Congrats to ‘Watts Up With That’ – 100,000,000 Page Views and Counting…

W00T to WUWT on their “small milestone”, reached sometime this morning (8am-ish January 7th US Pacific time; the wee hours of the 8th Aussie time).

So wander over, offer your congratulations and thanks to Anthony Watts for his tireless efforts to bring some sanity – and SCIENCE – back to the discussion of nature, weather, technology and global warming climate change, check out Christopher Monckton’s guest post Hurrah for 8 orders of magnitude! and make sure to have a browse through some of the WUWT classics reposted here.

As Tim Blair noted in his recent post PEAK LOVE, “Climate panic is in decline…”  And though the self-inflicted damage of the content of the Climategate emails and many of the stupid hyperbole-ridden ham-handed advertising and “awareness” campaigns by the Warmies themselves (and their Love Media enablers) are partly to credit for the loss of credibility of the Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming’s Gonna Kill Us All®  movement, much credit must really go to the big guns of the bloggy “Deniosphere” such as Anthony Watts, Andrew Bolt, James Delingpole and our own Blogfather Tim Blair.

“Ha ha Warmist losers. For you the war is over.”

Looks like Im taking a holiday.. of sorts

Looks like holiday time for the mole commencing on about the 17th of August.

Why you ask?

Im offering my services as a paramedic on this little expedition, “The convoy of no Confidence”, being organised by the National Road Freighters Association. The bloke I talked to was happy to hear from me, so it looks like Im going.


It will cost me a couple of grand, put business on hold for a fortnight or so, but should be a bucket load of fun. Who knows, maybe we can force the government into a backdown or re-election?


Ill take a few happy snaps along the way as well, its good to see the organisers are thinking of safety, they are still after paramedics, so if you know any ambos or minesite medics that might be interested let them know.

It started out as 1 convoy, now it looks like it will be 7-8 of the things leaving from all over Australia. According to the organiser I spoke to there may be up to 200 farmers from the mid-west region going. If there are similar figures all over Australia it may be the single biggest demo Canberra has ever seen.

Its open to anyone to go not just truckies, people will have to be fairly self sufficient (fuel/water/food) and allow the trucks to lead the way.

A few others have picked up on this

Menzies house


Abc???? nothing….


More convoy routes/details under the fold


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Townhall meeting coming to a venue near you

OK, so PM Gillard reckons The Debate We Never Had™ is over, but that doesn’t mean – oh no siree – that folks aren’t standing up to have their say.

A townhall meeting in Brisbane:

Mr Hockey said merchants at a Brisbane market this morning told him they would not be able to pass on the cost of an estimated 10 per cent rise in electricity without sacking staff.

“Time and time again, as we went past every store, all the workers were coming out and saying ‘you have to stop this tax’,” he said.

Read on.

It’s not Godwin’s unless it’s an *inappropriate* analogy

At Andrew Bolt’s, but bears re-blogging:

I’m sorry, but the fascist analogy must now be drawn

Bolt comments: [all links added by me for the benefit of those not familiar with these themes]

I never dreamed I’d live in a country in which Jewish businesses were boycotted and blockaded.

The shame. The utter shame.

But then I’d never dreamed, either, that I’d be taken to court for expressing my opinion. Or that a news organisation would be denied a government contact for being political unsympathetic. Or that news outlets would be banned by government ministers for asking basic questions. Or that academics could protest against free speech.

What the hell is happening here?

UPDATE: Flashback to Melbourne 2009 (via Nilk) … it’s not like they’re being subtle, people:  “Nazis Needed”


AGW Skeptic Rap Video Going Viral in Germany

Is the old refrain “Question Authority!” coming back into vogue?  Are the Yoof starting to rebel against the orthodoxy of the great “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming” swindle the Teacher-Preacher class is trying to sell them?

Loosely translated into English by NoTricksZone (do click over and see their whole post):

 Kilez More – Climate Change (Climate Lies, Climate Swindle…)

You thinking of climate change and you’re screaming for laws
You’re thinking about CO2 and saying “let’s stop it”
Global catastrophes happening all because of man
We did too much driving, now the planet is too warm
If we don’t do something soon then the ice will melt
A flood is gonna kill us and the future’s gonna fall
No it aint…I’m telling you you’re off the wall
Man aint causing climate change, yeah you
think I’m crazy and making no sense
But just look at the climate institutes and you’ll see
what they do, they’re fudging the data making it hot
We just found out…their studies are made up
A hacker got in the computer and the database
Now read the mails from the CRU – they’ll make you laugh
They’re cooking the numbers, the temperature is up
Listen to me! It’s all a fraud and enough is enough

Climate change was not made by man
No… It’s only to keep the world in fear
All those who are pimpin it are being called experts
And the brothers who diss it are getting labelled sick
Climate change was not caused by man
No…it’s only to keep the world in fear
But I don’t believe it, and so I’m getting labelled sick
But it’s the price you pay when you think for yourself

