Back from the trip, convoy of no confidence.

Im back, the convoy went well, numbers wernt as high as hoped though.

For the trip from WA we had 2 trucks (3 for a while) and 5 other vehicles. On the way I had at least 200 “thumbs up” or positive signs and a grand total of 2 thunbs down or negative signs.

Every place we stopped people came for a look, signed the petition and gave us encouragement.

There was a concerted effort made to minimise disruption to Canberra residents, the coppers were for the most part helpfull, but there was a deliberate lack of senior figures to make decisions on the ground. I was for instance forbidden access to the parlimentary parking area until I got out and spoke to the copper and pointed out I had medical gear in the back which was for the rally.

There was a point made by the chief minister on the ABC that they had to spend a lot on preperations for the rally. None of that spending included any medical units I saw, just police.

The start of the rally was a fizzer, only about 200 (as reported) arriving on time. the convoy I came in with arrived about 10:00 I was towards the front of this group and there was about 1.5km of trucks and other vehicles behind me. One of the WA trucks broke down (clutch problem) and held things up a little, but was quickly towed away.

There was a good turn out of Canberra citizenry supporting the convoy, with only 2 individual protesters spotted negative, and well over 300 positive.

One problem for many of the trucks was a lack of parking, some were told to park on the verge, but were then ticketed, others only got parked up and back to the rally after lunch.

I got to see speeches by Abbott, Prof. Carter and quite a few others, most made the point the government was a shambles, and climate change was a crock of crap. All good stuff.

Now the Allan Jones controversy. Notice how it became the “focus” story for the MSM? No other hook for the story?

Heres what I saw.

There was talk in the crowd of another convoy due in, I was fairly sure it had allready joined us just before we came in. Please note nearly every person with truck radios knew this, but as trucks were still looking for parking or circling the parliment there wasnt anyone fully informed.

Truckies were annoyed we hadnt been allowed to go past the actual bulding, and no light vehicles (myself excepted) with convoy markings had been allowed to drive up to the main building once the trucks arrived.

So there was quite a bit of confusion, if anyone was to blame it was the organisers.

Jones was handed a mobile phone (Im not sure who handed it to him) and had a couple of words with the bloke who handed it to him, listened to the phone a bit then had his rant on a convoy being turned back.

Without knowing who told him that its hard to apportion fault. But as best I could tell he was reporting in good faith what he was told, he left less than a hour later he left, could he have corrected his story by then? Dunno.

But it was a good day, Id estimate about 1500 people at its peak, there were a few strange folk (Truther alert!!), but for the most part a good natured bunch of Aussies assembled peacefully to protest an incompitent government.

Numbers should have been better, but considering (as one speaker mentioned) many of the cattle communities affected havent had an income for 10 months, its hardly suprising not many could afford the trip.

I have most of my piccies below the fold, I was pretty well suck in one place with my medical gear so missed quite a bit though.

WA truck











One of the stranger ones..




Ms Kahn, excellent speaker.


Mrs Henderson, station owner.



Another group of protesters who turned up..
















WA mining rep.

19 Responses to “Back from the trip, convoy of no confidence.”

  1. Gregoryno6 Says:

    That’s a great shot of Abbott in profile.
    Pity the numbers weren’t better. Then again, if public reactions along the way were overwhelmingly positive, you carried the support of many who couldn’t make the trip. The government’s mocking words will not be forgotten.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Welcome home! Love the pics. I’m jealous as all hell that you were able to go. The rally people get the insults while the greenies dress like Avator extras? WTF?

    I’m posting a rant about Boltas troubles. Sort of off topic but loosely on the same subject. The government censors have been working overtime. I’m trying to generate a bloody raw that will be heard by others in mainstream media.

    Bolt has shut down ALL political pieces until further notice. This is not good for free speech and democracy. Bolt is already battling a lawsuit. I put my money on anything he’s published of this subject being well researched and scrutinised before print.
    Our PM shut down the release of her own autobiography by a LABOR sympathetic author so I’m thinking there’s something stinking the ALP don’t want to let out of the vault!

    Smith@2UE was censored and barred from even talking to an ex union official with a stat dec that has already been read into HANDSARD. His lawyers had given the go ahead. The government censored. Is this the transparent government YOU voted for? It’s nothing near anything I was sold at election time!

    What SMITH@2UE and BOLT and MILNE have to say about the theft of union funds and the calibre of both union officials and politicians IS of vital importance to all Australians.
    These are the people running our country in our name! Who the hell are they?

  3. Merilyn Says:

    Great photos mole, and thank you for the write up, don’t know if you heard the Alan jones program but it is up at James Board blog if you want to hear it, it was a very interesting program and worth listening to the two Truckies who were on.

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    I got on the ABC regional morning programme during the convoy, but couldnt find a link to Last mondays show. There were some good speakers there. I got into the gallery and will try and post on my impressions, got to hear the incrediblt stupid “economic white Australia policy” crap from Shorten…

  5. bingbing Says:

    Good onya mole-ster, and welcome back.

    I’m with Michelle. WTF is with the avatar get ups?

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Just another group, protesting something about a dam development in South America

      Dont think they knew we were there till they lobbed, they took some pictures a bit futher up, I think they wanted the paliment as a backdrop.

  6. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Evening mole, i’m glad the whole thing went off without a hitch.

    I love the photies, well done that man. This government should ignore the average punter at their peril.

    Oh yeah, tell monty over at the Cat to go eat shit

    • bingbing Says:

      Monty over at the Cat? I don’t think I’ve had too many tonight, not quite yet anyway. What the fuck are you on about, weird beard?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Yes i had been consuming a frothy beverage, but my beard is a finely sculpted work of facial art.

      I can’t prove that 😉

  7. Merilyn Says:

    Mole, bing and others this is the man who bought an industry to a stand still.

    He seems a bit daft.

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