Looks like Im taking a holiday.. of sorts

Looks like holiday time for the mole commencing on about the 17th of August.

Why you ask?

Im offering my services as a paramedic on this little expedition, “The convoy of no Confidence”, being organised by the National Road Freighters Association. The bloke I talked to was happy to hear from me, so it looks like Im going.


It will cost me a couple of grand, put business on hold for a fortnight or so, but should be a bucket load of fun. Who knows, maybe we can force the government into a backdown or re-election?


Ill take a few happy snaps along the way as well, its good to see the organisers are thinking of safety, they are still after paramedics, so if you know any ambos or minesite medics that might be interested let them know.

It started out as 1 convoy, now it looks like it will be 7-8 of the things leaving from all over Australia. According to the organiser I spoke to there may be up to 200 farmers from the mid-west region going. If there are similar figures all over Australia it may be the single biggest demo Canberra has ever seen.

Its open to anyone to go not just truckies, people will have to be fairly self sufficient (fuel/water/food) and allow the trucks to lead the way.

A few others have picked up on this

Menzies house


Abc???? nothing….


More convoy routes/details under the fold


Convoy of No Confidence in the Federal Government – Routes.

Due to such high demand, we have decided to announce the preliminary Convoy Routes.


Please note;

All convoy times will be added to this update. Please check your maps, based on your area and the route number that you will be taking.

I hope to get links to maps up as soon as possible, however I am sure that participants will be able to look their areas up in the interim.

All convoy overnight meeting places have to be confirmed, therefore as such, are not announced yet.

If you are a resident of any of the proposed overnight stays in the towns listed below, please contact your Mayor to see if the showgrounds in the town listed, is available for that night, and send me the detailsthis is vital to the participants of all convoys – we need your help if you are participating in the convoy.

We are aiming to have a paramedic accompany each convoy. If you are a paramedic, planning on joining the convoy, or you know of a paramedic who is planning to come along, we need to know in the interest of all participants in case of a medical emergency on the convoys. This call for paramedics is of high priority – we need your help.

In all correspondence, please refer to the convoys by the numbers allocated to them below.

For all people travelling to meet up with the convoys en route, please, drive safely and allow ample time. Peter Whytcross has crisscrossed roads as much as possible, so as many people as possible can join in without too much driving to join in.

Finally, as this early announcement is being made ahead of schedule, please check regularly for any unforeseen changes in the towns.


Colours now announced. 

Convoy number 1. Please put BROWN balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

16th of August Port Hedland WA to Halls Creek WA

17th August Halls Creek WA to Katherine NT

Please note People from Darwin are to travel down to Katherine this day 17th of August.

18th Katherine NT to Mt Isa Qld

19th Mt Isa Qld to Blackall Qld

20th Blackall Qld to Bourke NSW

21st August Bourke NSW to Cowra NSW

22nd August Cowra NSW to Canberra


Convoy number 2.Please put PINK balloon/ streamers to show your convoy.

18th August Cairns Qld to Townsville Qld

19th August Townsville Qld to Springsure Qld

20th August Springsure Qld to Dirranbandi Qld

21st August Dirranbandi Qld to Forbes NSW

22nd August Forbes NSW to Canberra


Convoy number 3.Please put BLUE balloon/ streamers to show your convoy.

20th August Rockhampton Qld to Goondiwindi Qld

21st August Goondiwindi Qld to Parkes NSW

22nd August Parkes NSW to Canberra


Convoys from Brisbane. Please note there are 2.

Brisbane Convoy 4 Please put Yellow balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

20th August Brisbane Qld  to Tamworth NSW (Via Warwick)

21st August Tamworth NSW to Coonabarabran to Parkes NSW

22nd August Parkes NSW to Canberra


Brisbane Convoy 5 Please put WHITE balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

20th August Brisbane Qld to Beresfield NSW

21st August Beresfield NSW to — running through Sydney to Canberra.


Convoy number 6.Please put ORANGE balloon/ streamers to show your convoy.

17th August Perth WA to Norseman WA

18th Norseman WA to Nullarbor Road House WA

19th Nullarbor Road House WA to Port Augusta SA

20th August Port Augusta SA to Mildura Vic

21st Mildura Vic to Wagga NSW

22nd August Wagga NSW to Canberra


Convoy number 7.Please put PURPLE balloon / streamers to show your convoy.

21st August Adelaide SA to either Narrandera / or Wagga tbc

22nd Narrandera / or Wagga tbc to Canberra


Convoy number 8.Please put RED balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

21st August Melbourne Vic to Albury NSW

22nd Albury NSW to Canberra.


Filtering in.

Please note people from Bega, Bombala, Cooma and surrounding areas will be able to filter in once the exact maps are posted, or meet the convoy at Parliament House once the time schedule is announced for arrival on the 22nd August.

For all other people filtering in across all states, you know your closest place, drive safely allow plenty of time to arrive. We look forward to seeing Aussie flags joining the peoples Convoy of no Confidence in the Federal Government. 

  • We need all participants to please check the below list.
  • Make sure your vehicles are road worthy and registered.
  • Make sure you carry food and water, and bedding.
  • Make sure you abide all traffic rules.
  • Make sure as the towns, and leaving times are announced, you allow yourself save driving time to join in.
  • Make sure that you have your banners, and Australian flag to identify yourself as part of the Convoy.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that all vehicles joining the convoy, behave in an orderly diving fashion.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that all vehicles stay behind the trucks leading the convoy.
  • Make sure that you leave room for normal traffic flows not participating, to be able to pass you safely on the road.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that people in the convoy listen to the two way radios – but do NOT join in for idol chatter on the truck frequency. Pre organize another channel with your mates to do this, in the interest of safety for all drivers on our roads.
  • The drive times will have early starts – YOU MUST BE READY 
  • For example, most will be 6.00am starts and ending at 5.00pm.
  • NRFA convoy leaders, are aware that many people are not used to driving at night, or are not experienced with long distance driving. 
  • Therefore, this convoy is being responsible in the welfare and safety of all those participating as much as humanly possible.
  • Each driver will be a responsible driver of their own vehicle, which is common-sense.
  •  This Convoy is YOUR Convoy.


Prior discussion that announced convoy


*****Flyer attached below for you to print out & distribute*****




7 Responses to “Looks like Im taking a holiday.. of sorts”

  1. Merilyn Says:

    Good one Mole, keep in touch if you can. Good luck.

  2. magsx2 Says:

    I also did a post on this a few days ago, and good on you for getting involved. I also hope that we get to see results from this, and I also hope a lot of people get behind these people that are organizing this convoy. If it’s big enough the media won’t be able to just sit back, they will have to report it, unlike the No Carbon Tax Rally’s that are getting practically no coverage, and there are still rally’s organized right up until November at this stage, the only reason I know about all the rally’s I have a friend of facebook, and she keeps me informed (I’m not on facebook myself).

    My Husband is trying to get things organized so he might be in the convoy as well, I have printed out some flyer’s, and a couple of small businesses have put these in their window, Hubby put a flyer up on the noticeboard at his work, as yet we haven’t had a pub put one up, but still trying. 🙂

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Photo’s, take plenty of photo’s, and some commentary from the average punter wouldn’t go astray.

    All success to you mole. 🙂

  4. Onepoint Says:

    happy trucking fm

  5. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Top stuff. I’d be there, but I dont rekon the boss will let me borrow the truck for a week or two…

  6. Michelle Says:

    Does anyone know what the anti tax sites on facebook with the largest membership are?
    These things need to unify for numbers.

  7. bingbing Says:

    Keep on truckin’!

    And tell winston…

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