Another Australian underclass house.

Had a call letting me know a couple of my customers had abandoned their state house,  I went around to see if any of my goods were still there.

I was there on Thursday about 1500, and the house was locked up, bailiff notices on the doors, all secure.

Friday morning I went to the house with the lady from the Department of Housing, I beat her by about 5 minutes and found the place had been broken into overnight. Empty houses in an underclass neighborhood are an open invitation to burgle.

I confirmed a bit of the gear was mine (barely worth retrieving) and left. I went back a bit later with my other half and the camera, I think its necessary to document why some of the “poor” should be left in the street as an example to others.


The rather inviting front...This place was occupied for only around 8 months, on average it takes Homeswest a good 3 months to "take back" an abandoned property. Side of the house.

There is a very large backlog of people looking to get into Homeswest housing (government), due to it being cheaper than normal rent, and generally more secure tenure.
Yet people are able to treat them like this and walk away, homeswest know its useless trying to get anything back, and also know that in a few years they will have the same tenants applying again, as various houses (all taken under different family members names) are wrecked and abandoned.
My fathers wife is Vietnamese, her opinion “They should be allowed to die”, harsh but bugger me, the indirect misery and cost these feral turds cause is enormous.
The Homeswest lady tells me the place might be ready for a new tenant in 2 weeks.. Id be surprised if it was that quick.
Many more under the fold… Lots of piccies.

Breakfast of champions.

Emu export is often called “super”, full strength and cheap.

Note security screen door torn off the hinges.


Back of the house

I dont want to know what happened to that mattress…

Back again


The break in, smash the window near the door




For a change ants, not cockroaches on the floor.


Holes punched in walls.


At least whats in the fridge is still "fresh"....

Ps: Yes those are cockroaches inside the fridge…

I was lying about the roaches, here they are...

The ants had the floor and the roaches had the cupboards and sink… Bit of a no invertebrates land in between..
The silver looking ball is the remains of a cask of “Goon”, or cheap boxed wine.

Corridor in the house...




Goldilocks was here?


The household "shrine"?


Pity the next door mob..

There was a couple of other photos, but there was some ID visible in them so I though it better not to post it. Will try and post some video from the house later on.


13 Responses to “Another Australian underclass house.”

  1. Another Australian underclass house. | Cranky Old Crow Says:

    […] Another Australian underclass house. from The Tizona Group by thefrollickingmole Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  2. JB Says:

    The taxpayer’s dollar again.It never changes, always easy to spend someone else’s dollar……your Government at work.

  3. spot_the_dog Says:

    I like that you refer to them as “the underclass” rather than “the poor.” Some of the houses I’ve had cause to visit in the course of my volunteer work are inhabited by folks you could not call anything but “poor,” yet they have not been trashed like this.

    It is not a lack of money people like the tenants of the above house suffer from — it is a lack of self-discipline and pride.

    In the States last year I helped deliver a sponsored rescue dog to the home of a returned disabled (traumatic brain injury) veteran. He’s being stuffed around by the VA, their current income would be negligible, and there are four of them living in a rented two-bedroom home… yet it was as clean and tidy as you could ever hope to see.

    Houses such as the above trumpet a cultural problem, not a poverty problem.

  4. spot_the_dog Says:

    Completely off-topic, is anyone else having trouble bringing up Catallaxy Files at the moment?
    My elderly netbook keeps locking up on it; has for the past hour or so.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Working fine for me, but my old work laptop his having trouble with our linkbar to other sites. Works ok if I l-click and open in a new window for some reason though.

    • spot_the_dog Says:

      I’m also on a funny network, which might be the problem. Just went through a proxy server and was able to get through fine. Open access/guest wifi is great, except when it’s not.

  5. al_ Says:

    the shrine was the best, lol…shows the priorities…

  6. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    WTF, who lives that way!

    There are people in the 3rd world living in the meanest of hovels that have greater self pride .

  7. bingbing Says:

    Dude. Just leave. Go to Perth. Go to Brisbane. No one needs to deal with shit like that and, frankly, I wouldn’t be raising my daughter in such an area.

  8. thefrollickingmole Says:

    New, “worst house” nomination yesterday. Lady with 3 kids, apparently (according to the pest control man) the child protection agancy ordered the spray.
    Had a brief look, in an A4 paper sized area on the walls there would have been 15-20 cockroaches.
    No camera so no piccies for a post though.

  9. Janette Rehua Says:

    This makes me FURIOUS. My husband and I are MODEL tenants who have been on the housing list for 5 years now. We have treated each private rental with care and have often gone ‘above and beyond’ with maintenance issues, gardening, and you could eat off the floor in my home its so clean. We have a chihuahua and a kelpie and our two dogs (aka our babies) do NO damage and are ‘picked up’ after daily. I dont know HOW people can live like this? I have sympathy if they have a mental disorder and as a St Vincent De Paul volunteer doing home visits I have come across people who are really doing it tough BUT poverty is NO excuse for filth and destruction. Have some PRIDE. My husband and I have nothing monetary and would be considered ‘poverty sticken’ however we are intelligent, clean, well spoken , non criminal, no drugs, parties, drinking, noise and very house proud but do you think we have a cat in hells chance of getting a Homes west home any time in the near future>??>? The current system is a joke.

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