“God, please get us out of this”

The USS Oklahoma on Dec 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor

The underside of the USS Oklahoma and the upright USS Maryland amongst the smoke

Every December 7th I think of an article in an old American Heritage magazine (April 1966).  It is the account of the Pearl Harbor attack from the perspective of Seaman Stephen Bower Young, mess cook, inside the USS Oklahoma.

The USS Oklahoma in 1916

The USS Oklahoma was a 583 foot (178m)  long battleship displacing over 27,000 tons which on December 7, 1941 was hit by torpedoes and capsized with Seaman Young trapped inside.

It is worth a read. The online article doesn’t include the pictures so I’ve included them here.

Seaman Stephen Bower Young of the USS Oklahoma

Seaman Stephen Bower Young

aerial photo of Pearl Harbor battleships Arizona, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland and Oklahomaoil slick

From left to right : the sunken USS Arizona with masts and turrets still above the water, the USS West Virginia and the USS Tennessee, the USS Maryland, and above that is the capsized USS Oklahoma.

The underside of the USS Oklahoma with the masts of the USS Maryland in the background.

diagram of the USS Oklahoma (American Heritage, April 1966)

Go ahead, read it.

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3 Responses to ““God, please get us out of this””

  1. gregoryno6 Says:

    Thanks, I’ll be passing this around.

  2. “God, please get us out of this” « The mind is an unexplored country. Says:

    […] Photos are here, with a link to the story of Seaman Stephen Bower Young – who survived the sinking of USS […]

  3. Sandi Says:

    An amazing story, well told. Thank you Col. Milquetoast for passing it in. It deserves its own place in history.

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