Agreed, Jill Singer: the nonsense has to stop

Jill Singer supports a carbon (dioxide!) tax. Unfortunately, she shows a complete ignorance of the real science behind the politics.

THE “debate” over a carbon tax in Australia has become high farce.

Indeed it has. The Left seem to think that taxing the bejesus out of a trace gas will somehow save a planet that doesn’t need saving. Jill and her ilk fail to realise CO2 is only a minor greenhouse gas at that. It makes up only 0.04% of our atmosphere. Most of it is natural. The sceptical side has man-made CO2 at 3% or about 0.001% of our atmosphere. The alarmist side puts man-made CO2 at ten times higher. But so what? That means man-made CO2 would occupy 0.01% of our atmosphere.

There’s no way Man’s small contribution to a minor greenhouse trace gas – yet an essential gas, most of it naturally occurring – can be the main driver of climate. That hypothesis is, to use Jill’s words, a “high farce”.

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Throat cutting in Australia

There has been quite a stink in Australia over the cruel slaughter of cattle sold to the Indonesian meatworks. The footage shown was of people who had no idea how to do their job.

The stink has caused the Australian government to impose a complete ban on ALL exports of cattle to that country. The greens and non-thinking animal rights mobs have of course scented blood, and are now pushing for a complete ban on all live animal exports.

So the government is going to engage in collective punishment rather than actually go after the “bad eggs”. Indonesia relies heavily on “wet markets”, which is to say non refrigerated meat sales, as poverty puts refrigeration out of reach for many.

Its quite plain to me most of the people making decisions have never been involved in animal handling or slaughter. I have killed/butchered many hundreds of sheep back when I was shearing/woolpressing, depending on the size of the team usually one or 2 per workday. I havent slaughtered any cattle, and only a couple of pigs.

Heres some basics on animal handling and slaughter.

1: To move stock you have to scare it into the direction you want it to go. You dont ask it politely, if you can “trick” the stock with blinds or bluffs then good. Stock generally hates going from light to dark, smell of blood, loud noise and stripes of light and shadow.

2: Stock is much easier to slaughter if it isnt “whipped up”. When you are working with knives the last thing you want is animals kicking around.

3: Slaughter is slaughter, it isnt nice or clean. Even done properly it looks “nasty”.

4: Stressed meat is tough meat, the less panicked the beast prior to slaughter the better the meat should turn out.

5: Animals have to be bled as quickly as possible, preferably with the heart still beating, and be hung upside down to drain better.

6: Cruelty is very much in the eye of the beholder, I have had dozens of people assist in moving stock who thought using polly pipe/dogs and sacks on the sheep was “cruel” quite gladly use all 3 after trying to “gentle” sheep into a shed for an hour or so.

7: There is no money to be made in damaged or dead stock, you can’t eat it, sell it or breed it. So in generally cruelty is STUPID in the context of farming and stock handling. The non thinkers seem to belive companies/farmers are indifferent to stock losses, this is bullshit, every dead or unsaleable animal costs money. Companies are formed to make money, dead stock costs money. Therefore companies tend to invest in solutions to stock losses,

My basic sheep killing was knife “stick to behind the windpipe, cut forward, then cut back and break the neck, all up less than 5 seconds. The sheep would then bleed out and be hung, after a couple of minutes the body would be skun and gutted then left to set overnight. Breaking the sheep up into cuts of meat would take 20min to 1/2 an hour per animal.

Amount of suffering?

Less than 5 seconds with the neck broken, unless you believe it feels pain past a broken spinal cord.

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