The Ultimate Absolute Complete and Utterly Final Global Warming Poem



»» A must-see by TimT – he who will type for food.  H/T Blair.

UPDATE:  TimT needs to talk Debbie from eHarmony into doing a dramatic reading of his fine pome.  I would pay money to see that.

Road trip!

Let’s do it!

How about the cattle farmers stick it back to that Gillard?

Click for full size.

Yes. We’re talking loading 100-odd trucks – or more – with now unsaleable cattle and sending them down to the lawns of Parliament House. There’s lush green grass there for them to feed on and even a water fountain for them to drink from (not to mention the sprinklers could be utilised).

Bugger all else they can do with that season’s worth of cattle now, is there?

It would send a clear message.

Spot has even included a handy directions guide (where the map comes from).

Most Peculiar Julia!

Today I thought Id have a little look at where our PM Julia “scorched earth” Gillard was planning on blessing with her presence over the next week or 2.


I went to her “PM” page to see if she was going to be in WA anytime soon, on her page is her “public schedule” in a link.

Julia drops in to "assist" the cattle industry.

Her schedule was last updated on the 26th of June.

How is a thankful for he benevolent rule rather rather grumpy Australian citizen supposed to gather with like-minded citizens to voice their displeasure at her stupidity if she hides where she will be?

There may be another government link that shows her planned attendances or commitments somewhere, but I havent found it yet.


Why is Julia hiding her intended locations (short notice the rule at the moment), is she worried about people legitimately protesting her policies?


I have a wonderful plan for a protest, which will involve 2 truckloads of wild mallee cattle, some portable stockyards, and the location of Julias vehicle with her in it.

Julia is scared of the Australian populace.. or she should be.

Green deceivers

The latest Green commercial states that “storms are more extreme and more frequent”.

This is flat out wrong. In fact, the opposite is true.

Yes. Storm frequency and intensity has actually gone down the past 30 years. Here’s data collected by Dr. Ryan Maue Ph.D at Florida State University.

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