Ill be attending this tonight…

Caught this chap on the ABC this morning (no link or transcript on the local radio), and it was a tragic example of what happens when an interviewer prepares for the wrong interview.

It was fairly plain the interviewer was expecting an Al Gore acolyte, instead he ended up with a calm, rational, qualified man telling him AGW was doubtful at the best. Yes climate change is real, but it has always changed…

The interviewee,Dr Geoff Deacon, Manager Simpson Collection, Earth & Planetary Sciences had a number of points to make.

a: Ocean level rises are lower than they historically have been.

b: Carbon dioxide levels increase after temperature rises.

c: Carbon levels have been much, much higher before with no linked rise in temperatures.

His whole point was basically that AGW proponents are looking at a 200 year trend in cycles which have been going on for thousands of years.

Ill give a little report on the presentation, probably tomorrow, if Bolt and the other “denyalists” havent had this bloke on their shows they are doing themselves a disservice, hes great on radio.

Heres a link to his lecture from the museum site. Dont know if tonight’s is exactly the same or not..

Link here.

He is at least as qualified as Tim Flannery, and even works in a strongly related field, yet has drawn a different conclusion from his studies. A non alarmist one.

UPDATE:  ABC has a podcast of the interview

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The palaeontologist sat back and watched as climate change and rising sea levels rapidly became a part of the public psyche, but he remains adamant that the rising sea is not a result of man-made global warming.

“In the aspect of anthropogenic global warming I’m a sceptic and proud…I would argue that every scientist is actually a sceptic,” Dr Deacon says.

Dr Deacon says that by determining the temperature and carbon dioxide levels at which fossils first formed, “we see that actually the patterns that have occurred in the distant past are not really any different from what’s happening now.”

Unlike many environmental scientists who look back hundreds of years, Dr Deacon’s research goes back hundreds of millions of years.

“Our earliest atmosphere had no oxygen in it and actually had carbon dioxide levels of about 10%,” he says of Cambrian times some 600 million years ago.

Today’s current carbon dioxide levels are at 0.038 %, “in geological terms the lowest level that we’ve actually had of carbon dioxide in earth’s history.”

Dr Deacon contends that humans increased production of carbon dioxide is making the world warmer, in fact scientific research shows that “as the earth warms, usually through natural causes, the carbon dioxide levels follow.”

Referring to the renowned Vostok ice core graph Dr Deacon explains how “about 800 years ago the sea levels were rising at about 14 millimetres per year.”

“Well currently the sea level is rising arguably between one and three millimetres per year, so its rising very very much slower than it was at that time… carbon dioxide wasn’t driving the changes in any of those plots and is probably not driving it now.”

“So really if you’re going to say that we actually have man-made global warming that has a runaway greenhouse where sea levels are rising faster than ever, absolutely not.”

Dr Geoff Deacon will be presenting his lecture ‘What fossils tell us about sea-levels and climate change’ at the WA Museum in Geraldton on Thursday June 9 at 7.00pm and Friday June 10 at 10.00 am.

Listen here as Dr Geoff Deacon speaks with Glenn Barndon on ABC Midwest and Wheatbelt Mornings.

4 Responses to “Ill be attending this tonight…”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Don’t suppose you’re able to take along your video camera?

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    The link above is pretty well the presentation, Ill take a camera in case a couple of green slimes turn up…

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Not bad at all, the overall message of the presentation, its all happened before, it will happen again.

    Co2 Trails temperature EVERY time, so unless this time is a one off reversal of the norm expect it to happen again.

    He was quite blunt in his assessment that the wole global warming thing is a huge grab for money by cash strapped governments rather than a “problem” to be solved by taxation.

    My position was across the room from the couple of AGW groupies who queried at the end, so I cant say much more than he replied to them by refferring to his graphs. (facts, dear boy, facts)

    If he hits your town see him, well worth an hour and a half of your time..
    The linked presentation above is very close to the one given as well if you cant make it.

    • bingbing Says:

      Good stuff, mole-ster.

      Currently watching this…

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