Road trip!

Let’s do it!

How about the cattle farmers stick it back to that Gillard?

Click for full size.

Yes. We’re talking loading 100-odd trucks – or more – with now unsaleable cattle and sending them down to the lawns of Parliament House. There’s lush green grass there for them to feed on and even a water fountain for them to drink from (not to mention the sprinklers could be utilised).

Bugger all else they can do with that season’s worth of cattle now, is there?

It would send a clear message.

Spot has even included a handy directions guide (where the map comes from).

7 Responses to “Road trip!”

  1. Onepoint Says:

    The Minister for Grazing.

    Don’t forget, the rose garden needs fertilizing around the old Parliament House.

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    If you click “Walking Instructions” instead of “Driving Instructions,” Google helpfully warns:

    Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

    Ya reckon? 🙂

  3. Onepoint Says:

    Firstly, a ‘well’ [ard] known exporter seems to feel that the situation will be resolved by October. Not much good considering.

  4. Onepoint Says:

    Also, BobG would like to see all hoofed animals eliminated from Australian soil. Hoofed animals are introduced, not native to Australia. And the Greens call this conservation?

  5. Shelley Says:

    I’ve been giving this some thought. What if in mass the producers contacted RSPCA and said they could no longer afford to care for their livestock? I’ve heard Gillards charity equates to aprox 2c per head per day. If the RSPCA are called there’s no way they can transport and care for all that stock. Maybe the government will be forced to up the $$$ for cattle care by producers. That’s if the Brown Gillard plan isn’t to hand out bullets instead. Camel cull anyone?
    It’s a bit crook when government can throw thousands per job at car manufactures to keep building dud eco cars that no one wants but when they deliberately screw over cattle producers people get the dole for a couple of weeks and 2c per day per head for beef!
    As Bolt pointed out the governments pet charity case Flim Flam Flannery got $90 mill in one go to piss down a geothermal whole without any accountability required.
    Surely Gillard isn’t expecting the livestock and producers to survive on Flannerys hot air?

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