Climate change is normal, it’s always been around
We aint done a thing, history shows us so
History books show in 1100 the planet was warm
In North England people were pickin grapes and making wine
And that wasn’t because of factories run by knights and
The shield industry driving the climate up
Then in sixteen hundred the Baltic froze over and it
Wasn’t because they stopped CO2 with ‘reform’
That’s pure arrogance when man thinks he’s got the power
To control the whole climate on the entire globe
Truth is only 1 to 3 percent comes from man
Comes from processes that are natural – so they’re lying
Inside the brainless walls of these fear-mongering crackpots
They want more power, more money, more control, more global tax
And every skeptic is getting branded by them
Being defamed and compared to Holocaust deniers

Climate change was not made by man
No… It’s only to keep the world in fear
All those who are pimpin it are being called experts
And the brothers who diss it are labelled sick
Climate change was not caused by man
No…it’s only to keep the world in fear
But I don’t believe it, and so I’m getting labelled sick
But it’s the price you pay when you think for yourself

UPDATE:  P. Gosselin is as optimistic as I am – ‘Question Authority’ Back In Vogue – and asks that skeptics try to pass the link to the video around. I’ve posted it on Twitter; maybe others who use various social networking sites or have their own blogs can give it some oxygen as well?

See alsoAndrew Bolt – Skepticism Becomes the New Fashion

Brown Town [Video]

BROWN TOWN:  Ray Hadley reworks a Petula Clark classic in honour of Greens leader Bob Brown; @s_dog takes the liberty of putting some pictures to the song and uploading it to YouTube:

(Please feel free to pass it on – the URL for the video is )

UPDATE:  Thanks, Bolta!  Link: A Lesson for Brown 

UPDATE II:  Critics.  Sigh.  “Brown Town” song parody proves right-wingers have no sense of humour

UPDATE III: Thanks to Menzies House for reposting; also GregoryNo6, Iain Hall, James Board, Mags 

UPDATE IV:  More linkers – thanks!  Quadrant Online, Blazing Cat Fur, Stop Gillard’s Carbon TaxASX Guru, DontCopIt, and thanks to Mark Sharma and the other ‘Aussies on the Right’ on Twitter for passing it around… (if I’ve missed any, let me know)  Also, @Western_Patriot just let me know that Ray Hadley mentioned my clip on @2GB873 this morning and it got positive feedback – I’ll post a podcast link when it’s up.

Bolt Blog Shenanigans – The Strange Case of the Disappearing Comments

The first rule of Bolt Blog seems to be “don’t mention the phenomenon of the disappearing blocks of comments at Bolt Blog”.

Seriously, this has been going on for some time, and though I understand that with the hungry venal eyes of the Victim-Industrial Complex™ on him he has to be very careful about what gets published on his blog, that does not explain why huge swaths of basically unremarkable and certainly non-actionable comments get put up, only to disappear with all their replies a number of hours later.

I first remarked upon it last month, when the comment count on a post I had submitted several comments to fell from over 330 to just 276 in one fell swoop (almost 60 comments being deleted without explanation or notice) – it was a post on Trump and the “birthers”, and and as I tend to keep an eye on comments threads I have contributed to, I will say that although there were a lot of comments I would call painfully stupid, there were none that could possibly have been legally actionable.

I rarely bother with comments there anymore, as the increased number of comments by the mindless Leftoid trolls tend to derail any attempts at reasonable discussion & debate, but on weekends I do usually have a look in and keep seeing this same pattern repeating itself – idiotic throw-away comments by trolls seem to go up right away, and comments and replies by others either don’t get put up at all or get put up and then memory-holed a number of hours later.

Bolt is definitely aware that this is happening, and he’s aware that a number of his long-time readers & commenters aren’t very impressed, but so far he hasn’t even acknowledged any of these concerns on his blog.  Instead, when sometimes a number of people get comments through asking about the problem, that whole block of comments and replies suddenly disappears without notice.

To my mind, he’s not just dissing the readers and commenters who helped get him to where he is today; but he’s feeding the delighted Bolt-hating conspiracy theorists on the Left.

So, I know he’s aware of what’s going on, and he’s aware that people aren’t happy, and that he chooses not to explain or even acknowledge these concerns is his business – obviously, the hits still keep rolling in – but after just having seen yet another block of comments and replies “disappear” from today’s Forum, I just felt like having a whinge. Read the rest of this entry »

Confirmed: The Bolt Report

Bolt Derangement Syndrome sufferers, start your engineswhiiiiine!

Ten has confirmed it will launch a new Sunday morning program, The Bolt Report, hosted by Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt on 8 May.

The Bolt Report will air at 10am, before Meet the Press, Ten’s existing political program which will move to 10.30am.

