Modern Australian education

Just received this bit of coursework from a mates son in year 8 school, Ive removed the names but its first hand, not one of the usual “internet memes” that you get 45th hand.

A year 8 English poem!!!   Bought home by ****** for an assignment. Opinions please!!


The miner rapes
The heart of earth
With his violent spade.
Stealing, bottling her black blood
For the sake of greedy trade.
On his metal throne of destruction,
He labours away with a will,
Piling the mountainous minerals high
With giant tool and iron drill.


The face of evil?

In his greedy lust for power,
He destroys old nature’s will.
For the sake of the filthy dollar,
He dirties the nest he builds.
Well he knows that violence
Of his destructive kind
Will be violently written
Upon the sands of time.


A pristine peoples nest, before the miners move in?

But time is running out
And time is close at hand,
For the Dreamtime folk are massing
To defend their timeless land.
Come gentle black man
Show your strength;
Time to take a stand.
Make the violent miner feel
Your violent
Love of land.
Oodgeroo Noonuccal.

My opinion?

What a heap of steaming greenie shit wrapped up in a “poor blackfellah me” story to try and give it respectability. The lady that wrote it was a Communist, and the name it was written under was her original one  Kath Walker, but plain old Kath Walker wouldnt sound mystical enough for the education department would it?


This type of bullshit propaganda completely ignores any of the massive plus sides of a modern manufactured life. Pencils, air con, computers, coal for electricity, steel, all used to improve the lives of millions of Australians.

Ignored for some mystical greenie gibberish which makes a fetish of a stone age way of life.

14 Responses to “Modern Australian education”

  1. Gene Says:


  2. gregoryno6 Says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t written BY a Year 8 student?

  3. mabba Says:

    Wasn’t Kath Walker the mother of activist ‘freedom rider’ Charles Perkins, who started the 1st tent embassy? I could be very wrong, BUT
    she actually is an accomplished poet, but of course her themes were always from the black armband perspective. It’s ok that the poem was presented to the class; what’s important is how they were expected to respond eg did they have the freedom to argue that alternative views could be presented? Could they argue that while disagreeing with her views, Walker had used literary devices very skilfully in expounding her own views, including appealing to emotion?

    BTW, I don’t agree with Walker- but from a purely literary point of view, she was a good poet- & it shows just how powerful a tool poetry is, even in this modern age of tweets & sound bites.

    Maybe some of the class have parents in mining…

    • true blue Says:

      Hi I am a Teacher aide and it’s part of year 8 curriculum (QLD) but the students can choose their own poem…just as long as it relates to indigenous poems. It’s moreover the ability to be able to understand the poems meaning and explain it and to look out for poetic devices,does it rhyme,have rhythm etc.

  4. bingbing Says:

    Just tell the kid his iPad wouldn’t exist without evil mineyman.

  5. Whatmenaresayingaboutwomen Jay Says:

    Akin to feminism and their penchant for cognitive dissonance, so has the Greens inherited that same affliction. One that denial cannot circumvent as it’s addiction is a necessity..

  6. elsie Says:

    I still feel a bit ashamed of this, as it was rather rude, but once Noonuccal wrote a very inflammatory piece about the rape of the land by the white fella. I wrote to her and asked her to donate her reading-glasses to Lifellne and go back to writing in red ochre on a piece of bark so she could return to the original pristine state she so desired. I didn’t get a reply and she died a year or so later.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Nah, you did good, the myth of a paradisical land of plenty before the white man is just that.

    • bingbing Says:

      Why the shame?You called someone out, and rightfully so. You exposed a latent yet persistent hypocrisy and reminded any reader that it’s all about the mind, not racial bullshit.

      What you didn’t do is give someone preferential and/or special/different treatment over race, and this can only be a good thing.

      This is exactly the kind of shit that pisses me right the fuck off. A good person is intrinsically made to feel guilty because of racist, bullshit, “sorry” generation fuckwhatery.

      The idea that “oh, I’m this or that (so long as I’m not WHITE) and therefore I get special licence to say the most retarded fuckisms and it’s OK” is complete shite.

      It sets everything back decades.

      Actually, I think it’s a load of shit the idea white people were ever really racist in comparison to no one else being so.

      I can tell you, from experience teaching ESL in Korea, that white people (whatever the fuck some asshole wants you to think by that) are the least racist people on the planet.

      Crying racism is a fucking cop-out, a gigantic wank that only produces retard babies.

    • gregoryno6 Says:

      I agree with mole and bingbing. Elsie, well done.

  7. duner Says:

    I agree with elsie too.

  8. Rahul Tripathi Says:

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