Abandoned puppy update.

As I posted a couple of weeks back we picked up a couple of abandoned new born pups at one of my clients houses.

Both had been left abandoned in a caravan out the back while the mother (and any other pups) were taken 550 km away.

We were told they would be put down as they were too expensive/time consuming for the local vets to raise (fair enough for them, they do a lot of cost price only work for the local dog rescue).. My missus decided she’d/we’d have a shot at raising them. We were told the first 2 days were critical, and neither was expected to live.

After being fed every 3 hours for the first 2 days they both began to guzzle the milk properly, and a couple of days after that were a pair of butterballs.

Full as a tick


They are now both starting solids and we will look after them for a few weeks more before they are rehomed through a local dog rescue organisation.

So the only thing left for them to do is track down their original owners and exact terrible revenge….

They wont see it coming...

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6 Responses to “Abandoned puppy update.”

  1. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Top stuff Mole. If I had the space I’d take them for you.

  2. bingbing Says:

    I don’t know how you do it, mole-ster, but to put it midly, Oz needs more people and parents like you.

  3. Merilyn Says:

    What the Wizard says goes for me to, well done to you and your wife, you have done a sterling job.
    Hope they find very good homes with people who will continue to look after them.

  4. magsx2 Says:

    Thank You very much for the update on the puppies. I think it’s wonderful that you took in these pups and are getting them back on their feet, we certainly do need more people like you around.

  5. spot_the_dog Says:

    What the others said. Good on you & Missus Mole. Without good-hearted people who are willing to take abandoned and neglected animals into their own homes and give them the intensive one-on-one care & attention they need in order to become “adoptable”, the number of pets being put down would be even greater.

    Fingers crossed that these little guys continue to flourish and end up finding a perfect forever-home.

  6. Shelley Says:

    You can smell the puppy breath with those pics. They’re so cute you’ll have no probs finding them a new home. I’m already at husbands limit or I’d snavel one for m’self.

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