Going to jail for rooting!

An amusing conversation yesterday out in the back blocks of town…


Helping the old man clear out about 10 acres of paddock infested with wattle roots/trees. Lots of chaining and ripping out tree stumps etc. Bit of a share farming operation for a market garden the old man and his missus are taking on.


The old bloke that owns the land came out to help a bit, his son, a fine strapping 20 year old was ploughing up some of the cleared land.


Say to old bloke “boy is pretty good on the tractor, must be handy”

Old bloke replies “yeah but hes off to jail soon”

I said “whats he going away for”

Old bloke replies “Rooting!”

I say “You can’t go to jail for that can you?”

He replies “You can if its your sister”

Hard to know quite how to continue the conversation after that….

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