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Currently watching Gasland on youtube. It’s all about how bad fracking is. Even Alan Jones doesn’t seem to like it.

Also watched a reply on youtube from the gas industry saying it’s basically OK.

Hmm. Watching people being able to light their tap water on fire looks pretty bad, to say the least…

A few readers and writers here are involved in the mining industry (right?). Is anyone able to give us a basic run down on whether fracking really is a total disaster the environment or whether it’s the best thing since bourbon whisky was invented… or somewhere in between?

In return, tits!

Thanks in advance.


A hot redhead explains in 6 minutes what an entire night of documentary and lecture watching does.

Angus Dei would be proud.


Ill be attending this tonight…

Caught this chap on the ABC this morning (no link or transcript on the local radio), and it was a tragic example of what happens when an interviewer prepares for the wrong interview.

It was fairly plain the interviewer was expecting an Al Gore acolyte, instead he ended up with a calm, rational, qualified man telling him AGW was doubtful at the best. Yes climate change is real, but it has always changed…

The interviewee,Dr Geoff Deacon, Manager Simpson Collection, Earth & Planetary Sciences had a number of points to make.

a: Ocean level rises are lower than they historically have been.

b: Carbon dioxide levels increase after temperature rises.

c: Carbon levels have been much, much higher before with no linked rise in temperatures.

His whole point was basically that AGW proponents are looking at a 200 year trend in cycles which have been going on for thousands of years.

Ill give a little report on the presentation, probably tomorrow, if Bolt and the other “denyalists” havent had this bloke on their shows they are doing themselves a disservice, hes great on radio.

Heres a link to his lecture from the museum site. Dont know if tonight’s is exactly the same or not..

Link here.

He is at least as qualified as Tim Flannery, and even works in a strongly related field, yet has drawn a different conclusion from his studies. A non alarmist one.

UPDATE:  ABC has a podcast of the interview

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