things done, he has charisma and I liked what he was saying as did, I noticed a while back, a lot of other commenters say, on Bolt’s blog.

      But anyway, what’s done is done and maybe that Cain bloke can take Obama on because, sorry, I don’t see anyone else having much of a chance against the One’s star power.

      And I’m still inclined to feel that the dissing of Trump was a bit of an own goal by the Right.

  2. Vulture Says:

    Romney? Srsly? His only qualification for the presidency is his presidential hair. He’s a Big Government RINO. He would be the worst possible candidate. He might actually be a worse president than Obama.

    • bingbing Says:

      Hence I was asking for your opinions. Yesterday was the first day in over a month I’ve paid any real attention to politics. TBH, I don’t know much about Romney other than that he’s Mormon and ran a business once.

      Watched a few speeches by that Herman Cain bloke yesterday. He sounded good, and ran a pizza business. I love pizza.

      More seriously, he reckons he wants to downsize government big time. Music to many a folk’s ears, methinks.

    • bingbing Says:

      BTW, am i right Cain isn’t a career politician? If so, that’s an attractive quality also. One of the reasons I liked trump, too.

      So… businessman, not a career politician. Sounds good so far. Any drawbacks?

    • Winston Smith Says:

      Find out who the Democrats think would be good. Then don’t let them anywhere near the Presidential ticket, because it means they’ve got something on him.
      No, seriously, I think Condoleeza Rice for Pres, Sarah Palin for Vice Pres. They’ll take the fight to BOTH establishment parties, and Sarah still scares the shit out of the MSM.

  3. Vulture Says:

    Cain seems okay. Never been in politics – that’s positive. Ran an extremely successful pizza business – that’s positive. Supports Bush’s doctrine of War Without End – that’s negative.

    Ya’ll can laugh at me all you want, Ron Paul is the only candidate who isn’t afraid to stand up to both the Fed AND the Military/Industrial complex.

  4. Ron K Says:

    Not overly brilliant on US politics but my thoughts, for what they’re worth.
    GOP ticket
    Herman Cain
    Sarah Palin
    Both fighters not afraid to tackle the establishment or the lamestream media.
    Ps I like their policies too.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      I like Cain, too. The GOP answer may lie in the much-more-boring and establishment T-Paw, but I like Cain & have since the beginning.

      The Dems have already started racially abusing him, too. Love how Cain brings out their Inner Racist and Palin brings out their Inner Sexist. It’s The New Civility™ all the way! LOL.

    • Winston Smith Says:

      An interesting aspect to a Cain/Palin ticket would be the crap thrown at them by a desperate Left.
      Sometimes you need a certain kind of candidate on the Republican ticket to let the Democrats go batshit over, and alienate the swinging voters.

  5. The Eisenhower Warnings « The Vulture Lurks Says:

    […] Tizona Group commenter J.M. Heinrichs made the following comment in reference to a comment I made about Ron Paul being the only Team Elephant candidate who would […]

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