A Decade of Tim Blair — Blogger, Legend

Gavin Atkins at Asian Correspondent marks the milestone:

Blogger/journalist Tim Blair has never been one to take a lot of notice of plaudits, awards or milestones – in fact, he assiduously ignores them – but the recent passing 10-year anniversary of his blog should not go by without comment.

For many Australians of a conservative or libertarian bent, about ten years ago, just reading or watching the news was like being asked to wade through a floating garbage dump of dogma to try and read what was written on the ground. What’s more, most of us were left cursing, as only the most watered down of our thoughts would ever make it through as a letter to the editor.

Tim Blair changed all that with his blog that tackled the idiocies of the left pretty much as they happened. His blog filled a niche that conservatives were crying out for, and his comment sections soon became almost as entertaining as the articles. […]

Along the way, he has invented terms such as Blair’s Law and the Gore Effect as well as alerting the world to the alarming tendency of lefties to tilt their heads in photographs.

And then there’s the Plastic Turkey meme, the new verbs “to beclown” and “to Fisk,” and probably a whole lot more that others can add in comments.

One thing Gavin didn’t mention was how global Tim Blair’s appeal has turned out to be  – in fact, one sledge often thrown at him by some of his resident trolls is that he has “too many” American fans and commenters.  For some reason, his Leftoid Australian detractors believed that was some sort of fatal “gotcha”.

Ah, his trolls!  Not only have Tim’s blogging efforts attracted some of the most clever and witty commenters over the years, they’ve seen him collect some of the most dedicated, demented, obsessive and sometimes just chuckleheadedly-silly assortment of sockpuppets and trolls ever seen in one place.

Go over and read Gavin’s whole piece, and be sure to leave your thoughts & favourite memories/recollections in comments either here or there.

Happy Tenth Blogiversary, Tim!

P.S. Where’s Wronwright with that mead…?

P.P.S. As our blogroll has been rather neglected of late, if you are one of the #BlairNation troupe of bloggers (new motto, #WeAreUs – thanks Julia!) and aren’t listed over on the right-hand side there ——->
just drop your blog link in comments and we’ll get it updated. Cheers.

UPDATE:  More comments now at The Blogfather’s here:  TEN YEARS OF LOVE.  As Puce would have said, CLICK.

26 Responses to “A Decade of Tim Blair — Blogger, Legend”

  1. spot_the_dog Says:

    She’s right – he is THE Blogfather!

  2. mabba Says:

    Not feeling witty, so will just add heartfelt thanks for Tim & his blog!

  3. WB Says:

    Best commenters in blogland I reckon. Yay Blair, Yay Spotty.

  4. Maddison Says:

    Your all moron rightards, who cant think for your self, just BlairBoltDevine lackies and loosers, and thats just to pathetic for words, you need to GET A LIFE.

  5. Dan Lewis Says:

    I don’t want to Fisk your post or anything, but did Tim coin “Fisking?”

    • J.M. Heinrichs Says:

      The original phrase, of about 19 Dec 2001, was “… her Fisking boots” . Apparently Andy Sullivan suggests that he used the word “Fisking” in a different context, about a week earlier. There is, however, a method for preparing preserved herring which is also “fisking”.


  6. kae Says:

    Steve at the Pub, another Blairite (some of these may have been blogging before the great mitosis – http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-cell-division.htm – you can fix the linky please Spottie), but they’re all part of Blair commentary nation.
    I also wonder about old faves like Mental Floss and others.

  7. Merilyn Says:

    Tim’s blog is very enjoyable, love reading the old one’s when they come up. Also enjoy popping over to his “off springs” blogs.

  8. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Do we get pudding as an anniversary present? or cake?

  9. spot_the_dog Says:

    Another classic, mentioned over in comments at Tim’s: Operation Clark County! Background, details & links here.

  10. 10th Birthday | Cranky Old Crow Says:

    […] A Decade of Tim Blair — Blogger, Legend Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  11. bingbing Says:

    Yes, jolly good show.

  12. s_monster Says:

    Are you serious? I am not so sure about the legitimacy of your facts. Seems kinda bogus.

  13. Dave Hurst Says:

    Tim Blair, Glen Reynolds, Iowahawk: Internet Gods.

  14. C Says:

    I don’t like Tim Blair alot, I think he is too confusing, and his readers are maybe mentaly ill, or on drugs, or just don’t care, and Tim is too flipant on important subjects, he is no ANDREW BOLT.

  15. Merilyn Says:

    C what kae says.

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    […] the big guns of the bloggy “Deniosphere” such as Anthony Watts, Andrew Bolt, James Delingpole and our own Blogfather Tim Blair […]

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