Bolt Blog Shenanigans – The Strange Case of the Disappearing Comments

The first rule of Bolt Blog seems to be “don’t mention the phenomenon of the disappearing blocks of comments at Bolt Blog”.

Seriously, this has been going on for some time, and though I understand that with the hungry venal eyes of the Victim-Industrial Complex™ on him he has to be very careful about what gets published on his blog, that does not explain why huge swaths of basically unremarkable and certainly non-actionable comments get put up, only to disappear with all their replies a number of hours later.

I first remarked upon it last month, when the comment count on a post I had submitted several comments to fell from over 330 to just 276 in one fell swoop (almost 60 comments being deleted without explanation or notice) – it was a post on Trump and the “birthers”, and and as I tend to keep an eye on comments threads I have contributed to, I will say that although there were a lot of comments I would call painfully stupid, there were none that could possibly have been legally actionable.

I rarely bother with comments there anymore, as the increased number of comments by the mindless Leftoid trolls tend to derail any attempts at reasonable discussion & debate, but on weekends I do usually have a look in and keep seeing this same pattern repeating itself – idiotic throw-away comments by trolls seem to go up right away, and comments and replies by others either don’t get put up at all or get put up and then memory-holed a number of hours later.

Bolt is definitely aware that this is happening, and he’s aware that a number of his long-time readers & commenters aren’t very impressed, but so far he hasn’t even acknowledged any of these concerns on his blog.  Instead, when sometimes a number of people get comments through asking about the problem, that whole block of comments and replies suddenly disappears without notice.

To my mind, he’s not just dissing the readers and commenters who helped get him to where he is today; but he’s feeding the delighted Bolt-hating conspiracy theorists on the Left.

So, I know he’s aware of what’s going on, and he’s aware that people aren’t happy, and that he chooses not to explain or even acknowledge these concerns is his business – obviously, the hits still keep rolling in – but after just having seen yet another block of comments and replies “disappear” from today’s Forum, I just felt like having a whinge.

UPDATE: Comments have been updated on the thread I submitted that to, including seven (yes, seven)  from the mindless barely-literate idiot who used to be known as “Truthman” but now uses athousanddifferentsockpuppets to share various & sundry chemtrails/fluoride/microchip/troofer conspiracies with us, but alas – mine didn’t make the cut. Surprise.  If they’re going to be so selective about which comments to publish, why is it always the most stupid which get priority?

50 Responses to “Bolt Blog Shenanigans – The Strange Case of the Disappearing Comments”

  1. bingbing Says:

    He mentioned in an email a few months back that one of his moderators hits the delete button on comments rather than the post button or whatever it is. He noted that it’s giving him major headaches or words to that effect.

    Also, I had a “fight” of sorts with perhaps the same moderator after said mod didn’t publish a comment and then in response to that I posted a Ph.D about modern acceptable English. After that, it was nothing but trouble.

    Most comments seem to go up these days although I too don’t comment there much since even with all those comments deleted, whatever one has to say tends to get lost in the noise i.e. there are just too many comments on there.

    As for your “whinge”, I completely concur.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      one of his moderators hits the delete button on comments rather than the post button or whatever it is

      It’s happened the last 6 weekends in a row, that huge numbers of comments that were already up just get deleted, though. (I don’t know if it happens during the week as well – I only go there on weekends). And coincidence or not, most comments mentioning the deletions either never appear or do appear, only to be deleted later.

      It’s just a weird look. And yeah, I agree with you about the noise-to-genuine-content ratio as well… that’s another disincentive to bother reading/adding comments.

    • bingbing Says:

      It is a weird look and not very good, but he’s stretched pretty thin these days so I ceased commenting to him about it.

      His posts are still pretty good although I remember about a year ago he’d routinely have up to 18 posts in one day which certainly isn’t the case these days.

      I’d still like to know why all that comment shenanigans occurs on his blog, though.

  2. Rabz Says:


    I thought I was imagining things – but this has actually been going on for several months now.

    One evening I was successfully sinking the Doc Marten into jan bowel movement’s flabby backside when all of sudden – “whoosh” entire block of comments and replies gone…

    Quite frankly the stupid modulator responsible sounds like an undercover commie twat.