I hope Andrew Bolt remembers to thank his biggest fans, including Jeremy Sear.  Heh.

UPDATE:  Twitterati react

UPDATE 2:  A boycott?  Really? So much for the Left’s much-vaunted “tolerance”.  Anyway – you want to bet these people will be some of the show’s most avid (read: obsessed) viewers?

UPDATE 3:  I blame Sarah Palin’s Climate of Hate™ – “I have $30,000 in the bank if anyone out there is a professional assassin and can kill Andrew Bolt

UPDATE 4:  Panic stations![W]e are heading into worrying times for the network and the state of news in this country … are diverse opinions welcome at Ten anymore? … are Sunday mornings now the home of Coalition talking points and fringe climate change deniers?”  Oh, this is going to be fun.   Remember your popcorn!

Hey Lefties – Got Yer #NewTone Right Here!

From the tolerant open-minded Left who keep lecturing us on the importance of striving for a more civil tone:

UPDATE: To preempt any complaints that I shouldn’t be giving these bile-spewing haters any more oxygen, for the most part I agree.  But in this case, this particular tweet was just the last straw.  Coming up with the most demeaning insult against Miranda Devine seems to be the new sport on Twitter, and there comes a point when these people need exposing.

Ode to Alene (apols. White Stripes) [Update: ABC moosed] [More Updates: #POPCORN!]

Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene

I’m begging of you, please don’t leave your fans
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
please don’t leave us just because you can
your snarkage is beyond compare
with flaming gobs of overshare
with shell-thin skin
and eyes of bilious green
your blog is such a poisonous thing
of your moose knuckles we do sing
Tim Blair cannot compete with you Alene
Bolt talks about you in his sleep
and there is nothing they can do to keep
from crying when we call your name, Alene
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
I’m begging of you please don’t leave your fans
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
please don’t leave us even though you can
well we can’t easily understand
how you can easily leave your fans
you do not know what you mean to us Alene
well you could have your choice of friends
but we could never laugh again
you’re the only one for us Alene
and I had to had to have this talk with you
my happiness depends on you
and whatever you decide to do Alene
Alene Alene Alene Ale-eeene
We’re begging of you please don’t leave your fans
please don’t leave us
even though you can
~dissolves into anguished sobs~

Show your support for Alene – vote here:


UPDATE:   Has Our ABC been moose’d ?  See comment below, then updates at Bolt’s, and this by Beck.

UPDATE 2:   So, whodunnit?  Your guesses here.

UPDATE 3:   MOOSE TRAP [Tim Blair]

UPDATE 4:  Bolt – “This is unbelievable. Insane anti-Liberal hatred is now so mainstream that not only is the most florid facsimile of it by a parodist published, no questions asked, by the ABC, but the Sydney Morning Herald still treats it as genuine even after the ABC very belatedly smells a rat.” CLICK

UPDATE 5:  Tim Blair responds to ABC online editor Jonathan “It was plausible!” Green – “I know this, son: if someone came to me with a story about moose and genitals and a female Labor premier, it’d have to pass some serious tests prior to publication.”  Click for more.

UPDATE 6:  She’s baaaaack! #WINNING

UPDATE 7:   Unjustly accused! Oh, c’mon guys.  Lies and calumny!

UPDATE 8:  Alene Composta {hearts} Jonathan Holmes! And Bolt has a look at Alene’s email to Jonathan Green.

UPDATE 9:  Oh, my.  Andrew Bolt’s column pinging Jonathan Green and “our” ABC; Tim Blair has the Compleat Composta Timeline; and yes: it is just like a “Car Crash In Slow Motion”.

UPDATE 10:  For any newcomers, I suggest you start with Tim Blair’s timeline of L’Affaire Composta which takes you from the beginning to today (19 March) and work your way back.



How sweet the sound.

So Bolt thinks Gillard’s speech was brilliant. Spare me.

Facts are facts. We have a fabian socialist, ironically being puppeteered by the Labor Right, whose biggest claim to fame was the BER, the Building the Education Revolution. Out of $16 billion, bar some spare change, all spent on buildings and not education, about a third of that has been wasted, it has disappeared.

And now that same person, Gillard, is in charge of (shut up, Yanks) our trillion dollar economy.

Bolt is on the money so often, but is way off with his Gillard love-in.

Why, Bolta? Because Abbott is so quiet? That “quiet” has worked.

As usual the MSM is way off the pulse, and should give Bishop, yeah, you know, her, a fair go.

And also just pre-emptively touting nonsense that Abbott won’t be able to attack Jules is just that… nonsense.

But we saw this with the MSM in 2007.

Ho hum, it’s all moot. The number of times Julia mentioned “stability” was most telling.

I’ve been told Kerry was pretty hard on Julia tonight.



Finally, Tony Abbott is taking the gloves off with regards to Julia’s “handling” of the BER.

