A Willuna artist work.

Fro those who dont know Wiluna is a predominantly Aboriginal town in Western Australia’s North West.

I used to shear at a few stations near there a while back, and its as rough and tribal a town as you could envisage.

Theres not many pubs that have a “No soliciting” sign on the back fence. as well as an old bloke roasting a goanna on an open fire out in the front car park.

Well I had a visit from a distant relation last week, his daughter is an artist in the Aboriginal style (dot painting etc) and he was in town trying to sell one of her works.

Ive never been a huge fan of the style, but this was good,

bloody good.


Pic is well worth a close look

Its a huge picture 2m by 1.5m, if you can click on the pic and try and get the detail, what looks like solid colours and smudges is actually detailed.

The bloke was chasing a couple of grand for it, I posted it on a few sales sites for him and hope he has some luck. If anyone is interested I can contact the artist, her and her dad are both “battlers”, Id rather call her a talent rather than some “dump on a bed” artist like Tracey Emin.

Some of the detail under the fold.

Artists signature and some detail.

3 Responses to “A Willuna artist work.”

  1. Merilyn Says:

    Like it, it is very good indeed, hope someone buys it.

  2. Onepoint Says:


    Really like this artist’s work.

    The painting posted is very detailed.

  3. kae Says:

    Never been a fan of the dot painting, but this one looks good –

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