    Bolt should terminate their employment post haste.

    And no more excuses from him, either – made my thoughts about recent developments at his blog known in no uncertain terms at the Blair’s last evening (as I have to Bolt on at least three separate occasions).

    I admire the guy immensely, but this is (almost) suicidally stupid.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      I don’t know about that last sentence. In reality, he’s gaining more comments and more hits than ever before. So as frustrating as the comment situation might be to some of us, it’s not hurting the blog at all (stat-wise). And the silver lining to that is that a commercially-successful Bolt means he sticks around and keeps writing good blog posts which we get to read for free.

      But geez, it’s weird to see an entire page of comments wiped off the blog just like *that* with no notice or explanation. If Crikey or similar were pulling chit like that ……

  3. Winston Smith Says:

    I noticed it as well.
    The lunatics of the Left are getting a free run with totally inane drivel, repetition of refuted arguments, etc.
    Very frustrating, and frankly, not worth wading through the bullshit to get your point across.
    I wear gloves and a condom just to keep safe.

  4. Merilyn Says:

    No, you are correct spot, noticed the difference quite a while ago and commented on it at Kae’s blog.
    Used to enjoy reading tips for the day, but rarely go there now, even the cartoon seems to have vanished, or maybe the creator of said cartoon is on leave.

  5. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    I blame Spot; he’s just dogging it.


  6. elsie Says:

    I have had the same probs too. I really can’t be bothered making a comment on AB’s blog anymore. It means spending ages trying to find it again to reply to other comments. More often than not it has totally disappeared .Irritating !!!!!!

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      That’s the weird part, when the comments disappear. I saw one of your music links there a few weeks back, and thought I’d go back and listen to it when I was back on my desktop computer, and by that time your whole comment and the replies were gone 😦

  7. kae Says:

    A while back I commented on a thread “Where’s Elsie?” as I noticed you were missing – perhaps the vanishing pages and comments is the reason?

    I thought you meant on my blog! But I noticed it last weekend and emailed Spot about it. We’ve had a bit of a chin, er, finger wag about it. We’ve both emailed Andrew about it. And received replies… but they may not necessarily be from Andrew.

    I wish I could wear a condom to wade through some of that tripe. I suspect the reply tabs increase the traffic as people go back to see if there are replies to their comments, and I don’t think it’s playing straight. I really don’t think it’s seemly to swing your di**k about how many page views you’ve have. Just put a meter up so we can see. Now the place is so full of poxy leftist comments, and the comments stop early in the morning and don’t get put up until later in the afternoon. Sometimes by the time they’re there it’s a dead thread and who wants to comment. And when you comment you go back to page one. Finding the pages you want is a pain in the bum.

    Although I do know from blogging friends that criticism from your base (fan base?), is looked upon by opposition (leftists in particular), as a sign that you’re floundering as a blog host. But truly, there’s too much tripe and sockpuppeting there. Should be registration so Mr Logic’s name can’t be pinched, etc.

    I don’t think anyone cares about the integrity of the site.
    Ahem, sorry.

  8. kae Says:

    “mindless barely-literate idiot who used to be known as “Truthman” but now uses athousanddifferentsockpuppets to share various & sundry chemtrails/fluoride/microchip/troofer conspiracies”

    That one gets up my nose , too . His puncheration isnt great , either . I’m pretty sure he’d be certifiable . Or sectionable !

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      what i also love” about , him is the random quotation ” marks he,,, sprinkles , liberally on his”’ comments !

  9. kae Says:

    And now there’s plagiarised quotes from a white supremacist site – either the poster is a racist or a moby. This should be flagged.

    But I bet it won’t be.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Yeah, those ones I talked to you about, around 10 hours ago? Neither of my comments submitted around 10am AEST got up.

      All I said was basically what I said in my email to you, pointing out that “her” comment was a direct cut & paste from a well-known Stormfront-affiliated American white nationalist/white supremacist; and taking issue with the substance of it. No bad words, nothing legally-fraught…

      …yet he chose to keep up the plagiarised cut & paste from the white nationalist and to “memory-hole” my comment calling it out.

      Jeez louise. Why did I even bother wasting my time?

