Sorry America, you cant get rid of him that easy!

As you know President Obama is scheduled to head for Darwin in Australia shortly.

Darwin is aptly named, its a fairly “survival of the fittest” sort of town, your stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure– in-chief could easily find himself in trouble.

So an Australian insurance agency has offered a 2 for 1 insurance swap, if you lose one moron we will replace him with 2 (offer no good for Bidens, we have some standards).

As a bit of a shameless publicity plug a TIO insurance has given him crocodile insurance for his stay.

Obama to be covered for “Croc Attack”

TIO has issued one of the Territory’s most high-profile visitors in history with the

most unique insurance policy on the market; Crocodile Attack Insurance.

The policy, which will payout should US President, Barack Obama suffer a fatal

attack by a crocodile, is a standard insurance product offered by TIO.

“TIO has been supplying Territorians with cover against crocodile attacks for

over 23 years,” said Richard Harding, Chief Executive.

“It’s a unique product for a unique environment and we’re excited to be issuing

one of these policies for Obama as a memento of his time in the Territory” he


TIO has had the policy framed and it will be presented to the world leader during

his brief visit to Darwin on Thursday.


For further information

please contact:

Elshonner Johnson



In related news PACO industries denied claims they had started work on a full sized one of these…

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3 Responses to “Sorry America, you cant get rid of him that easy!”

  1. Onepoint Says:

    Well spotted FM

  2. Onepoint Says:

    [DELETED. Please stop using this blog to conduct your personal vendettas. s_dog.]

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Barry Ogabe, the man who makes Zimbabwe look like the model of financial prudence, god help us all.

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