Labor and Green comment-bombing on the rise? You’re not imagining it. And yet…

The Greens had “Shock & Awe”

The Greens have launched another strike against the media, calling for volunteers for a rapid-response team to target “shock jock” and “hate campaigns” through talkback and letters to editors.

The call to action echoes Bob Brown’s attack on the “hate press” last week and Twitter jibes at individual journalists from his director of media, Marion Rae.

“The Australian Greens are looking to build a national network of individuals who want to take up the challenge of responding to the misinformation and hate campaigns being waged by radio shock jocks and other sections of the community and media,” says the party in an email.

The party calls the task “critical work”.

Labor has the “Wall of Noise” …

LABOR faithful are being urged to flood airwaves, news websites and letters to the editor sections with a “wall of noise” as part of a propaganda campaign against the Liberal-National Government.

The Sunday Times has obtained emails from Labor state secretary Simon Mead urging party members and supporters to become a “noisemaker” and join the “wall of noise team”.

“We need to be making phone calls to radio stations, posting items on news websites and writing letters to all our newspapers,” Mr Mead told Labor supporters and members in the email sent last month.

He said in another email: “By getting your voice heard you help change the media story from one supporting the government to one that says they are out of touch with the public.”

And yet despite all their smears, their sneers, their jamming and spamming, their outright deceit… their poll numbers say what?

Labor’s primary support is down to 27 per cent, the lowest result for either major party since the Nielsen poll first ran 39 years ago.


A clear majority of Australian electors oppose the Gillard Government’s plan to introduce a carbon tax, 37% (down 1%) support the proposed carbon tax and 10% (up 2%) can’t say.

So.  Let’s repeat in unison:  Keep up the good work, People Who Are Smarter Than Us™!    

The FAILriffic results of  almost all of Labor’s and the Greens’ various policies and campaigns to win us Stupid People over to their side can be illustrated with the same Simpsons clip which Jim Treacher pulled out earlier to illustrate the results of the American media’s non-stop attempts to smear Sarah Palin:

UPDATE:  Confirmed:  Despite the Left’s best efforts, we’re in no mood for carbon shenanigans.   Also via Tim Blair: DENIALISTS!!!

UPDATE 2: Another visual representation, via JM Heinrichs in comments

UPDATE 3:  Heartening news from the American Right – Conservatives are decisively winning online and the left, afraid of having a real debate, is desperately trying to take their ball and go home.” (via @SissyWillis)

20 Responses to “Labor and Green comment-bombing on the rise? You’re not imagining it. And yet…”

  1. Onepoint Says:

    The Greens have always demanded that we should shut down our coal burning power stations and replace them with ‘renewable energy’. Stopping coal fired power to reduce carbon dioxide is exactly wrong, as the more carbon dioxide you have in the atmosphere the more you’re helping the planet and maintain life.

    ‘Must Love Solar, Must Love Wind Propellers, Must Love Bob, Must Hate Energy Intensive Products’ is the incantation fed to the public.

  2. bingbing Says:

    And if handing over 10% of her crapon tax to the UN to fund things like Agenda 21 is so good, why doesn’t our ranga-in-chief tell us about it?

  3. boy on a bike Says:

    Q&A is being comment bombed – as usual.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      You have to wonder what they think they’re accomplishing. They’re just typing furiously away into an echo chamber – the only ones heeding their comments are their fellow travelers. All it does is either annoy or amuse everyone else, since it’s not too hard to see what they’re up to.

  4. Merilyn Says:

    By the way, some of them don’t realise they are kicking own goals as they are so much in a hurry to get into print.
    Classic on Bolt’s blog the other day, when the person posting thought he had Abbott but all it showed was that all the bills put up had been passed, so Julia once more was caught out in a lie, when she stated Abbott was an “obstructive”.
    Spot is right, in one case the person is writing under various names, but says the same thing every time, and on Bolt’s tips for the day, there is BrianS, AS, etc who is obviously the same person.