  10. Shelley Says:

    few, I thought it was me going foggy. I go looking for posts and think I’m remembering incorrectly.

  11. Merilyn Says:

    Just as a matter of interest, there are a some complaints today about this very subject, but my cartoonist is back.

  12. spot_the_dog Says:

    Aaaaand… again.

  13. spot_the_dog Says:

    Replying to Merilyn from this thread….

    O/T Can tell you another post has been removed from Tips for the day, it was the one on “The real Julia”. Saw it early this morning printed it off, then just went back to get another copy for my sister-in-law and it has gone. It was on pg 1.

    Merilyn, one of my comments on that same post was just deleted again as well. Go to Page 1 of today’s tips column and look for this 9:41pm comment of mine. That’s right – Bolt’s moderators deleted it sometime between when I was having coffee earlier this morning and just now.

    This has been happening so frequently to me that on the rare occasion when one of my comments gets published at all, I often take a screen-shot of it  because at least 75% of the time it will be deleted post-publication later in the day. No notice, no explanation, they just delete my comment and any replies it got.

    Here is a screen-shot of the entirefirst page of comments from earlier this morning, and here’s one from how it stands at present (click on the pics to enlarge them).

    As you correctly noted, Meryn Sullivan’s 10:37pm comment (down near the bottom of the page in the first screen-cap) was also deleted.

    Of course, as usual the recently-arrived Global Warming troll “Tony of Enfield” (who also uses several screen names, something Bolt asked him to stop doing a few days ago), managed to get several comments published.  Seems like you either have to be pushing the Global Warming or Carbon Tax scams, or just be a Lefty in general like Big Ted and that one who uses about 10 different names (Black Knight/Cogito/Maggie Thatcher, etc), if you want to get a good run.

    Just for the record, these were the two videos I linked: Lyle Lovett’s South Texas Girl and Church.  Completely G-rated, nothing even slightly offensive about either of them… in fact, my Mom is a huge fan of his and has several of his videos on her iPod.

    So at the moment, I’m at about 10% for getting comments up.  90% either get censored and never published at all, or get published but are then deleted without notice or explanation along with all the replies later in the day.  WTF?

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      Just noticed that another of my comments on that page, a reply to “Sister Ray,” has been deleted as well – as have Daremo’s, Curious’, Leonie’s, Mickey’s and one of Le Trev’s replies.

      Before …..  After.

      What a joke. I think I can now safely assume that even if I get a comment published, I can be almost certain that it will be later deleted anyway. It’s not just some random, intermittent “glitch.”

      BTW:  This is a handy free tool which has plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome, so that you just click one button on your toolbar and it automatically takes a picture of what’s on your screen and uploads it to the internet (and saves a copy to disk, if you want)… if anyone’s interested.

    • bingbing Says:

      Thanks for that gizmo, spotty. 🙂

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      No worries – I like it because it automatically saves the caps online where I can link to them, rather than saving them on my disk and then me having to put them up on Photobucket or whatever. Also good when you’re on a smartphone or netbook without much in the way of storage space.

      As more and more blogs and media outlets are trying to “un-say” things by chucking them down the memory hole post-publication, more and more people are seeing it as a game to try to catch them at it 🙂

  14. Merilyn Says:

    You are right spot, saw your South Texas Girl and Church, should have realised that was missing to, yep there is something going on there alright.Sorry I went O/T on the other post but just wanted to say how posts were disappearing again. Have to say it is not really fair either, as it cuts debate, and it makes people think their input is not worth it, which may not be the case, but it gives that appearance, which is very sad.

    • bingbing Says:

      It is a let down. I’ve had a bit better luck than spot lately, but these days, I don’t bother writing any kind of substantial comment; just quick one liners if I even bother at all. He changed his THR clips to YouTube format possibly because I asked him to, but really, I usually just read his blog for the posts nowadays and don’t bother with the comments. Someone seems to be sabotaging him and maybe it’s tied in with that court case. Who knows? All I know is the bloke is stretched pretty thin these days and can’t possibly be maintaining that blog all by himself, especially during the main part of the day. I’ve had more luck when it’s Bolta himself more likely at the computer i.e. just before and after midnight, and about 5am.