However, the Opposition greeted the new Prime Minster with derision. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said: “It’s clear that if you want to change the policies you’re going to have to change the Government. They’ve changed the salesman but they haven’t changed the product.”

With an election just months away – and hoping to blunt any political honeymoon for the new Prime Minister – Mr Abbott is hoping to target Ms Gillard’s central role in the Building the Education Revolution scheme.

He accused her of being principal author, along with Mr Rudd, of the “school hall rip-offs”.

And it looks like she’d better watch her back.

It really looks like the Labor MO is to get whoever’s popular to an election, then knife them at the first sign of trouble, especially if they aren’t doing the unions’ bidding.

Whatever happened to honour amongst theives?

H/T Merilyn Williams


Turdfingers strikes again!

Kevin Rudd is now officially turdfingers, pretty well every project his government has touched has turned to shit.

Turdfingers in action.

Im indebted to Bolt commenter “BBP of Omnipresent” for this wonderful list of turdfingers achievements.

1.  Grocery Watch
2.  Fuel Watch
3.  Never taking Japan to Court over whaling as promised. We have now re-issued our threat. Guess when our “deadline” for Japan to stop it is? After the next election.
4.  Talking up inflation in early 2008 leading to two rate rises just before the GFC, making it worse.
5.  Wasting $900 cheques on dead people and people who live overseas.
6.  Unlimited Bank Guarantees freezes people’s cash in non-deposit taking institutions.
7.  Stimulus spending totally out of proportion to Australia’s situation during the GFC. Now we are paying for it with rising interest rates. Not to mention taxes will never be cut until the debt is cleared, in say … 10yrs, 20yrs ? Who knows.
8.  Green Loans Scheme shelved and Wong announces an audit into frauds. A tiny number of loans were granted at a cost of how many millions of dollars to set up the scheme?
9.  Prior to 2007 he was a “fiscal conservative”. After election and after GFC, he wrote a ludicrous essay claiming that “neo-capitalism” was evil. You can’t have it both ways. If you were a fiscal conservative in 2007, then you were a neo-capitalist too !
10.  Pink bats – people die, electrified houses, houses burn down, fake insulations get paid. Garrett demoted after Rudd said he was a “first class minister” and that Rudd would “take responsibility” for the scheme’s failure! No compensation for industry yet.
11.  BER – Building the Education Revolution (or Builder’s Early Retirement) fund rorts. Eg. $900,000 for a single new class room. And it was a pre-fabricated.
12.  Crazy boat people policy. When Howard left Christmas Island was a ghost town. There are now over 2500 I think. They are building more beds there too, and others have been transported to Villawood and some air force base in the outback.
13.  Child care centres at schools broken promise. 38 will be built, not 260.
14.  Failed ETS/Copenhagen debacle. 143 were taken to Copenhagen. Count ‘em … However, as soon as public opinion shifted, the great moral challenge of our time became no urgent problem at all.
15.  Promise not to means test the private health insurance rebate broken.
16.  Means testing the baby bonus sucks the big one.
17.  Promise to “take over” the health system by “mid-2009”
18.  New health policy to “stop the blame game” actually means a 60/40 Fed/State funding split and management of hospitals to be by state controlled Local Boards. So when waiting times don’t come down or someone dies because they are sent home early from hospital, does that mean it is because the Feds aren’t putting in enough cash, or the State isn’t? Or is it because the State isn’t properly controlling the Local Boards, or is it because the Local Boards aren’t doing a good job. What a complete joke.
19.  Former Defence Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon, basically admitted being bribed by female Chinese government official. Fitzgibbon forced to resign.
20.  National Broadband Network. Initial cost was under $10b I think. Now $43b. The only player capable of handling it, Telstra, was rejected, then accepted back, and now is in limbo. The NBN does not have a business plan. That means no one knows whether it will add value to the economy, and if it does, no one knows when that might be.
21.  Spent the last 10 years criticising Costello’s ability. Then appoints him to control the Future Fund.
22.  Tantrums because he doesn’t have a hair dryer or because he got the wrong meal on a plane.
23.  Lies about Abbott taking $1b out of health when he was minister.
24.  Lies about those boat people who were taken to Indonesia on Oceanic Viking not receiving a “special deal” to get them off the boat. They were all processed in 4wks weren’t they (and granted visas)? What’s the usual timeframe? 3-4 months?
25.  He appoints a former Labor member, and family friend, Quentin Bryce, as GG – the most important apolitical, impartial, position in Australia. Then has her travel to Africa to promote his political agenda and personal ambitions – 10 nations, 19 day lobbying tour to drum up support for Rudd’s push to gain a non-permanent seat for Australia on the UN Security Council.
26.  All time record levels of public debt and annual budget deficits, with the economic wizard, Wayne Swan, in control of managing it.
27.  Every primary school child gets a laptop. Bugger all have. And most of them can’t connect to the internet with it.
28.  Playing politics with the Henry Tax Review. Not releasing it until very close to the May budget, no doubt in the hope that the Budget news will drown out anything nasty in the HTR.
29.  Giving Toyota Aust $15m to help build a hybrid Camry, that even Toyota said they didn’t need because they had already started building it.
30.  Industrial laws that prevent teenagers working after school because if they work less than a 3 hour shift, Gillard’s laws say they are being exploited !
31.  Industrial laws that give Unions a statutory right to enter any employer’s site. That is, even if the employer owns the land or has a right to exclusive possession, they cannot prevent them from entering. On their own land !
32.  Insane levels of expensive trips overseas for the PM.
33.  2020 Summit in Canberra. Countless ideas were produced. PM said everyone of them would be the subject of consideration and a written response by the government. A paltry amount have got their written response – since January 2008. To my knowledge, none of the ideas have been implemented.

