Off we go

Im off for a few weeks for the convoy of no confidence. Need to pick up some medical gear in Perth for the trip, then leaving at 0630 from the Belmont Park racetrack in Perth.

Looks like it will be a fun week or so visiting the red Queen in Canberra.

Some of the poor Canberrans feel a little under siege allready, good, thats how most small businesses feel about what your town produces.

(PS: What sort of a blog is “Partnered” by the national gallery, and the ACT chamber of commerce? Even their blogs suck on the taxpayers teat FFS!!))

The Australian Liar bird.

A reminder of why people think this government  has no legitimacy.

11 Responses to “Off we go”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Good luck withthe trip dude, rember, take lots of photies.

  2. Sezageoff Says:

    How can we support you, Mole? I was hoping to get there, but may not be able to. Do you have a Paypal account?

  3. Merilyn Says:

    Look forward to your full report Mole.

    Sean of Deer Park, has put a good report up on James Board’s blog re Canberra’s “No Carbon Tax Rally”yesterday.

  4. Onepoint Says:

    Have fun FM!

  5. elsie Says:

    Good luck. It is very inspiring to see the all the action against the Gillard Government. Great.

  6. Onepoint Says:

    Fm, I can’t wait to hear your adventures. Do you have any pixs for us?

  7. Denise Says:

    Hey guys,its Moles other half here.Dont worry,he’s still alive & hasnt smashed into a kangaroo! Im afraid you are probably going to have to wait for all the goss when he comes back after the Canberra visit. He hasnt been able to get anywhere near a computer & doesnt have the latest mobile phone gadget to give you updates along the way. As for pictures he better be taking some cos I told him he wont step foot in the door! Im afraid you are all just going to have to be a little patient.

    • Sean of Deer Park Says:

      Thank you for the update, Denise. I just popped over here to have a look for progress reports and appreciate your words. Pics posted on various Facebook groups indicate an excellent turnout. Well done to everyone involved and drive safe.
      Say ‘Hi” to Julia from us all when you get to Canberra, FM. 😆

    • bingbing Says:

      Lady Mole-ster, pics indeed! Does he have the capacity to cook any kangas he “meets”?

      Brilliant stuff, and keep us updated Deni.

      Let’s stick it to that obnoxious wannabe.

      Red nuts like her give Horatio (David Caruso, CSI Miami but of course…sunnies!) a bad name.

    • bingbing Says:

      Wasn’t Rick Astley also a Redhead?

  8. Merilyn Says:

    Magsx2 has a very good round up on the convoy on James Board’s blog, recommended reading, also there is a good report from two of the truckies on the same blog via Alan Jones.

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