  15. Gregoryno6 Says:

    I look at Bolt’s blog about twice a week. His own writing is still good and hard hitting – but as for the comments, the loons have taken over.
    It took a lot to get banned there (eyes roll as I try to count the “You have been warned” messages that were issued to the likes of Barry Bones, Francis Urquhart et al) but now I think you’d have to resort to outright obscenity.
    Maybe I’m just more of a sensitive type than AB, but if that was my blog scoring all those hits and I was stuck with a couple of moderators who were either incompetent or malicious, I’d see myself as having two options. Take the problem to management and get a decent support staff, or can the blog altogether.
    Why can’t he do that?

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      I don’t get it either. It’s one thing for him to have basically “franchised out” the day-to-day operation to his blog to whoever he’s outsourced it to (sometimes it seems like it must be GetUp operatives running the thing these days, given what they let through and what they block), but they’re damaging his brand.

    • Gregoryno6 Says:

      Damaging the brand. Exactly.
      Tim Blair doesn’t seem to attract anywhere near as much traffic, and the updating is slow, but if they’re filtering out the crap that Bolt’s people let through then so be it.

  16. Sean of Deer Park Says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it. But there it is, the evidence, in black and white; thanks Spot. If Bolta says one more thing about “Freedom of Speech” and his plight without addressing this censorship he can get stuffed, so far as I’m concerned. Have we served our purpose? Does, Bolta, know we are being censored – ie. are the moderators up to no good, behind his back? So many questions.

    If you look, as an example, Leonie had made a comment that was actually a complement to Bolt, and it was deleted? WTF? Are all the old commenter’s at his site being censored?

    Now I feel like I have been Blacklisted. Before today, I thought I was just being silly. At least I now know I not imagining things.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I just can’t be bothered with Boltas place anymore, the trolls get free reign and the comment is mostly reactive to the trolls. It’s a bit like showering in saliva, the soap may still work but you walk away manky. (yes i know that doesn’t make sense)

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      It does appear that there is a deliberate and concerted campaign going on.

      And Sean, I have even more examples as well. As I mentioned, ever since they started deleting any of my comments that actually slipped through and made it up onto the blog, I’ve started taking screencaps. But really, unless Bolt cares, there’s no chance anything’s going to change.

      Speaking of the concerted campaigns, have a look at the Enfield troll’s comments next time you’re on the blog. The comments he writes himself are barely-literate drivel with poor spelling, no capital letters and no structure or point to them (he’s like a Warmy version of Barney Fife) … all of his other comments are plagiarised from elsewhere.  If he uses proper punctuation and capital letters, highlight a section of his comment, copy it, and paste it into google. 100% of them are direct cut & pastes from Warmy sites, most often that stupid “Skeptical Science” site.  At least a dozen people have pointed this out – plus the fact that he uses multiple screen names to make it look like he’s an army and not just one astroturfer – yet he’s one of the Golden Boys whose comments all get through and never get deleted.

    • Sean of Deer Park Says:

      Well, it is clear something is going on. I would like to, however, retract my “he can get stuffed” statement. It was too harsh. Bolta, in particular has been, is, and will continue to do good work. I think I was getting grumpy over Carbon Tax Sunday. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds, so to speak.
      The censorship issue does have to be dealt with, but now is probably not the time to make life more difficult for Bolt. Once his case has been dealt with will be the best time to write to him about our collective thoughts. I somehow get the feeling this censorship issue might be annoying, Bolt, more than it gets to us. Keeping records of examples is a very good idea and may come in handy for Bolt once it’s over.
      I remember about a month ago he said in passing there were things he wanted to tell us but his hands were tied right now. This could be the topic he was referring to because it is a suspension of Freedom of Speech. It is possible his readers comments are being used against him. We already know Bolta doesn’t like what is going on. Frustrating, yes, but not the end of the world just yet. 😆

  17. Shelley Says:

    A theory.
    You know this army of nut jobs and government employed media heavies we were told were coming?
    Do you thing they’re reporting our comments as abuse and said comments getting deleted without argument?

    • Shelley Says:

      sheesh….not thing. think

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      I don’t know about Bolt’s blog, but I do know that on Twitter and on YouTube there are bands of Lefties who regularly go through and initiate campaigns to mass-report conservatives’ accounts in order to get them suspended.