Not a bad list all up, I cant think of anything extra to add to it…yet.

Update, but another Bolt commenter has: 

“$842 million spent on a new computer system for the tax office which has resulted in processing delays and 140,000 assessments but no refund cheques been sent to taxpayers and relaxation of laws allowing temporary residents and student visa holders buying residential property pricing Australians out of the market.”

Not to worry though, Turdfingers has seen the necessity for a new Australian government run airline, the prototypes are under the fold.

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MSM begins catching on to Rudd’s BER fiasco

This is good stuff. To the best of my knowledge, the gargantuan sums of Aussie taxpayer dollars being frittered away by Rudd’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) was first revealed publically right here back on February 4th. Finally, after a couple of emails, Andrew Bolt made mention of it almost a month later on March 3rd. And now, it looks like the floodgates are opening.

After Bolt’s March 3rd mention, it came up again last Sunday, and again today in one of Bolt’s columns. This is important since it’s his columns, and not his blog posts, which are reprinted in various newspapers around the country, noteably in Australia’s largest city, Sydney.

And right under that column is another post covering the massive cost blow-outs schools are experiencing. Yet, I’ll argue again that this was inevitable thanks largely to Rudd’s pathetic scope of works coupled with massive government incompetence in other areas such as delayed decision making, and massively overwhelmed government-appointed project managers who’ve been having to handle up to ten times the workload a project manager would normally be entrusted with.

Even better, if one clicks the links on Bolt’s March 7th post, they go to not another Murdoch newspaper, but to rival paper the Sydney Morning Herald. Those links can be found here.

Not to be out-done, Sydney’s Daily Telegrapgh is onto it today also, as is The Australian.

So yes. A full five weeks after it was first (to the best of my knowledge) brought to any public attention here, this – dare we call it BERgate? – story is finally gaining the traction it deserves.

PS In case you missed them, there are four other posts here highlighting various aspects of what this blog has coined Rudd’s Education Devolution. They can be found here, here, here, and here.

Of course, ultimate thanks has to go to the mole who first contacted me about this, who first delivered the facts about this, and who patiently answered many a dumb question. Cheers. You know who you are.

Cross-posted at James Board.

Kevin Rudd vs school children: FAIL

The Australian PM has been caught out telling a whole stack of porkies to school kids on a show that aired the other night called Q&A. He was even a bit rattled at points, although that might be the case because the school kids were asking better questions than his propaganda department the media usually do.

Here’s a link to the show, and here’s Andrew Bolt with the whole enchilada.

One thing, but. At least he could get through a sentence without using a teleprompter.

Cross-posted at bing’s love shack.

Bolt vs Rupert

Na… maybe?

Although key radio identities are on annual leave and will not return to work until January 18, when the ratings season begins, the coming year is already shaping up as an interesting one.

Could Bolt be finally making the move? C’mon. It’s a seriously early vacation after the last 5week one. He reckons he’ll start again in late January. Ratings start up again in late January?

There’s at least a distinct possibility.

It’s tabloid stuff, for sure, but Bolt surely knows we aren’t going to pay. At least not the way Rupert wants us to.

Vacation? If there aren’t heavy negotiations going on from all sides…

Make the move, AB!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Bolt’s gonna make the move. He know’s he’ll lose his audience/influence if Rupert starts charging to read his blog/starts cashing in. Is probably looking at what Rush does, but that still means radio.

Bet AB’s looking at a TV deal, too.

Either way, Rupee wants us to pay, and AB isn’t happy with that. Either Rupes backs down or AB diversifies. Or both.

Bolt’s Friday muster

Well it is summertime, at least for you folks back home, and Peter Roebuck had a cracker of a season last time. Hey Tim, I still haven’t gotten that prize yet!

But I digress. Just what has the posh radical been up to today?