  5. Gregoryno6 Says:

    The S&A team assigned Joe to Blair’s blog yesterday. He’d better have a good excuse for his absence when he arrives at school today – assuming it wasn’t his teacher who recruited him of course.
    Of all the trolls who’ve shown up lately Joe was true bargain basement material. Not even an attempt to frame a counter argument. Hell, he didn’t even try “The science is settled” FFS!
    I hope Joe starts growing up real soon, cuz nobody wants to be in third grade when they’re fifteen.

    • Merilyn Says:

      Joe turned up on Piers blog the other day, and after making his comment, said “and don’t correct my spelling and punctuation.” I think he had one reply.

    • Merilyn Says:

      Correction this is what he said after his comment…..”and please don’t correct any of my grammar or spelling”. His feelings may have been hurt at Tim’s blog.
      It was on Pier’s “ABC ‘s Leftist Views at odds with the Public”, and he ended up with two replies, both put downs. As far as I can see he has not been back since.

  6. Ben Says:

    They have completely taken over Andrew Bolt’s blog, and they are working on taking over Miranda Devine’s blog, they are not convincing anyone to “turn Left” (because they don’t have any good arguments, it’s just bile and spew and stupid propaganda that everyone can see right through) but they are just making it so unpleasant to comment at those places, and they are de-railing all the topics.

    They are being typical lefty bully thugs, not adding anything, just tearing down what used to be good blog communities. They are not simply “adding their 2 cents worth” they are making a concerted effort to ensure that WE no longer have anywhere we WE can “add our 2 cents worth”.

    I wish blog owners, would wise up, and turn down the “Wall Of Noise” from the wreckers, before it chases everyone else away.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      You have a point in that I don’t think they’re bringing anyone ’round to their way of thinking – but they are succeeding in flooding comments sections on conservative-leaning blogs and making it unpleasant for any of the regulars to bother with it anymore.

      Have you tried Tim Blair’s blog? That’s one place the trolls haven’t managed to disrupt to the same extent.

  7. E.K. Says:

    They are making blogs unreadable, with all their garbage, how can we counter that?! They don’t make me want to vote Labor or Greens, they make me want to punch them in the mouths!

  8. Far Canal Says:


    I’ve been away 10 months, get back, go check out Bolt’s, it’s like every adolescent Leftard in the country has moved in and squatted there. 200 comments on a post, 130 of them just mindless leftard drivel and hate-spews.


  9. Gregoryno6 Says:

    It ain’t pretty. And it’s damn hard to resist the urge to slap a troll, but I wish a few more of Bolt’s supporters would. Especially since his moderators are (ahem) asleep at the wheel.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      “And it’s damn hard to resist the urge to slap a troll, but I wish a few more of Bolt’s supporters would.”

      Believe me, I’ve tried. The moderators are very effective gate-keepers. 90% of my comments are censored and never even appear, and of the remainder at least half are stealth-deleted after they’ve been published and been up for a few hours. And you’ve seen my troll-stomping at Blair’s… it’s not like I get sweary or ranty or anything.

      I’ve basically given up and will stick to Tim’s blog. If the trolls try to comment-bomb Blair’s, at least we’re allowed to cluebat them back into submission.

    • Gregoryno6 Says:

      Bolt’s supporters need their own stealth strategy. Read his pieces, but refrain from comment.
      Bolt would still gather his million-plus (or whatever it is now) hits every month and the kiddies would soon get bored talking to themselves.
      Unlikely, I know.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      My main consolation is that the Lefties are doing a great job at boosting his comment & hit stats, and for a mainstream media blog which sells eyeballs to advertisers, that counts as “success”. And that puts money in Murdoch’s (and ultimately the Bolta’s) pocket and helps sustain the Conservative Hate Media™ we all know and love.

  10. Merilyn Says:

    “Read his pieces”, that’s what I do, look at some of the comments, but don’t comment myself, and as spot says that keeps the “till” ticking over, so the money is still coming in.

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