Tea party Vs the Teat party?

Caught a classic comment over on Samizdata that needs a good airing.

“By the way, while typing in this posting (on an unfamiliar computer) I noticed that I had at one point put the “Teat” Party. But actually, I quite like that phrase, to describe all the kind of people who think that Tea Partiers really are terrorists.”

If people against government spending and tax increases are disparagingly called “Tea baggers” (a derisory sexual term), then surely they cant object to us referring to those suckling on the governments largesse as “Teat Partiers”.


After all fair is fair, right?

So which are you?


Lefties, please note, black pig used as it was the first one in google search, not Raaaaacim!!!

3 Responses to “Tea party Vs the Teat party?”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Meanwhile, fundamentalist Islam sits back and licks the kous kous off its fingers.

  2. soopermexican Says:

    hehe.. i had similar ideas for the teat party – check out my version: http://bit.ly/cako5b

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