Fun with pollies

I sent a rather grumpy email off to a WA Federal senator today, I didnt bother signing the email as I thought it would go straight in the bin.


At about 1400 I received a phone call from the pollie in question he was a little grumpy as well.


Heres my email. (1 typo fixed)

A lifelong member of the ***, staying shamefully silent as the whole cattle transport industry is gutted by government fiat. (Im not going to dob the bloke in by name or affiliation, he was pretty straight with his answers)

 Please explain why I shouldn’t load a truck full of cattle and use your offices as a yard till this is sorted out?

 Do you(r) city based idiots have any idea just how stupid they are? If not would you please grow a pair of nuts and inform them. In bloody public.


The call went something like this.

Pollie: Are you the bloke who sent that unsigned email calling me stupid?

Me: No I called other members of your party stupid, Ive read your background, you of all people should know how badly this is affecting people.

Pollie: Oh well Ive rung you to set you straight, on a few things.

Me: go on..

Pollie: We are working as hard as we can to get the industry back up and running, the foreign minister is headed to Indo this week, theres other things happening as well.

Me: Look is this all because you are stuck with the greens, or your own people pushing the ban?

Pollie: Neither, its all due to the RSPCA and animals Australia, we want it started again.

Me: Well Ive got a *** business and a couple of my truck driver customers have been laid off, theres a business here in town with 30 trucks not moving and its killing them, its not just the farmers..

Pollie: (sounding genuine) Mate, I know Im receiving calls from blokes I know in the same boat, I got a call from *** who have just laid off 100 blokes..

Me: Well you know the effects, have you told your city based idiots what they are doing, do they even know?

Pollie: I can tell you there is a lot of friction in the party on this issue, I have had some pointed discussions with a few of my colleagues.


There was a bit more, but I was on the road when I got the call or I would have written it down. my impressions.


He is under massive pressure.

He knows blokes personally who have their livelihoods wrecked

I dont feel the ban was supported by him or any other “adult” in the ALP.

The government is so scared and shaky its willing to wreck the cattle industry to avoid pressure groups such as the RSPCA or animals Australia criticising them.

The threat of direct action, even in the abstract such as my email terrifies them.


This government would come perilously close to falling if a single truck of cattle made its way to a parliamentarians office..

Id encourage everyone to pile on, send emails or phone ALP pollies and put the pressure on them.

9 Responses to “Fun with pollies”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Well, i’m game, i’ll give it a go.

    • minicapt Says:

      Your first shower?

      I do understand the desire to give buddy a break, it may not be his fault, etc. But he’s in the govt, and until the govt sorts it out, or he pulls out personally, he continues to be the problem. Remind him of the glass of whiskey plus a pistol option, or the general falling on his sword solution.


  2. bingbing Says:

    Me, too.

    This government would come perilously close to falling if a single truck of cattle made its way to a parliamentarians office..

    So for fucks sake, send the bloody trucks down to parliament house! Last sitting day is Thursday!

    • bingbing Says:

      Fuck man. Jesus Christ. Send the fucking trucks!

  3. Merilyn Says:

    Good report mole, but feel if he was really fair dinkum he would tell Julia to “get lost’ and then roll up the sleeves and start putting things right with the rest of the Labor mates pitching in to get things moving back in the right direction, instead they all seem to be sitting on their hands and quitely saying woe, woe woe.

    “Asked by a labor MP if the party was too close to the Greens, Ms Gillard told the caucus that Labor believed in generating prosperity to spread opportunity and fairness, in contrast to its political opponents”. [James Massola, The Australian 7/7/2011].
    Note Julia did NOT answer the question, “was the Labor Party to close to the Greens”.
    Also note …”prosperity to spread opportunity and fairness”, that one is straight out of the “Little Red Book of communism”.

  4. Kaboom Says:

    Frollick, surely to Christ, one (or more) single dumb-fuck Labor marginal seat-warmer is going to get the pre-election jitters, and cross the fucking floor?

    Imagine – being hailed as a hero by what looks like 60% of your electorate (on average), and ensuring that your remaining years until compulsory retirement will be served on the leather benches of Parliament (sadly, the oppo benches, but, Jeez, Democracy NEEDS an Opposition!)- what would you do? Risk your “working” family’s future by toeing the Gillard-Brown-Swan line, and losing your hard-fought seat, having to go back to academia or find a real job, or alternatively being a hero to your constituents?

    These thoughts must be passing like carbon tax receipts between the ears of some of our best and brightest. Surely?

    • Winston Smith Says:

      Kaboom, search for ‘Peter Baldwin’ and find out why no one will cross the floor.

  5. boy on a bike Says:

    Don’t just send the cattle to Canberra. Let them out when they get there and then start shooting them.

  6. Fight the GetUp! campaign against Australian businesses « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] Fun with pollies […]

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