Let’s start with everybody’s favourite topic, porn, Climategate… and Al Gore. Man, this guy tells porkies better than John Holmes (no, not the other one, the one) made films. If you want to lose eight minutes and sixteen seconds of you life – like I did – for nothing, Bolt has a neat clip of the manbearpig on CNN. Probably better just to read the shakedown afterwards. Meanwhile, the Met Office, obviously still smarting, has rounded up a bunch of stooges to defend the indefensible. It’s a cracker compared to the 31,000 scientists who signed the Petition Project. And he notes, about 21 light years ago, that what the hell is going on when places like Sudan are trying to pull the Big Con on the bleeding heart of the West. FFS.

And what a load of crap the kids they brainwashed are now telling us what to do. Gimme a break! Oh yeah, and more dodgy graphs. Yet, of course, the ABC keeps pushing their skewered agenda.

Nonetheless, the silver ling of the day, AB finally finds a proper noun for those warm-mongers.

In other developments, the Boltster has his own take on Obama defending war, whilst accepting a peace prize. Aaaand, that’s about it for Obi today. Unless…

Next, time to trash the Labor party. And boy do they deserve it. Mr I-can’t-remember (too blotto? It’s OK, Kev, shit happens) suddenly has no comment on a party he was head cheerleader at. Typical Leftist hypocrisy. It’s OK for Kev, not OK for Sam. So, anyway, while Kev’s busy hollering to a bikini clad John Howard, yet another boatload arrives. Great set of priorities there, Kevster. And on that note of immigration, if we’re bringing in 180,000+ every year, how in hell are we meant to continue slashing carbon emissions whilst at the same time refusing to build adequate infrastructure? Is Kevin Andrews so wrong to suggest a reduction?

Oh, yeah. And France is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired (of guess what?), NSW is screwed, but at least Clarkson comes to the rescue.

PS I don’t give a rats about Opera, but if YOU do, here you go… save the best til last as they say.

A few questions, if you will

Should the Bolt experiment be closed? If not, do people prefer a post giving the headings of his posts (numbered), a post giving the headings of his posts (numbered) with a quick summary, or a round-up like the one done yesterday which was written like a ‘regular’ post, in a narrative style, with the appropriate links?

After all, one can comment there again, but it’s still not live, and is still moderated heavily.


I’ll do whatever today, and make a decision (probably) by Monday. Please note, however, that I’ll be at a teacher training thingy starting Sunday (bastards), that’s in a different city, and will run until Thursday. I’ll be sharing a hotel room with someone I’ve never met, probably going out after the seminars afterwards, and thus may not have a lot of blogging time next week. That said, the week after, things will be back to ‘normal’.

LOL, this seminar. I’m a qualified TESOL teacher with five years experience living and teaching in Korea, yet I’ll be lectured on Korean culture (apparently they like kinchi and have four seasons – literally, that’s what we’re going to be told), and teaching methods (eyes roll). I’ve taught ages from kindergarten to retirees, from beginner to advanced, from 1-on-1 to classes of 30+. Still, I’ll get to sleep in an extra couple of hours.

Sooo anywaaaay, whatever decision is made re the Bolt posts probably won’t be implemented til the week after next.

Bolt experiment over

He’s turned comments back on.

Bolt roundup

Sorry, the Net was down today at work, so the usual after-class time to blog just wasn’t available. Anyway, here’s an Alex-Jones-free roundup.

The chief bullshitter of them all, none other than Al Gore of course, has been caught telling porkies yet again. He orally defecates on three separate occasions that the Climategate emails don’t matter since they were written 10 years ago. Er, no Al baby. The last one was written less than a month ago, and some damning ones are very recent. What a POS. Not surprisingly, climate models have been shown up yet again to be full of it. The CSIRO likewise. And yes, more dodgy weather stations, and the UN is challenged yet again.

Still, at least CNN is running with their investigation. The latest is an interview with John Christy and realclimate’s Gavin Schmidt. Wolf gets back a smidgen of cred. Schmidt likes to argue it was so so bad the emails were hacked, yet we know they were probably leaked, and compiled in a reaction to repeated, continually blocked,  FOIA requests.

Bit of a laugh, Penny Wong’s political adviser is a woman named Gaia. How apt. James Hanson gets PWND. Not really a surprise but dire predictions he made 20 years ago about what it would be like now have proved to be stacked to the rafters with Chicken Little’s shit. Oh, and the climotards (Gus coined that one) doing the responsible thing and taking the free buses? Well, we all know the answer to that, and there’s a nice little clip to confirm it. Even Age readers aren’t swallowing this climocrap whole anymore. And carbon credit trading is so stuffed. As for real trade, KRudd’s stuffing that one up, too. Sorry India. And bye-bye money.

