Is your name your destiny?

My missus sent me this one, I didn’t notice the problem at first, a fairly standard “pervy man” story…

See if you can spot the problem.

A Turners Beach man appeared in court and was fined for a public decency offence relating to an incident at Coles Beach earlier this year.

It is believed three men were summonsed to court, with Wayne King, 58, being the first to appear last week.

He initially entered a plea of not guilty to prohibited behaviour but pleaded guilty in the Devonport Magistrates Court on Thursday to a public decency offence.

He was fined $147.60.

I had to have it pointed out to me, the bloke has been done for flogging his log and flashing in public… his name Wayne King….

Id jail his parents for being that cruel…

NSFW cartoon under the fold…

Looks just like the real thing.. only much smaller...

Looks just like the real thing.. only much smaller...

A friend of my mums actually used that line on a flasher in Perth….

4 Responses to “Is your name your destiny?”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    Mole, I’ve made this post private for now because I’m not really sure we want full nudity like this, even the cartoon kind, right on the front page of the blog. At least, I’m sure not comfortable with it, and the friend who just emailed me after viewing it in her office with other people around is pretty grossed out.

    Especially since Tim Blair and several other blogs have linked to us today and we have a huge amount of new traffic, and a lot of people will find this stuff totally offensive. It’s not just three or blokes who all know each other clicking over, it’s hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the place clicking in from mainstream sites like the Daily Telegraph and Menzies House, including sisters, mothers, wives (they’re not all necessarily as keen on this sort of thing as your missus appears to be), etc.

    It also runs the risk of getting us black-banned as totally NSFW on ‘net filters, which means no one would be able to access this blog from their work (or from homes where they have a net nanny installed).

    Please, no beavers, no tits, no full-on graphic nudity like this right on the front page of our blog. If you must share a pic like that, at least link it rather than embed it and warn people that clicking the link will take them to a NSFW pic.

    Sorry to go off, but today especially with all the new readers clicking over I just really don’t think it’s a great idea.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      No worries, just chucked the cartoon under the fold, leave it up to you to make it public again…
      I havent looked at our stats for a while, we getting a few new customers??

  2. spot_the_dog Says:

    Yeah, both my TradeTool post and my “Eat Your Peas” post have been linked by external blogs, so we’ve already had about double the normal number of visitors today. The TradeTool post alone has already received what the whole blog usually gets in a day, and I know at least one other American blog which is going to link it tomorrow (their tomorrow, ie overnight for us).

    I’m not keen on sticking boobs and bushes in unsuspecting readers’ faces, especially where it could lead to our PG rating (and thus our ability to be seen in most homes & workplaces) being taken off us. The two posts the new people are clicking in for today are decidedly G-rated, and if they decide to click around and see what else we have I don’t want them to get a shock, is all.

  3. Kaboom Says:

    Does that mean we can’t fucking swear anymore??

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