Rudd’s scope of works vs a real scope of works

This is for his Building the Education Revolution (BER). The difference is staggering and a big reason why Aussie taxpayers could easily end up paying double the original $14.7 billion announced.

Read the whole enchilada.

Rudd’s education devolution

His Building the Education Revolution was set to cost around $15B. That figure could easily double and an industry insider knows why.

And this is just the start of it.

The Burj Dubai…

opens tomorrow (Monday). What an awesome achievement! Designed by Chicago architect, Adrian Smith, and built by Korea’s Samsung – who also built Tapai 101 and the Petronas Towers – and yes, located in the Middle East, this building is a perfect example of what we can do when we aren’t busy killing each other.

Unfortunately, though, it is yet to really help Emaar, the company paying for it. Back in March, their credit rating was downgraded and the real estate market, as you probably know, is pretty weak over there at the moment. For instance, a mate of mine is back in Oz after work had to stop on that Palm Island thingy.


“It’s the last blast of the Noughties in a city that got too big for its dishdasha [robes],”

A shame, that, but still an awesome feat of engineering regardless.

The Bustling Metropolis of New York, Circa 1664

This is pretty cool:

“AMSTERDAM – To see some of the most important documents in the early history of New York, you need to go to Amsterdam.
The Rijksmuseum, the Netherland’s national museum, put those documents on display Friday, including early maps and the only report of the purchase of Manhattan by Europeans…

A detailed 1665 painting by Johannes Vingboons is also on display, portraying the early city like a small Dutch village of the period. A windmill stands out in the background, and the town’s gallows are prominently on the coast in plain view of arriving ships.”

Yes, the gallows were on the waterfront to warn sailors to behave themselves while in port. I’s built for four, so it must have seen quite a bit of action.


Here’s the full rez version at Wikipedia.

McCain’s Perfect Choice for a Running Mate: Governor Sarah Palin

While most of the pedantic, two-dimensional, inside-the-box-thinking, conservative political hacks are touting Tom Ridge for the slot (Not a bad guy, but…), David Freddoso notes a far superior choice has been proposed: The Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

I believe this is a truly inspired idea. Gov. Palin ran as an anti-corruption outsider, and handily defeated a corrupt and entrenched Republican political machine. Plus, at 44, she would almost totally wipe the “age issue” McCain has off the slate, and since Obama is only two years her senior, there is no way they could attack her for her youth and inexperience: She has much more executive experience than Senator Obama has.

Not to mention the fact that, she’s a gorgeous woman who exudes mass quantities of charisma…


and has a super-solid family life.


Dibs on the eldest daughter! LOL!

This inspired choice would allow McCain to actually capitalize on his “maverick” persona, as Gov. Palin shook Alaska politics to the core: She’s a charming, charismatic woman, but she can also play with the big boys and kick ass.

What say ye?

UPDATE: Things are looking optimistic!

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UPDATE IV: A lot of people must like Palin.

UPDATE V: More coverage of Governor Sarah Palin and a theme song here.

UPDATE VI: Funniest observation on the announcement yet: “Put Obama and Palin on a basketball court one on one. Winner takes all!”

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Planned Pyramidhood

Dubai is, um, a little different. They’re pandering to the New Religion, and the consequences are hilarious!

They’re now going to build an eco-pyramid, 4000 feet high and capable of housing 1,000,000 people. It will, of course, be carbon-neutral, and take up 2.3 square kilometres.

After all, who doesn’t want to live in a thing called a Ziggurat?

Baghdad Needs A Ferris Wheel!


It seems that Baghdad is stealing Melbourne’s idea of having a giant ferris wheel to see the sights of the city… which we stole from London.

Half of Melbourne is stolen from other cities!

Our main train station, Flinders Street Station (guess what street it’s on) was meant to be built in India, but some genius messed up the blueprints and neither they, nor their counterpart overseas, noticed until the building was half complete. *SNORT*

Flinders Street Station

Architect Looks to Construct First Moving Tower in Dubai


NEW YORK  —  Is it real or science fiction?

An Italian architect said he is poised to start construction on a new skyscraper in Dubai that will be “the world’s first building in motion,” an 80-story tower with revolving floors that give it an ever-shifting shape.

The spinning floors, hung like rings around an immobile cement core, would offer residents a constantly changing view of the Persian Gulf and the city’s futuristic skyline.

A few penthouse villas would spin on command using a voice-activated computer. The motion of the rest of the building would be choreographed in patterns that could be altered over time.

Speaking at a news conference in New York on Tuesday, the building’s designer, David Fisher, declared that his tower will revolutionize the way skyscrapers are made — a claim that might strike some as excessively bold.

Fisher acknowledges that he is not well known, has never built a skyscraper before and hasn’t practiced architecture regularly in decades. But he insisted his lack of experience wouldn’t stop him from completing the project, which has attracted top design talent, including Leslie E. Robertson, the structural engineer for the World Trade Center and the Shanghai World Financial Center.