      Last year on Twitter there were about 8 of us conservatives whose accounts were all suspended in the same week. We all asked Twitter what we had done to get suspended, and could they please show us which comments of ours were problematic (when you’re suspended you have no access to your account at all, you can’t even see it anymore), and they just said that there had been a high number of reports for spam &/or abuse.

      I got my account restored after just a few days, but sometimes it takes a good couple of weeks.

      I don’t use YouTube very much, but I understand that the same thing happens there. Groups of Lefties decide which accounts they want gone and embark on a campaign to flood management with complaints until you get shut down.

    • bingbing Says:

      That’s terrible, spot. Don’t management even review and/or give you an opportunity to “explain” before the shutdown??????

      I remember something similar happening to Theospark back when he had his blogspot account.

  18. bingbing Says:

    Again. FFS. I’m trying to support the bloke in regards to his freedom of speech case. The irony is excruciating!

    • bingbing Says:

      Third time lucky.

    • Sean of Deer Park Says:

      Good work, Binger’s. You did very well, indeed. I also think Andrew’s use of your, window view, was a kind acknowledgement and thanks; on Bolta’s part. I could be wrong, but I feel like a point has been made, and heard.

      I have decided I can be extra-mindful when commenting at Bolt’s for now (if and when I do). I am no wordsmith and try to write in a happy-go-lucky kind of format mostly; which is me in general (or so I’d like to thunk! :lol:). But sometimes, I realise my words may not come across that way to other readers and could be misconstrued (Hence, some of my comments may not be appropriate; and appear as would normally be the case (given the circumstances of the day). Polite and relevant is most likely the order of the day.

      It may be wise for us all to tip-toe through Andrew’s tulips, for the time being? 😆 Then again, am I being overly sensitive and wearing my heart on my sleeve? I dunno!

  19. Mick Gold Coast QLD Says:

    In this unfamiliar place I see an interesting exchange by many familiar names whose comments I enjoy elsewhere and whose thoughtful and substantiated opinions (such a rare phenomenon) I value.

    Some time ago I assumed my screen name or IP (?) address was on some sort of persona non grata block at Bolt’s site – for pithy comments about government when I get pithed off, using disparaging prefixes to the names of political characters under discussion or some such crime. I simply was no longer getting a go there. Then I noticed posts added in the early morning, a flood of fixed stance comments, then no update until late in the day and eventually sometimes not at all. The quality of comment and discussion has plummeted and my purpose 3 or 4 years ago in attending news blogs (to understand what wide opinion is saying and to temper my own, as an isolated solo freelancer) is no longer served there.

    To not personally control who is controlling vetting and publication is dumb business practice. The crusader may well have carelessly employed a crusader within (see Rabz, May 21 6:47pm).

    The “you’ve got lovely soft hair on television … you are our saviour” rubbish appears in barrow loads along with the concerted anti Bolt campaigners’ drivel. Recently I commented briefly to the effect that fishing for compliments was inimical to the central task of maximising impact of professional journalist analysis via a widened presence on TV and that wasn’t printed.

    That view is borne of the observation in commercial business that an enormous number of operators can suddenly get lucky, believe it was ONLY their cleverness that made it so and immediately stretch themselves to take what they believe will be an easier next target. Invariably they fail to maintain the foundation of their success. An example is a couple of architects who found land at a good price in Chatswood, built a couple of office buildings, found a Federal government tenant prior to completion and an end product purchaser immediately after that.

    This was back in the early ’80s and that perfect alignment of the planets simply did not occur so easily then nor does it now. These two blokes concluded it was them, not good fortune, that made it so and launched into a project three times as big at St Leonards. By the time the finance pricing / tenant availability / super fund project purchase cycles demonstrated cyclical loss of appetite they’d lost the lot and also had no more architectural work to fall back on either.

    That probably describes well enough where I think Andrew Bolt may be heading if he doesn’t consolidate what he has. It’s been a rapid rise and fame can be ever so seductive. And fleeting.

    • bingbing Says:

      It’s more annoying than Steve Urkel schizophrenia… but on a small upside, he posted one of my pics!

