Most Peculiar Julia!

Today I thought Id have a little look at where our PM Julia “scorched earth” Gillard was planning on blessing with her presence over the next week or 2.


I went to her “PM” page to see if she was going to be in WA anytime soon, on her page is her “public schedule” in a link.

Julia drops in to "assist" the cattle industry.

Her schedule was last updated on the 26th of June.

How is a thankful for he benevolent rule rather rather grumpy Australian citizen supposed to gather with like-minded citizens to voice their displeasure at her stupidity if she hides where she will be?

There may be another government link that shows her planned attendances or commitments somewhere, but I havent found it yet.


Why is Julia hiding her intended locations (short notice the rule at the moment), is she worried about people legitimately protesting her policies?


I have a wonderful plan for a protest, which will involve 2 truckloads of wild mallee cattle, some portable stockyards, and the location of Julias vehicle with her in it.

Julia is scared of the Australian populace.. or she should be.

9 Responses to “Most Peculiar Julia!”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    She was just here last week, mate – you missed her!  Friday, at the State Labor conference.

    The two pronouncements of hers that I liked most were “I haven’t forgotten Western Australia” and “I can’t imagine life without Western Australia.” It’s also where she made her brilliant observation that money doesn’t grow on trees.

    Hahaha.  She really thinks we’re going to buy her sudden I {heart} WA act?  She really thinks we’re that stupid?  I don’t think even State Labor supporters are naive enough to fall for her blandishments.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    And I don’t know how much of a hurry she’ll be in to return, either.  See this:

    WA Labor squirming over PM Julia Gillard visit

    (Joe Spagnola in the Sunday Times, the weekend before Jules’ last visit)

    JULIA Gillard’s arrival in Perth this week should be exciting the WA Labor Party but it’s not.

    Normally, the arrival of a prime minister at a state conference is good news for any political party, particularly if it is in opposition.

    I remember the days when John Howard hit Perth for a state Liberal conference. The party faithful would be literally drooling to get near him. Have your picture taken with the PM and it was like winning Lotto.

    But WA Labor pollies at least the ones I spoke to this week have a feeling closer to dread, rather than excitement, at the red-haired one addressing their state conference on Saturday.

    I suppose you can understand why.

    I know Tim loves Julia. But here in WA, she wouldn’t win a Miss Popularity pageant.

    Labor won just three federal seats in WA at the last election. So things can’t get much worse for her in the wild, wild west though cocky Liberals in WA are confident that they can further reduce the Labor numbers at the next federal poll in 2013.

    Normally I would laugh at this suggestion, but I am not so sure any more. Since the last federal poll, things appear to have gone pear-shaped for Labor in WA.

    WA Labor pollies are actually starting to see federal Labor as a major hindrance, rather than a bonus.

    The volcanic ash has all but cleared, but if it happened to keep Gillard away on Saturday, there wouldn’t be any tears from WA Labor politicians.

  3. bingbing Says:

    It’s likely, for security reasons, her schedule isn’t made public until the last minute. This would be standard procedure for any PM, or indeed, say, a US president.

    But instead of waiting for her to come to you, why don’t you go to her? Get a 100 or more truckloads of now-unsaleable cattle, truck ’em down to Parliament House when the Parliament is sitting, offload them of those lush green lawns (there’s a nice water fountain there, too, for the thirsty bovines), and make sure the trucks dive away. You could say its a gift, a gift of thanks. Or maybe, tell her she broke it; she can fix it.

    Considering she broke it by essentially ruling by decree, it should be a cinch for her to patch things up.

    • bingbing Says:

      PS Is there any talk of a class action lawsuit against her for all this?

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      “Get a 100 or more truckloads of now-unsaleable cattle, truck ‘em down to Parliament House…”

      That’s quite a road-trip you’re proposing there, Sonny 🙂

    • Shelley Says:

      Blue Brother?

    • bingbing Says:

      Quite a road-trip? Well, they haven’t got bugger all else to do now, do they?

      That you’ve mapped it out is duly noted. 😉

      Are you right to post it or you want me to?

  4. Merilyn Says:

    Or perhaps it could be dawning on her, that she is not very well liked anymore by anyone.
    Talk over here in S.A. and on Adelaidenow [29/6/2011] was that the Labor back room boys were looking at Simon Crean to take over from Julia.

    • Shelley Says:

      Crean er? Lazarus light, The PM you pick when you don’t have a PM.

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