And it begins…

The pattern has been played out over and over. A potential Team Elephant presidential candidate starts to rise in the polls. A bulls-eye is affixed to that candidate. A combination of Republican elites, their allies in the punditocracy, and Big Media (the BM for short), which simply can’t help itself when an opportunity to dump on a Republican presents itself, begin hammering on any and all perceived defects of said candidate. Next thing you know, the new frontrunner is cast on the scrap heap, either to quit (like Herman Cain) or to flounder haplessly trying to regain momentum (like Michele Bachmann and Governor Perry Gardasil).

Now that Newt Gingrich is dropping faster than shares in Freddie Mac, Ron Paul has surged into a virtual tie and perhaps even the lead in Iowa.

That’s bad.

“Vulture, WTF? I though you were a Paul guy.” I am. Which is why I’m dreading what awaits. A decent and honorable man is about to be dragged through the slime, called everything but a child of God, and accused of all sorts of thought crimes ranging from racism to anti-Americanism.

Think I’m kidding. The threats have already started from the faux conservative media.

The establishment Elephants will NOT tolerate any attempt by the American people to choose a candidate other than Mitt Romney (and his presidential hair). They don’t care who they wreck in the process.

And we wonder why we have the caliber of candidates we have. Only the bravest, the most foolish, or the most power-mad need apply. Decent people need not apply.

4 Responses to “And it begins…”

    • Vulture Says:

      And there it is. Just as predicted.

      Another prediction: the unpalatable choice between “Il Duce” and “Presidential Hair” will result in record low voter turnout next November.

  1. Merilyn Says:

    Didn’t the MSM pick Obama to be the President of America? That worked out well didn’t it? [Sarc]. Perhaps they should just step back and remember they are not the story, and go back to just reporting the facts, and let the people choose who they want to lead them.

  2. bingbing Says:

    What bugs me more is that Gary Johnson has elected to run on the Libertarian ticket.

    Now in general, I’m all for Libertarians – I am one myself – but all that’s going to do is split the “right” vote and hand Obama the election on a platter.

    Paul, Perot, now Johnson…

    Libertarians and Independents always end up splitting the “right” vote, never the left.

    As we saw with Hillary and Obama last election, they get their house in order in time.

    I’ll credit the Left one thing: they’re organised.

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