One of these two guys, maybe both, ( I say TWO, for the fact that “Fisher” isn’t normally considered an “Italian” name, although it could have been Fischetti) are poised to become THE Obama, of the World of Buildings. “never built” “Hasn’t practiced” “lack of experience” are kind of a giveaway.

Lotsa’ luck, guy or guys. OH, to those who purchase these ‘whirling dervishes’, thoughts and prayers in advance.

Although, I have been in a (slowly) rotating bar, at the top of a Holiday Inn, on one of the beaches, (St Petersburg Beach, FL) I’ve lived on. It was called “The Crows Nest”. If you visited the men’s room, (which didn’t rotate) after a few martinis or whatever, upon exiting said room, panic attacks occurred on a regular basis.

Fox News


Structures of beauty you say…Well thanks to Pajamas Media, got one for ya’.

The NY Times Hearts Nazi Architecture

NY Times art critic Michael Kimmelmann is mourning the demise of an acknowledged specimen of Hitler’s meglomaniac building style — Berlin’s Tempelhof airport.

The Tempelhof Airport in Berlin is to be closed and New York Times art critic Michael Kimmelman – who for some reason is based in the German capital – is sad.

The decision follows a public referendum on “saving” Tempelhof for which only 22% of Berlin’s eligible voters bothered to turn out. “On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the historic, American-led airlift to supply the besieged capital, the mayor is going ahead with plans to close the airport by year’s end,” Kimmelman writes in a panegyric to Tempelhof that appeared in the paper last week, “How sad.”

The Times headline stylizes Tempelhof into “the airport that saved Berlin.” But it is not the airport’s well-known role in the Berlin airlift that inspires Kimmelman’s nostalgia. It is rather the prospect of “losing” the building itself: a somewhat metaphysical concern, since, as Kimmelman himself acknowledges in passing, it is by no means clear that the decision to close the airport will lead to its being razed in any case. Tempelhof, Kimmelman declares, is Europe’s “most beautiful” airport. “Certain places, like certain works of music and love affairs, inspire bonds of affection that transcend logic and can’t be expressed in profit and loss,” he writes giving full rein to his emotions, “It doesn’t matter whether they’re great cultural monuments or civic symbols. Tempelhof also happens to be those things.” It is also, Kimmelman says, a “glorious time capsule of mid-century.”

Mid-century? The description of Tempelhof as a “time capsule” is surely appropriate, though Kimmelman’s qualification of it as a “glorious” one should give serious cause to pause. For the time that has been captured in the stern, monumental contours of the edifice happens to be none other than the darkest period in Germany’s and Europe’s history: namely, that of the Third Reich. With its bunker-like solidity, imposing limestone facades, and grimly repetitive neo-classical forms, the object of Kimmelman’s affections – the “great cultural monument” and “civic symbol” – is in fact one of the most unmistakable specimens of Nazi architecture remaining in Berlin today.

The other two major examples are Werner March’s Olympic Stadium, which was built for the infamous 1936 Nazi Olympic Games, and the Reich Air Transport Ministry, which currently houses the German Ministry of Finance. The latter was designed by the same Nazi architect, Ernst Sagebiel, who would likewise design Tempelhof. Sagebiel, incidentally, was not only a Nazi architect in the sense of having been one of the major contributors – along with the likes of March and Hitler’s chief architectural advisor Albert Speer – to the development of the characteristically Nazi architectural style. He was also, of course, a Nazi party member and, for good measure, a member of the paramilitary SA as well.

But the primary source of Nazi architectural ideas was, of course, the “Führer,” Adolf Hitler, himself. As is well known – though seemingly not to Michael Kimmelman – Hitler fancied himself something of an amateur architect in his own right and considered architecture to be the most important form of artistic expression for the would-be political “ideals” and, above all, the power of the new German Reich.

Pajamas Media

Ummm really, nothing else can be said. Well, where is this Car Wash?

Where is this car wash?

Theo Spark

Melbourne – Seriously, Really Cool Gardens

Melbourne has seriously cool gardens. The one above is just metres from St Kilda Road, one of the busiest roads leading into and out of the city. Yet it’s just so damn tranquil, and so beautiful.

Melbourne Is Really Beautiful

From Tom Burnett Sr: A petition to stop the Flight 93 Memorial

Architect Paul Murdoch says that the crescent shape comes from the hijacked airplane breaking the circle where it crosses the upper crescent tip. The flight path then continues down to between the crescent tips where Flight 93 crashed. (That’s right: the crash site is the star on the crescent and star flag.)

Along the flight path are to be placed 44 translucent blocks, equaling the number of passengers, crew, AND terrorists:

Robert Spencer/Dhimmi Watch

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture III

Arts Center

– For Eggz

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture II

Rialto Towers

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture


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