    • Mick Gold Coast QLD Says:

      bingbing’s photo of the Korean contour farmed paddocks reminds me of the view from the Hong Kong Rugby 7s stadium – on my first visit during rebuilding in about 1990 here we were in a ground filled with white fellas cheering on Horan and Little, all modernity and fast food kiosks.

      I spotted a local fella up on the hillside, brought out the big lens and there he was, working his tiny terraced farm. 1,000 year old traditional farming in a coolie hat overlooking an up to the minute western sports leisure centre – the contrast was wonderful.

  20. PaulM Says:

    Hey folks, I first noticed the strange happenings on the blog some 18 months ago. I used to be a regular poster but had way too many inoffensive posts not go up, a number deleted and some few personally significant posts snipped (when many longer ones on the same thread went through untouched) or edited to insensibility. After this had gone on for a number of months I emailed Andrew and complained and informed him that I was returning to passive participation for a time. I received a well considered and supportive reply from Andrew where he expressed his regret for my decision and his frustration at the behaviour of the moderators. I assume from what he told me that the moderators are drawn from a pool within the organisation and as the blog is hosted on the News Ltd sites, Andrew has very little control of who is assigned by the relevant online editor/sub-editor.

    As you would all be aware, Andrew is one of only a handfull of conservative journo’s at News Ltd, none of whom are editors. In many ways, within News Ltd, Andrew, Tim, Piers & Miranda are the Templar Knights standing post at the gates fighting the barbarian hordes, come to tear down the eddifice of civilisation, the odds are well and truly stacked against them as they are sorely outnumbered on the journalists floor and appear to receive very little support from their editors and management in general. In the last few months I have again begun to post on the blog, though not as prolifically as I used to and have noticed that the situation hasn’t improved. More often than not I simply email my observations on the current state of the nation and events that pique my interest directly to Andrew and whilst It can take up to a week for him to reply, he always does and his responses are welcome and appreciated considering just how far and hard he is pushing himself.

    I know many of you are frustrated by what is happening, especially with the mindless minons from the left, I sometimes wish Andrew would treat them with the same level of contempt and disdain that Piers does, but I think Andrew is too gentle and humble a person and doesn’t have it within him to do so unless angered. If it helps ease you angst, try to remember that to many within News Ltd Andrew is the enemy within who is tolerated because of the readership he brings into the organisation, not because they agree with him or support his views. He does the best he can, and it is important to remember that what little voice we have is because of journalists like Andrew, for the truth is without the readership he brings with him we would indeed be silenced by the progressives echo chamber at the heart of News Ltd.

    • bingbing Says:

      Very well put.

      Yeah. I got an email a while ago the moderators were a nightmare.

      It’s not him, for sure.

      The man is fighting the good fight.

      Arguably, he started the ball rolling, Tim Blair, too. And the rest of those Gatekeepers. Piers. Miranda. Joe. We gotta keep it rolling.

    • bingbing Says:

      If one sees where AB speaks here…

      It’s obvious the man has the heart of Aslan, and is doing his best.

      And if the end of that vid (12min mark) doesn’t choke you up a bit…

    • PaulM Says:

      Thanks for the link bing, I had seen the bits available on the IPA website but hadn’t watched Andrews response, after all there was too much he couldn’t say, which say all that needs to said really. I wasn’t surprised at his reaction and it simply confirms what is clear to any with an open mind when they read his articles.

    • bingbing Says:

      No worries, mate.

  21. Harry Won A Bagel Says:

    Wow! I thought it was just me. I thought I was going nuts. My post would appear then later when home from work I would have a look at the blog, and the post was gone, completely, couldn’t even find the post I had responded too. After this and no response from the mod I assumed I was on some kind of banned list. For the life of me i could not think why.

    • bingbing Says:

      Not crazy, mate. You just won a bagel. The shit has been pissing the living crap out of many for months now.

  22. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Bolts place lost 2 of my comments today… oh well Ill try agin in another 6 months…

  23. Alexander Theo Says:

    Very interesting. thank you for sharing! You see, I’m currently working on my blog on similar subject to “Bolt Blog Shenanigans – The Strange Case of the Disappearing Comments The Tizona Group” and I might quote this post in it. I hope you don’t mind

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