Eclipse & Red Moon in Perth; and bonus ‘Dealing With Moon-Truthers’ montage

The eclipse began at 1.25am, but the event became obvious to viewers after 2.23am, as the Earth’s shadow slowly ate away at the moon.

Not only did the eclipse see the moon entirely in shadow by 3.22am, but it also appeared blood-red – a spectacle enhanced by the volcanic ash cloud sweeping over WA.

The total eclipse ended at 5.03am, with the moon fully visible again by 6.02am.

Local photographer Paul Pichugan (Nine News’ favourite uncredited source) braved the cold and went up to Wedge Island in search of the best vantage point and came back with some neat photos:

Eclipse in WA, photo by Paul Pichugin

June 16 lunar eclipse from Wedge Island, Western Australia -Paul Pichugin

…which gives me a chance to segue in to Defamer‘s clip of the day

Here’s a helpful tip – even if you find yourself completely unconvinced by the available evidence that man has walked on the moon, it’s probably a good idea to avoid approaching elderly astronauts directly (with a camera in tow) in order to publicly accuse them of being liars. They will not respond well to your damning indictment, and if you’re dealing with Buzz Aldrin, he’ll probably punch you in the face.

Michael Collins’s response was a little more subtle… he simply pressed his nose onto the surface of the camera lens, leaving an oily smudge on it that spoiled the picture quality a little—then he walked away, telling the moon-truther, “I think you’re some kind of wacko, I really do.”.

Oh for the day when “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming” fanatics will be similarly treated.

5 Responses to “Eclipse & Red Moon in Perth; and bonus ‘Dealing With Moon-Truthers’ montage”

  1. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Slightly O/T but the Iranians are sending Ahmadinejad off on a space flight soon:

    • bingbing Says:

      Yeah. While the West’s busy doing the most useless shit ever conceived by Mankind such as fighting the weather and finding a conspiracy in everything, meanwhile nutjob governments like Iran’s and North Korea’s are left to develop nukes, the one true democratic ME nation is left to fend for itself, all whilst the greatest moment in Mankind’s collective history is shat upon by a bunch of self-absorbed posers.

  2. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Greatest moment?

    • J.M. Heinrichs Says:

      I was bitter last night when the Canucks choked, but calling the game a ‘greatest moment’ would be going a bit far.


  3. Gregoryno6 Says:

    Let me get this straight – if the eclipse is obscured behind cloud am I still supposed to sacrifice the virgin?

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