In other developments, why doesn’t Rudd just hire out the Queen Mary II? We’d have less refugees headed our way. Meanwhile KRudd continues to fail. Seriously, the bloke couldn’t get some in a brothel, even with all our dosh he’s, and it turns out quite selectively, dishing out. Still, for every new refugee, he’s pretty much taking an extra delegate to Hopenchangen.

Still, as the saying goes, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Two years on, and Howard is still bugging the ALP. Heh.


Bolt n’ booze

Grab a few drinks and rant away…

#1 Creating warming from cold stats… do we need to review Australia’s temperature data, too?

#2 The Age of groupthink… 100% of letters published bag Abbott.

#3 Cliamtegate: the mug… buy one if you want. Features the de-bunked hockey stick graph.

#4 Climategate: How one human caused Darwin to warm… yep, fudged. Check the graphs.

#5 Column – Trust Flannery to forget… His own words coming back to bite him. AB has some great examples.

#6 A club for the civilised…  Celtic fans won’t wave Palestine flags the Scottish Trade Unions Congress wanted them to.

#7 Climategate: CNN now gives sceptics a platform… YouTube clip included.

#8 Trust the data or trust Wong’s meeting… replete with graph proving Wong is FOS.

#9 The warming theory falls to bits… new research. Warmer and colder in the past with higher and lower CO2 levels.

#10 How much of our wealth is Rudd signing away?

#11 Trampling – literally – on the truth… Windshuttle’s latest as a museum piece, each page on the floor, to be walked on.

#12 Just pray for a Tiger… the women we marry… and the ones we don’t.

#13 Just one more baseless scare – like the 26 before… yep, you guessed, global warming. Science? Bollocks. It’s political.

#14 Wigley denies: “I did not choke on the deceit”… AB’s own thoughts about what Tom said then compared to what he says now.

#15 Not hottest, not heating… what they’re saying in Copenhagen versus an actual graph.

(Very) belated Bolt

#1 Climategate: Smears and jeers… Abbott getting international exposure, and not in that cringe-worthy Rudd style. UN smearing sceptics/Climategate.

#2 Save the planet! Don’t breathe out!… EPA weighs in just in time for Obama. Anthony Watts has more.

#3 Climategate: manufacturing consensus… more evidence of climate scients threatening journos if they don’t tow the line.

#4 Copenhagen: delegates warned about abusing children… then shown a video of said abuse (1.6 put it up below).

#5 Turnbull towelled… More on Turnbull’s latest, on-going backstabbing, including a link to his latest blog post.

#6 Climategate: Nothing to worry about, except for everything… Alarmist being interviewed by Robyn Williams contradicts himself.

#7 Soon no-one will admit they were once a warming dupe… Poll trends down.

#8 “I said holy @#&!”… Strange sightings of Jesus.

#9 Flannery flogged… Post of the day, IMHO. McCrann (lol) gets stuck into Flannery. It’s classic. Fannels says warming since the Industrial Revolution has been 25%, up from average temperature of 15 degrees to 20 degrees. McCrann points out this is 33.3%, not 25%. Then a reader, Professor Aynsley Kellow,  notes a: that physics works in degrees Kelvin b: the actual rise has been 0.7 degrees celcius, not 5, and c: that in Kelvin (which scientists use when doing their work), the rise is only 0.24%!  PWND. Do read it. Much better than this quick summary.

#10 Brazen Hypocrisy… On Richard Branson being all eco-friendly yet at the same time launching his new space tourism plane. His Virgin jets are flying more, too. And cop this. Who do you think’s the “environmental consultant” on this new project? Tim Flannery! PS Andrew forgets that Branson’s Virgin sponsored the championship-winning Brawn Formula 1 team and was personally present at most, if not all, of the races.

#11 Abbott sharpens attack… on his new front bench line up. AB likes but isn’t sure about putting Bishop on there (her  age).

#12 The fall of Manne… AB, via Gerad Henderson, lays in the boot.

Bolt’s Monday Mayhem

#1 It’s not working for you, Malcolm. Is for Tony, though… Malcolm Turnbull: FAIL

#2 Two million hits a month… largely thanks to Climategate, and the rest of the MSM not doing their job.

Copenhagen: limos, private jets, and an orgy of celebrities
… not enough limos in Denmark, five hybrids to be used. Glenn Reynolds: I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.

#4 Climategate: Those scientists sure get around

#5 Climategate: UN warming boss admits emails look “very bad”… no shit, Sherlock.

#6 Victoria’s conservatives will have to vote Labor… Vic Opp leader has to go.

# 7 Corpse twitches… Lib’s primary vote up 4% since Abbott.

#8 Obama just can’t give Rudd the slip… re Copenhagen and KRudd’s manlove for Obama.

#9 Rudd’s red carpet getting crowded… yet another boat of asylum seekers, good grief!

#10 Climategate: Yet more man-made warming in New Zealand… well, at least their cheese is done well.

