Why isnt this man a greens candidate?

I was perusing the ABC site when I came across this news item on the cattle trade being reopened, and how some in the Labour party were unhappy with that.

Kelvin Thomson is one of the nine backbenchers who have expressed concern about the announcement, demanding a “no stun, no deal” policy.

He says the main problem is that the international guidelines do not ensure cattle are stunned before they are killed.


I thought Id have a look at Mr Thomson and his background.

My conclusion… the mans a loon.

From his own Bio:


Kelvin Thomson is a tireless campaigner for population stabilisation, for action on climate change, and for the protection of Australia’s beautiful and fragile environment.

Hmm, population stabilisation… what could that mean?

Well it appears Mr Thomson was author of  “Kelvin Thomsons 14 point plan for population reform” a rather creepy document.

Much more under the fold


The first 11 points go to how we can stabilise Australia’s population.

1. Stabilise Australia’s population at 26 million by cutting the net

overseas migration program to 70,000 per annum. (and the reasoning for this is…?)

2. Cut the skilled migration program to 25,000 per annum. (yay, skills shortages)

3. Hold the family reunion program at 50,000 per annum. (Bloody families, how dare they stay together)

4. Increase the refugee program from 13,750 to 20,000 per annum. (because they live 50 to a room Kelvin?)

5. Alter the refugee criteria to include provision for genuine climate

refugees. (And somehow only admit 20,000 people? See Margos Maid for a devastating takedown on climate refugees)

6. The revised number of annual permanent arrivals from these

programs would be 95,000 – 50,000 family reunion plus 25,000

skilled plus 20,000 refugees. Two more factors need to be

considered: the number of people departing permanently from

Australia, and the number of people arriving permanently from

New Zealand. To reach a net overseas annual migration target of

70,000, the number of automatic places available for New

Zealanders needs to be restricted to the number of departures from

Australia over and above 25,000. The Trans Tasman Travel

Arrangement would be renegotiated to achieve this, splitting

available places for New Zealanders equally between skilled

migrants and family reunion, and allowing New Zealanders to also

apply and compete with other applicants under these normal

migration programs. (I take it someone once molested his pet sheep as a child? Why is he so racist towards our trans-Tasman cousins?)

7. Reduce temporary migration to Australia by restricting sub-class

457 temporary entry visas to medical and health related and

professional engineering occupations. (Again massive skill shortages in construction and mining industries)


8. Require overseas students to return to their country of origin and

complete a two-year cooling off period before being eligible to

apply for permanent residence. (Why? If they’ve been here for 4 years doing a degree we can be pretty sure they are skilled, happy, and like the place)

9. Abolish the Baby Bonus. (Ok, I dont mind this one, the current regime of dribbling the payment out is better than the old lump sum was. But I could ask, Why does he hate babies?)

10. Restrict Large Family Supplement and Family Tax Benefit A for

third and subsequent children to those presently receiving them. (He really hates Aussie families doesnt he? Again I dont mind the “dont breed ’em if you can’t feed ’em idea, but his is with the stated effect of population reduction)

11. Dedicate the savings from abolishing the Baby Bonus and reduced

expenditure on Family Payments for third and subsequent children

towards increased investment in domestic skills and training

through Universities and TAFEs. (Another wanker who believes Australia doesnt need “ordinary” workers, that if we all had uni degrees the world would be perfect)

There is much more at that link, but hes a green catastrophist of the first order.

Now to more of his own biography.

Lets look at his student/working life.

In 1976 Kelvin completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with First Class Honours at the University of Melbourne, and was the top ranked student in the Combined Honours School of History and Politics. Later he studied part time for and obtained a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours, also from the University of Melbourne, and was awarded the Supreme Court Prize as the top ranked student in 1987.

Bright student, political animal from the start.

Between 1977 and 1988 Kelvin worked for the Commonwealth Public Service as a Research Officer, for the Public Service Board, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, and for Australia Post. Between 1979 and 1982 he was an Electorate Officer for Senator Gareth Evans.

A life lived entirely as a civil service and ALP functionary? Surely theres some sign of a life outside that bubble?

From 1981 to 1988 Kelvin was a Councillor for the City of Coburg. In 1988 he was elected to the Victorian Parliament as Member for Pascoe Vale. After his re-election in 1992 he served as a Shadow Minister in a range of portfolios, and in 1993 and 1994 he was Labor’s Manager of Opposition Business.


Nope…. What about sensible policy initiatives while he was in office?

As Shadow Environment Minister between 2001 and 2004 he was responsible for Labor’s adoption of policies to tackle climate change including ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, introduction of an emissions trading system, and lifting the Renewable Energy Target…

In 2006 Kelvin was appointed Shadow Attorney-General, where he argued for a fair trial for David Hicks, …

Following the election of a Labor Government in 2007, Kelvin served as Chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, which produced significant reports concerning Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, and the sale of uranium to Russia.


The man is in the wrong party, the Pollie I spoke with earlier this week was at least a union bloke, successful medium sized businessman, and not a cypher like this tool. If you read through more of his “Population plan” hes a UN crony who supports increasing the UN aid budget by, you guessed it, slashing defence.

I havent seen the names of the other MP’s unhappy with the Indo trade restarting, but I bet their life stories are stunningly similar.

I dont understand how the modern ALP can sustain such a split between what Id call old Labour (working men gone into politics), and the career pollies, uni/functionary/ALP seat. What do they have in common as their worldview?

One Response to “Why isnt this man a greens candidate?”

  1. Gregoryno6 Says:

    What do they have in common? As an former boss used to say, about three-eighths of bugger all.
    Stand by for a rerun of 1955.

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