#11 Let them eat carbon… classic example of ecotard hypocrisy. “He emits so that you may feel guilty.”

#12 Only the green faith allowed… Bolt’s take on 1.6’s post re no Christmas trees at Copenhagen.

#13 Turnbull will destroy himself before he destroys the Liberals… Turnbull can’t be trusted, should be removed.

#14 Darling, whisper “global warming” in my ear… Now Vanity Fair’s gushing all over Al Gore… for his poetry.

#15 The middle edges back to the Liberals… mainly Glenn Milne. Little online poll you can take, too.

#16 Save the planet! Avoid Australia… UK gov’s ‘climate’ tax killing travel, especially to Oz.

#17 Small hope for Abbott in this poll… Still a long way to go for Tony.

Belated Bolt

Dishing up The Machine… while I still can. So when do I get paid directing traffic to Rupert?

#1 The worst for Rudd? They laughed, too“I cannot imagine many Israeli politicians claiming that the ‘greatest moral challenge of our time’ was climate change,’’ Mr Abbott said.

#2 How the ABC covered for Flannery

#3 Climategate: stopping the news at our borders… neat graph

#4 Balance is what we’re offering, Tony… Your ABC’s Lateline host whining about bias… BWAHAHAHAHA!

#5 Hard-Right Hamilton… someone links Greens candidate, Clive Hamilton, is actually a right-winger. FFS.

#6 The Liberals’ Latham… Just shut-up, Malcolm

#7 Climategate: Mann now turns on Jones… Hey sexy, looking good there.

#8 Column – How Climategte killed faith in the media… “Fools. You cut your own throats.” – AB

#9 Column – Judges help themselves to your will… as in your will and testement. Victorian judges now deciding, er, what you decided.

#10 Giving the Climate Chief cold water… nifty graphs proving our Chief Scientist is FOS.

#11 Give us our daily boat… Yep, another one. 51 and counting…

#12 The pain of a new Sydney every decade… cut emissions whilst the population soars… do the math.

#13 Climategate – Saudis say Copenhagen deal now threatened

#14 The sharks are the ones doing the studies… Global warming may make sharks aggressive. Aggressive sharks? Well, I’ll be!

#15 What?! That’s it?! Bolt, you slacker!

#15-A That’s right, Bolta. Get, er, on your arse and keep those posts coming.

Gore’s mountain of misinformation

#16 Even its poll expert is called Green… The utter crock that was ABC “news” tonight.

#17 Climategate: CBC on the greatest scientific scandal of our time

Belated Bolt

#1 Going Googe-eyed over Copenhagen… 16.5 million Climategate hits, and still most of the MSM keeps brain farting.

#2 Psychoanalyse the dupe instead… stupid Leftist can’t figure out why we think AGW is crap.

#3 Climategate; not news to me, says Shaviv…Top scientis not surprised by Climategate. Post of the day IMHO.

#4 Climategate – even Jon Stewart understands, but doesn’t absorb

#5 Reef alarmist bleached again

#6 Still one to go, though… about that numbnut Iraqi shoe guy.

#7 Climategate: ABC filters working beautifully… It’s up to 21.4 million Google hits, one ABC hit.

#8 A much more useful Tiger… something about Tiger and interactive news, journalists reporting what should be, not what is.

#9 Gatto does Melbourne university proud

#10 Scientists muzzled in Australia… CSIRO not letting Clive Splash publish. He’s resigned and called for a senate inquiry.

#11 None so blind… Climate change alarmists.

#12 November warmer… a couple of graphs with going up and down trends.

#13 Turnbull’s revenge looks more like suicide… Leaked emails. We’re not sure who leaked them. Bolt plays it safe, legally.


#14 (from yesterday) Climategate – read all about it… Monkton,s book

Wednesday Bolt

#1 The game suddenly changes

#2 Being green gives you a licence to lie

#3 Column – At last a fight over this mad tax

#4 Column – The Age of Seeming

#5 Hand it to hustling Gore

#6 Climategate: two investigated as coverup exposed

#7 Rudd’s great  green tax is verruckt

# 8 Howard made them lousy artists… Louis Nowra agrees Australian film suck – and blames John Howard <i>groan</i>.

# 9 Combet’s angry eyes… about Labor’s increasingly desperate calls labelling us as  extremists and deniers.

# 10 Running scared… more about #9

# 11 Obama orders a fight-retreat in Afghanistan… on how Obama’s doing what he oppsed when Bush did it – a troop surge – but putting a stupid timetable on it. So that makes him a hypocrite and a moron.  More from yesterday.

# 12 Climate gate: Keep spreading the news… one I missed yesterday. Thirteen million hits on google now.


Does numbering them help?

UPDATE II – re #11

What will the troop surge do for Obama’s approval ratings on this issue, which have taken a beating the past few months?


Re #11 Success is the real exit strategy.

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